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Chapter 130 - Two Conditions

Chapter 130: Two Conditions

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However, for some reason, the Mu family did not come looking for trouble with Fang Mo’er.

Bai Rong’s child could not be saved.

However, there were no related reports on the Internet.

It was as if the Mu family wanted to minimize this matter.

The next day.

Fang Mo’er used her identity as the Veiled Queen to go to Wanfeng Mall to shoot an advertisement.

She had deliberately gone there early.

Today, the entire mall had been cleared out and all business had been suspended for the purpose of shooting the advertisement.

Fang Mo’er had arrived early.

Similarly, in the lounge area, even after another round of rummaging, it was still to no avail.

When Mu Ye entered, he saw the Veiled Queen kneeling on the ground, checking under the table.

Just as Fang Mo’er was focused on searching, a pair of leather shoes suddenly stopped beside her.

Fang Mo’er paused for a moment before immediately getting up from the ground. Her gaze moved all the way up the pair of noble and long legs.

Seeing Mu Ye’s curious expression, she asked, “Miss Veiled, what are you looking for?”

Fang Mo’er coughed. “A piece of jewelry went missing just now. I don’t know if it fell here.”

“Oh…” He said, dragging out that syllable.

Fang Mo’er had no choice but to stop the search.

She wondered if it had been cleaned away by the cleaning lady.

Next, Fang Mo’er began work on the film shoot.

The premise of the ad was mainly to show Fang Mo’er’s joy as she freely went shopping in the mall.

The main thing was to constantly change the venue.

The Veiled Queen walked in and out of various fashion stores. Very quickly, she accumulated all kinds of big and small bags in her hands and proudly looked into the camera, giving off the feeling of being unattainable.

It showcased the pride of shopping in the mall and a sense of superiority. It would make the people who watched the advertisements yearn to achieve the same thing.


The last shot was finally done.

Fang Mo’er also let out a sigh of relief.

All she wanted to do was to find that camera.

She was just about to leave when Mu Ye took a step forward. “Miss Veiled, I’ve already made a reservation at the restaurant. Would you like to have lunch with me?”

Fang Mo’er stopped in her tracks.

She was not in the mood to eat.

However, when she saw what Mu Ye was playing with, Fang Mo’er’s eyes lit up.

It was a brooch.



Fang Mo’er quickly smiled.

In the dining room, Fang Mo’er kept sending surreptitious glances at Mu Ye’s pocket.

Earlier, Mu Ye had placed the brooch in his pocket.

“Oh, by the way, I just lost the exact same brooch as the one you are holding. Young Master Mu, where did you get this brooch?”


Fang Mo’er took a bite of food and could not help but ask.

Mu Ye smiled. “What a coincidence, I just picked it up on the road.”

He played with the brooch.

Fang Mo’er quickly smiled. “Then, maybe it’s mine?”

“Is that so?” Mu Ye casually handed the brooch over.

Fang Mo’er quickly picked it up and took a look. Her face instantly fell because the memory card inside was gone.

Mu Ye took in the changes in the Veiled Queen’s gaze.

He already figured that the Veiled Queen had specially come to look for that video.

Unfortunately, if that video was released, it would affect the Mu family’s reputation.

Now, he had already suppressed the matter and had not alerted the media.

It could also be considered a form of protection for Fang Mo’er.

However, the Veiled Queen did not seem to be satisfied. She still wanted to find the video and expose this matter.

She really did not know how to be grateful.

Mu Ye suddenly said, “Miss Veiled, you’re in the same company as Fang Mo’er. I’m guessing that you have a good relationship with her, right?”

Fang Mo’er quickly nodded her head. She had already guessed that Mu Ye had hidden the video that was inside.

“Of course! We’re just like sisters!”

“In that case, the Mu family will not pursue the matter from yesterday any further. I hope you can tell her to stop this matter now.”

Fang Mo’er’s anger immediately flared up. “But, what if she was wronged? Do we have to accept being slandered just like that?”

Mu Ye sipped his wine and said, “I feel that Fang Mo’er has always been on bad terms with Bai Rong. This incident won’t affect her much.”

Fang Mo’er put down her chopsticks and could not bear to eat anymore. “Are you saying that she deserves to be slandered? I didn’t expect that you would not be able to distinguish between right and wrong.”

This man had clearly gotten a hold of the video, but he did not intend on revealing it. Instead, he had hidden it.

He was only bent on defending himself.

Mu Ye frowned. “Have you ever thought about how the Mu family would be affected if this matter were to be exposed?”

Fang Mo’er paused. She had not expected this.

“Then, have you ever thought about how the Fang family would be affected if the young miss of the Fang family were to be accused of malice?”

On one hand was a woman who was an illegitimate child who did not want to have children.

On the other was a dignified young miss who had actually hurt a pregnant woman.


Mu Ye paused for a moment and looked at the Veiled Queen’s agitated expression. “It looks like you really have a very good relationship with Fang Mo’er. How about this? I can give you the video, but you have to agree to two conditions.”

“Speak..” Fang Mo’er quickly leaned over and said impatiently.

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