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Chapter 128 - Gossip

After Zhao Feng had seen enough of the commotion, he came over from afar. “Ah Huan, Huo Tian, you guys are finally here.”

Huo Tian found Zhao Feng quite familiar and recognized him immediately. He was the vice president who often managed the student union with Si Huan in school.

She also waved warmly at Zhao Feng. “Senior Zhao, nice to meet you.”

Huo Tian’s reaction was not slow at all, but she could not hide her emotions at all. The way she looked like she finally recognized someone she knew was too obvious, so much so that Zhao Feng could not pretend not to have seen it.

He complained helplessly, “Have you forgotten who I am again?”

Huo Tian smiled sheepishly. “No, how could I not know Senior Zhao? You’re Si Huan’s friend. We often meet in school.”

On the account of Huo Tian’s great fighting skills, Zhao Feng did not dare to be angry at her. Moreover, he had to give his good brother, Si Huan, some face as well. Zhao Feng waved his hand helplessly. “Forget it, I’m already used to it, so it’s okay even if you don’t remember me. Anyway, Si Huan and I are good brothers and there will be many opportunities for us to get along in the future.”

Si Huan glanced at Zhao Feng, and Zhao Feng stopped talking. He laughed awkwardly and quickly changed the topic. “Oh right, Junior Huo Tian, congratulations on the launch of the products in which you led in developing. Here’s wishing that your products will sell well.”

Huo Tian smiled. “Thank you, Senior.”

When she was docile, it was impossible to tell that she had violent tendencies. Moreover, she had inherited her mother’s upright and elegant looks, so it was no wonder she could seduce Si Huan until he lost his soul. Zhao Feng cursed inwardly, but he did not dare to reveal any thoughts of linking Si Huan and Huo Tian together on the surface.

Zhao Feng added, “The couple from the Huo Family and the Huo Family’s young master has arrived, but I didn’t see Huo You. If you don’t wish to pay any heed to them, then just stay away. They won’t come looking for trouble on an occasion like this.”

“I already have nothing to do with them. I’ve already paid the 20 million yuan debt, so why would the Huo Family still be looking for me?”

Huo Tian didn’t have any intention of covering up for the Huo Family. She said casually, “My creditor has become Si Huan. Oh right, Si Huan, that jade pendant was given to me by my father as a memento. You must take good care of it. I’ll get it back from you once I’ve earned the money for it.

Si Huan said, “That jade pendant will always be yours. If you want it, you can take it away now. Even if there’s nothing used as collateral, I believe that with your capabilities and character, you won’t default on this 20 million yuan.”

It wasn’t time for the opening dance yet, so the guests gathered in groups of two or three. Si Huan had always been cold and hadn’t officially taken over the company yet. Therefore, in the eyes of some guests who didn’t know the truth, he was just the head of the Si Family in name and wasn’t someone worth paying attention to.

Therefore, no one came to disturb Si Huan and the other two’s chat. However, a guest nearby would occasionally overhear their conversation and could not help but feel a little gossip. She whispered into the ears of her close friend, “I heard the girl who was with Si Huan say just now that the Huo Family had indeed taken 20 million yuan from this adopted daughter as the living expenses she had used. Moreover, this money was paid by Si Huan…”

This friend was also a nosy person, and her eyes lit up with excitement. “My daughter is also at Qingli High School. I’ve long heard about these. I have even more ridiculous news. Did you know that the real young miss from the Huo Family went to find the fake young miss when she heard that her adoptive mother had died? Turned out that the mother of the fake young miss was fine. She even accused her of causing her mother’s death. Just the thought of it makes me feel embarrassed for her…”

“Really? To think that there’s such a thing…”

A few of the wealthy madams gathered together and were happily gossiping when a madam suddenly gave everyone a look. Everyone understood what she meant and stopped talking about the Huo Family. They then praised each other’s makeup and clothes.

One of the madams pretended to have just seen Mrs. Huo and greeted her with a smile. “Mrs. Huo, I was just thinking that you can’t be absent from such a banquet. As expected, you’ve arrived long ago. Come, take a seat quickly and teach us some of your tips on how you take care of yourself…”

In upper society, people would never expose other people’s shortcomings in public. No matter how many horrible things the other party had done, they would still act as if they were close as a family on the surface. Therefore, Mr. and Mrs. Huo still did not know that the matter of them asking their adopted daughter for 20 million yuan for living expenses was already an open secret. Everyone had laughed a lot at this family for having acted in an unseemly manner behind their backs.

The Huo couple hadn’t wanted to attend the banquet at first. Back at the teahouse, Si Huan was just short of pointing at their noses and said, “Don’t try to act like you’re an elder just because of your age.” How could they not have any grudges?

However, it was true that this banquet was a grand event in the upper society. Many media representatives were waiting outside the villa with their cameras, waiting to take pictures of these wealthy and famous people so that they could fabricate a beautiful dream for the ordinary people who lived at the bottom of society.

If the Huo Family didn’t appear, news of the Huo Family entering a decline would appear in the newspapers the next day. The Huo Family’s business activities would then be affected. Therefore, even though they were angry, the Huo couple still punctually arrived at the villa where the banquet was held.

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