2695 Crowning Glory!

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Lin Yuan was setting up preventive measures for Liu Jie. He was worried that Liu Jie would end up spiraling and becoming nitpicky after he lost his battle.

Now that he understood this, a look of realization appeared on Liu Jie's face. Perhaps the most important takeaway from this battle was a change in mindset.

Lin Yuan had used this battle to teach Liu Jie a valuable lesson.

The result of this match had been decided. Liu Jie already guessed that Lin Yuan would not remain in the ball of sand in the sky.

Every grain of sand in the sea of sand became Lin Yuan's citizens, and he could manipulate them as he pleased.

Liu Jie had instructed Chubby Pocket to attack the ball of sand in the sky because he could no longer detect Lin Yuan's position after so many of the insects had died.

Furthermore, Liu Jie knew that this was a performance duel. Since he was going to lose, he decided to funnel all his power into one attack rather than try to locate Lin Yuan.

Otherwise, this situation would not have taken place.

When Chubby Pocket collided with the ball of sand, Liu Jie knew that this battle had come to an end.

Once the hand of sand grabbed Chubby Pocket and pulled it into the ball of sand, Liu Jie had no moves left to play.

He had achieved the objective of his battle.

This battle allowed him to once again become aware of the distance between himself and Lin Yuan.

However, Liu Jie did not blame himself or spiral into negative thoughts surrounding how he lacked the power to protect Lin Yuan.

Liu Jie now recognized his value to Sky City.

As one of Sky City's three founders, he would be disappointing Lin Yuan and his trust in him if he continued pedantic.

This battle, full of twists and turns between the cream of the crop of the younger generation, had effectively boosted the faith of the Radiance citizens.

The Moon Empress had been paying close attention to Lin Yuan's battles.

After his four battles, a dazzling smile appeared on her face.

She could not help but think back to a year ago. At that time, he had fought doggedly against the members of the Freedom Federation and only just managed to win by the skin of his teeth.

He had managed to grow to such a degree in the span of a year.

In just less than three years, he was unrecognizable from the young boy who came from the Xia Region. Not only had he become famous throughout the Radiance Federation, but he had even become the protector of the main world!

Mystic Moon saw the Moon Empress's smile and could not help but marvel at and be happy for Lin Yuan's sake.

As one of the Moon Empress' two Moon Envoys, he received immense blessings from Lin Yuan. Thanks to Lin Yuan's resources, Mystic Moon managed to grow rapidly.

Mystic Moon was considered Lin Yuan's senior, and he wanted to see the ceiling of Lin Yuan's power.

Mystic Moon could sense that the Moon Empress was no longer focused on the main world, although she continued to manage the Radiance Federation's affairs.

The Moon Empress' goal was now the Sky Beyond the Clouds. He might have the chance to go with her to see worlds beyond the main world!

"Moon Empress, the Radiance Hundred Sequence's reranking is done. Next is the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection. It will take place over three days.

"The leaders of the other federations will arrive in the Radiance Federation in the next two days. They are hoping to meet with you. Do you want me to make the arrangements?"

The Moon Empress was silent for a moment before asking, "Mystic Moon, did Elder Liu really change the setting of the test to the dead spirits crisis?"

Mystic Moon pursed his lips before saying softly, "Liu Wencheng is even more ruthless than I expected. He not only simulated the environment of the dead spirits crisis but also copied various types of dead dimensional lifeforms and added them in. The test is much harder than it was last year!

"If only the newcomers are participating in the test, they might end up killed by the dead dimensional lifeforms in less than half a day. So, Liu Wencheng decided that the first ten ranks of the Radiance Hundred Sequence will also be entering the test to act as leaders that will separate the environment into ten areas.

"The participants being tested will gather around the leaders and seek their protection. Aside from providing rations, the leaders will also score the participants. Those with the highest scores will become part of the final 100 candidates, and the victors from the 100 candidates will become the last ten ranks of the newest generation of the Radiance Hundred Sequence.

"The remaining 90 candidates will receive invitations from different departments like the Spirit Guards and Cultivated Garden. Although they won't receive as many resources as the members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence, they will still be nurtured well."

Mystic Moon's sacred source lifeform was one of the main components that created and sustained Star Web. The two changes to Star Web's format were linked to his sacred source lifeform.

As long as he wanted to, there was nothing on Star Web that Mystic Moon could not find out about.

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Since the Moon Empress had asked, Mystic Moon told her everything that he knew.

The Moon Empress chuckled softly. "Elder Liu really put a lot of thought into the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection!"

To make sure the last ten members of the new generation would have enough strength, unlike the last generation, where eight out of the ten newcomers were selected again this year, Liu Wencheng devised a plan to subject the 100 candidates to an attrition battle.

However, he also considered the fact that surviving did not equate to power. Thus, he decided to send the first ten ranks of the current Radiance Hundred Sequence into the test to act as facilitators who would score the participants.

The first ten ranks of the Radiance Hundred Sequence could handle such a responsibility.

However, he would only be able to use this method once or twice before he had to do away with it. This was because it gave the first ten ranks of the Radiance Hundred Sequence too much superior authority.

This would result in the first ten ranks of the Radiance Hundred Sequence being affected by many elements.

Such authority could not be given out flippantly. Otherwise, the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection would lose its purity!

The Moon Empress intended to discuss this matter with Liu Wencheng. She believed that with his experience and knowledge, he would easily be able to see this!

After the demon insects were sent to the Radiance Federation's various areas, their effects were very obvious.

It could be said that the demon insects had controlled the dead spirits crisis.

The Moon Empress knew that Tower Canon definitely had more moves up their sleeve. Hence, she dared not take her foot off the pedal.

The Land Imps were still building bases and defenses throughout the Radiance Federation.

Given the demon insects' rapid rate of reproduction and with Wen Yu in charge of the transportation, the Moon Empress could consider delivering the demon insects outside of the Radiance Federation.

The Moon Empress knew why the leaders of the various federations wanted to see her. They hoped that the Radiance Federation would help them again.

News of the Radiance Federation's discovery of the Dead Decay Earthworm had spread.

Frankly, this was not the first time that the leaders of the various federations wanted to see her.

But she had not agreed to see them in the past.lightsnovel

This time, she was going to meet with them because she had found a way to settle the issue.

Furthermore, now that the Radiance Federation had the confidence to take on the dead spirits crisis, the Moon Empress also wanted to give the rest of the federations in the main world this confidence.

The Radiance Federation had become the core of all the human federations. It was the center around which the other federations gravitated.

The Azure Federation and Freedom Federation flanked the Radiance Federation, allowing it to come across as the moon surrounded by stars.

If she wanted to use the demon insects to change and manage the environment in the dimensional worlds as well as gradually clear out the dead spirits with the Radiance Federation at the helm, she needed to bolster the rest of the human federations as well.

Since all the federations had come to plead with the Radiance Federation, the Radiance Federation could make a gesture of their own.

The Major Federation Union meeting would once again solidify the Radiance Federation's position as the core.

"Mystic Moon, send out an announcement to the leaders of the other federations. Tell them to come to the Radiance Sacred Hall two days later to watch the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection. I will also be in attendance.

"Give the federations who haven't arrived in the Radiance Federation a day so they have time to rush to the Radiance Federation using the Spatial Mother Shellfish's shell pieces."

After hearing the Moon Empress' instruction, Mystic Moon knew that she intended to take charge of managing the entire main world.

If the demon insects were not reproducing so quickly that they were able to address the issues in the Radiance Federation, the Moon Empress would never be so impulsive as to share the resources regardless of what Mystic Moon said or how he urged her.

As a Moon Envoy, Mystic Moon was responsible for assisting the Moon Empress, and he often reminded her of such detailed affairs. The Moon Empress was usually aware of most of these affairs, but his reminders never annoyed her.

Mystic Moon's thinking was always clear and calm. With someone like this giving her reminders, the Moon Empress could be confident that nothing would go wrong.

When the Moon Empress issued the order to Mystic Moon, all of the live-streaming rooms on Star Web began filling up with comments on Lin Yuan's title, Miracle.

Lin Yuan's existence was miraculous for the Radiance citizens. He churned out miracles continuously.

While Lin Yuan was basking in the glory, Shiny was protesting in his soul.

Lin Yuan knew that it wanted to make an appearance. However, the time had not been right.

If Shiny had appeared during his battle against Mu Yan, he would have been able to win easily. However, there was no need for Lin Yuan to summon a fey with the Barren bloodline that was iconic of the Radiance Federation in a battle against Mu Yan.

It was also unsuitable for Shiny to appear during his battles against Liu Jie, Long Tao, and Xia Qing.

Firstly, it would have been immediately defeated in the battle against Liu Jie.

Shiny could fuse with the wind elements in the battle against Xia Qing and the arena full of fire elements to sense Xia Qing's position.

The wind-elemental energy would also be able to push out the sea formed from the Victory Fish's body. But it would require a large amount of energy to propel the wind-elemental energy to the bottom of the sea to sense the Victory Fish's position.

Because of these reasons, Lin Yuan had yet to release Shiny.

However, he had already promised Shiny that it could fight to its heart's content.

Lin Yuan soothed Shiny, "There is still the Radiance Envoy selection after the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection. You will definitely have the chance to make an appearance then! Hold on a little more. You will only have to wait three more days at the most."

Shiny had a personality that was very easily appeased. After receiving Lin Yuan's promise, it immediately began happily cuddling up to him in his soul.

Lin Yuan shook his head vexedly. He did not know if it was because Shiny had spent a long time with Genius, but he noticed it was coquettishly in an increasingly similar way to Genius!

After acting coquettishly for some time, Shiny told Lin Yuan seriously, "Yuan, can you give me some dragon liver and phoenix blood? If you give me a little more, I will be able to evolve to Suzerain/Myth three days later! I can't bring myself to ask you to feed me water from the Element Well daily."

Lin Yuan frowned slightly. "Shiny, if you want to continue accumulating your power, don't force yourself to evolve just so you can participate in battle. You will be able to participate in battle when the time is right, even if you haven't yet evolved to Suzerain/Myth at that time!"

Shiny hurriedly said, "Yuan, if I were the anxious type, I wouldn't have asked for a few days of rest. But now, it's time for me to evolve to Suzerain/pinnacle Myth II. Don't worry. I won't joke around with increasing my power and level. It's really time for me to increase my power! I am also ready for this!"

Lin Yuan relaxed when he heard this.

"Shiny, I am now Sequence #1 of the Radiance Hundred Sequence. For the next three days, I will have to help the newcomers with their selection. I will place sufficient dragon liver and phoenix blood in the Return from Faraway Mansion's breeding room so you can take as much as you need.

"Do you remember the spatial equipment I hung on your leg? It is filled with elemental pearls and spirit qi crystals. You can use them at will, too. Once I'm back, I will help you with your breakthrough!"

Lin Yuan liked watching his feys grow, and Shiny also wanted Lin Yuan to be there when it evolved.

"Yuan, I will be good and wait for you at home!"

Lin Yuan braved all the difficulties and finally took the position of Sequence #1 of the Radiance Hundred Sequence.

The stone pillar of Sequence #1 was much taller than the other stone pillars.

After every Radiance Hundred Sequence selection, Radiance Sacred Hall created a new batch of statues for the members.

During the year that the dead spirits crisis broke out, Lin Yuan's statue would stand in the position of Sequence #1 of the Radiance Hundred Sequence.

After the reranking ended, Lin Yuan and the rest left Star Web.

Meanwhile, Star Web was celebrating wildly over the matches.

When the dead spirits crisis began, many taverns and bars closed. Even the Spirit Food Pavilion started to limit their opening hours.

But now, due to this event that rejuvenated their confidence, all the streets of the Radiance Federation were once again filled with life.

Cicada Song, who managed the various cities, had been keeping an eye on the situation.

After receiving the report from his subordinates, all of the tension finally lifted off of Cicada Song.

"Radiance Federation, you have finally regained your vigor!"

Cicada Song prayed that this zeal and confidence would last.

However, he knew that this would be difficult because changes could crop up anything during the dead spirits crisis.

However, the vibrant zest and confidence permeating the Radiance Federation now would give the citizens more fighting spirit and unity in the days to come as they continued taking on the dead spirits crisis.

Cicada Song immediately told the other members of the Radiance Federation the good news through the Thoughts Letter Paper.