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Chapter 107 - Devour the Squid

Chapter 107: Devour the Squid

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As time passed, the entire hole seemed to have turned red. At this time, the struggling inside was no longer as loud as it had been at the beginning.

Chu Ze controlled the flames and persevered. At this time, he couldn’t take it anymore.

Fortunately, he was in the mythical realm. Chu Ze felt that although he didn’t cultivate, his recovery ability in this place was much stronger than outside.

Even if his recovery ability was strong, after such a long time, he still could not bear it.

Chu Ze retreated and prepared to rest. Li Feng arranged for the soldiers to come over. “Don’t stop the fire. I remember that all of you have been practicing the Five-elemental Spell while you were here. All of you come over and add fire.”

Chu Ze controlled the hole to create many small holes for the soldiers to set fire to the inside.

However, the flames released by these soldiers were much smaller than the flames released by Chu Ze. They were only about one-third of the flames released by Chu Ze.

This was also because many of these soldiers were of a higher level than Chu Ze. If the flames released by those soldiers who were of a lower level than Chu Ze, it was likely that they would not even reach one-tenth of Chu Ze’s level.

With the same spell, the power released by others was actually so much lower than that released by Chu Ze. Chu Ze also did not know why.

Chu Ze rested for a while and then continued to roast the squid. After an unknown period of time, many of the soldiers collapsed from exhaustion.

Only then did Chu Ze not feel the life force fluctuations inside.

Then, Chu ze opened the container with ease. He controlled the terrain. The top of the container disappeared first and then spread out in all directions to form a large platform.

As the platform spread out, the body of the large squid also spread out. Half of the tentacles that were more than two thousand meters long fell into the water.

The small giant whales couldn’t wait to run over and bite the squid’s tentacles. They didn’t care whether they were cooked or not, they would still eat the raw ones.

The giant whales looked at Chu Ze a few times, and Chu Ze waved his hand. “You guys go ahead and eat. This thing is so big, there’s no way to finish it. The rest of what you eat is all mine.”

Li Feng led the soldiers to cut the giant squid’s tentacles, and then he took them to the storage device and kept them there.

Seeing that one tentacle was about to be finished, Chu Ze was a little speechless.

“What are you guys trying to do? Is there anyone like you guys? Leave some for me.”

Although the evolution point of an evolutionary creature’s corpse could not compare to the core, Chu Ze still did not want to waste it.

“I don’t know if this giant squid has mutated before, but you guys just took it away like that. Aren’t you going to test it?”

Li Feng smiled and said, “Don’t worry about that. As people from a nation of gluttons, we can still distinguish between what we can eat and what we can’t.”

A soldier trotted over and said, “Don’t worry, we’ve already tested it. The mutated part of this squid is only its internal organs. There’s nothing wrong with its tentacles.”

Chu Ze nodded and said, “You guys can just take one tentacle. Leave the rest for me. Whether or not I can evolve depends on this squid.”

Although these soldiers were greedy, they knew that Chu Ze’s evolution was more important, so they didn’t want to fight with him.

Li Feng waved his hand. “Okay, let’s just take this much back. We need to process it when we get back. I don’t think this squid is cooked yet. If you eat half-cooked food, you’ll have diarrhea.”

After the soldiers left, Chu Ze waited for the whales to finish eating. After they finished eating, Chu Ze planned to devour the squid.

“Fortunately, we’re in this mythical realm. If we encounter such a powerful creature outside, we’ll really be finished.”

Chu Ze looked at the whales beside him and sighed. “If we fight with these guys outside, we’ll probably be finished too.”

“How long has it been since evolution began? How can they evolve so quickly?”

The giant whales burped and came to Chu Ze’s side. “Burp, we’re full, burp.”

Chu Ze nodded and said, “If you’re all full, then the rest is mine.”

The giant whale nodded and said, “This giant squid contains a lot of energy. We need to digest it for a while. I’m afraid we won’t be able to eat again for a long time.”

Chu Ze immediately activated his devour skill. This was the longest time Chu Ze had spent devouring creatures.

A strange energy wave gradually covered the entire squid. When it completely covered the squid, Chu Ze seemed to hear a sigh. It felt like he was tired.

Chu Ze didn’t know if it was his imagination, but the squid was really about to be devoured.

The next moment, the entire squid disappeared before Chu Ze’s eyes.

[Ding! Devoured giant squid successfully. Obtained 1,000,000 evolution point.]

A giant squid had a total of 1,000,000 evolution point. This was similar to the evolution core stored in the National Pioneer Department.

Chu Ze was so happy that he was about to jump. Then, he checked his current data.

[Host]: Chu Ze

[Level]: 10

[Species]: Golden arowana

[Skill]: Bite level 4

Devour level 7: You can obtain evolution point without having to eat the food in your stomach.

Water Arrow Level 3: Suck the water into your mouth and then spray it out to form a Water Arrow. The more water you suck in, the stronger the penetrative ability.

Spiritual perception: Passive skill, spiritual perception, can detect nearby creatures. After spiritual connection, you can detect if the other party has malicious intent.

Extreme Speed level 2: Speed increased by 50% for 10 minutes. Cooldown time: 30 minutes

[Skill point]: 10

[Evolution Point]: 1,140,000/500,000

[Combat power]: 403

[Bloodline]: A thread of dragon bloodline

[Dragon Scale]: 1/9 has part of the defense of the dragon scale.

[Dragon Eye]: 1/9 has the ability of mental attack and the ability to communicate with people mentally.

[Dragon Bone]: 1/1 whole dragon. Gains the power of a dragon.

[Spiritual treasure]: Sea Jar. Function: water control. It can hold the water of various seas.

Although he did not level up like before, his combat strength was also slowly rising. Chu Ze was considering whether to directly start the evolution at this moment.

In the end, he gave up. According to his previous experience, it would take at least three hours to evolve.

There were still a lot of soldiers waiting outside. It was better to settle things first before thinking about evolution.

Chu Ze didn’t notice that the giant whales watching from the side had their eyes wide open. Such a large squid was gone just like that.

The giant whales were wondering if they would end up like this giant whale if they angered Chu Ze.

They were all frightened. Luckily, they didn’t anger Chu Ze.

Chu Ze didn’t notice their expressions. He was controlling the entrance to the first level to open.

He had learned his lesson this time.. He didn’t open the door so wide.

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