223 Tourists Accused Florida Man of Being Sex Predator after He Played Video Game at Home All Night.

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Chapter 223 – Tourists Accused Florida Man of Being Sex Predator after He Played Video Game at Home All Night.

Murong Qi and his people made their way to the front of the shopping mall. They admired the largest building in this place and stared at the glass elevator, which rose to the bottom of the flying island above.


Even Murong Qi was amazed. He had never seen any building connect to a flying island before.

The girls and the servants were also distracted. They didn't notice that the shopping mall was open, and several commoners already entered the building.

While the newcomers continued staring at the tall structure, a delicious scent of fried chickens came out from the mall and kicked their noses. Everybody came back to their senses.

"What a pleasant smell!" One of the girls gulped.

"B-B-But hard food is forbidden! It's full of impurities. If we eat them, we will need to go to a lavatory when we cultivate!"

"Grrr… I want to eat commoner's food…"

More than half of the people rubbed their flat bellies. As everybody here relied on fasting pills or grain pills to fill their stomach, they missed the taste of good food.

Murong Qi salivated, but he snapped back to his senses first.

"K-Keep going. We're not there yet."


Everybody gazed at the shopping mall's entrance, unwilling to leave. They wished they could enter that place and check the mysterious food.

Everybody traveled further west. Next to the shopping mall was another concrete building. Unlike the other structures, this place featured zero walls.

Strangely, in front of the building, four handsome men with long pointy ears stood there, acting as guards. A dozen pretty elves also stood at the edge of the second floor's building, watching the people below.

Murong Qi looked up and found teams of elves and white-haired people on every floor. They were stationed there as if they were protecting something inside.

Several residents of the parking lot flew out of the building from the top floor. Coincidentally, the night shift workers clocked off and returned home. They landed on top of the parking lot. Then, they entered the building and returned to their RV home.

Using his Qi, Murong Qi observed how the workers went through the inspection process of the death knights on the top floor. After witnessing everything, he believed his group had reached the destination.

Murong Qi approached one of the guards.

"Excuse me, fellow Daoist. I am the sect master of Joyous Yin-Yang Sect, Murong Qi. I would like to seek an audience with your leader. Could I ask you to tell him that?"

The guards stared at Murong Qi's face and scanned his cultivation base. One of them let out a long sigh in disdain.

Looking at their expressions, Murong Qi was annoyed. He also scanned their cultivation base. But upon doing so, he was in a rude awakening.


Murong Qi finally realized that he wasn't polite enough as these guards were all immortals. He couldn't measure their realms and their actual strength.

'A-All of them are immortals?! W-What kind of place is this?! I-If immortals are Florida Man's gate guards, then how strong is he?!'

Murong Qi's face lost all color. He didn't want to be here anymore.

"Sir Murong Qi." One of the death knights called his name. "Please wait here. I'll go and inform His Majesty of your arrival."

"T-T-Thank you, senior."

One of the guards disappeared into the parking lot.



Esen and Leo remained in their room. Although it was early morning, both husband and wife yawned as they hadn't slept a wink.

As Leo was tired, he took off his clothes and tugged into the bed.

"Good night. I'm gonna sleep till noon."


"…I'm also sleepy. Move a bit. Let me in, too!"

Esen threw away her clothes and got into the bed. They cuddled and were fast asleep.

When Leo and Esen started snoring, Ivy entered the room. She collected the used clothes and placed fresh clean clothes near their bed. She then adjusted the blanket and left the room quietly.

Standing in front of Leo's room, Ivy closed her eyes and meditated. She had already eaten the Floridian dantian pill, but she hadn't digested all the information and the memory fragments from the pill yet.

Her aura twirled around her. Every minute passed, Ivy's mind experienced a month's worth of firearm training. Her dantian also accumulated more Qi, and her strength rose.

While Ivy guarding her masters, one of the death knights came knocking on the bus's door. The other knights and liches came out to see the commotion.

"Sir, a large group of humans are seeking an audience with the Holy One. Could you please relay the word?"

The liches nodded. They entered the bus and reached out to Ivy.

Although Ivy's mind was still inside the sea of her consciousness, she still heard the voices in the real world. When the liches came closer to her, she opened her eyes.

"What is it?"

"Lady Ivy, some humans have come to visit the Holy One."

"He's unavailable at the moment. Tell them to come back in the afternoon."

"Is he busy?" One of the liches wondered what Leo was doing inside.

"He's resting. He and Her Majesty spent all night cultivating. They need rest."

The liches grinned as they mistook Ivy's words. They thought that the husband and wife got busy the entire night, and they got exhausted in the morning.

"Understood. I'll go tell those people."

The liches exited the bus to relay Ivy's words to the death knight. However, they were blunt with their words.lightsnovel

"The Holy One and Her Majesty were intimated all night! They are sleeping, and they aren't welcoming guests at the moment. Tell them to come back in the afternoon!"

The death knight was taken aback at first, but he quickly understood the lich's intention.

"Understood. I'll go tell the humans now."



The previous death knight returned to the front of the parking lot. When he arrived, Murong Qi's group was still there.

The death knight coughed and informed them by using his words.

"His Majesty Florida Man had intense sex last night, and he is exhausted. He is resting at the moment. Come back in the afternoon."


Because the death knight's voice was loud and clear, everybody in the parking lot could hear it. The elves and white-haired men raised their eyebrows while the disciples froze on the spot.

The death knight's colleagues in front of the parking lot turned around and gave their friend a weird look. Everybody doubted that Leo did that with Esen.

On the other hand, Murong Qi saw hope. He was excited.

'Finally! I don't believe that anybody's mind is clear and pristine like a virtuous saint! Every person at least has one or two dark sides or weaknesses! You're no exception, I see!'

Murong Qi believed that Leo was weak against women or he was a lustful beast. Therefore, his ploy might work.

"Senior, could you tell Lord Florida Man that I also wish to give him gifts to express my goodwill? You see. I have a thousand young maidens right here. They have trained and cultivated in dual-cultivation techniques. Since your lord's hobby coincides with ours, he might…"

All elves and white-haired people clicked their tongues in unison. The guard waved his hand.

"As I said, come back in the afternoon!"

"T-Then, can I leave my gifts here, first?"

"Take them back with you!"


Murong Qi smacked his lips as nothing went his way. He blamed his bad luck.



Meanwhile, a weird rumor circulated because of the guard. Several disciples overheard it and misinterpreted the words.

"Lord Florida Man had sex?"

"Lord Florida Man did someone?"

The rumor quickly spread throughout the domain. Then, the news reached Taxi's ears.

"Smash?" (Oh, he and that broad smashed?)

Ricardo nodded in approval.

"SMASH!" (Doesn't matter. They SMASHED!)

Because of their conversation, Sierra, who was assigned to be their caretaker, also misinterpreted the rumor.

"So Lord Florida Man milked Lady Esen?"

"SMASH?!" (WHAT?!)

"SMASH??" (How come I haven't heard of this?!)

Sierra continued exaggerating the rumor unintentionally. "I asked the lord to milk me, but he doesn't want to touch me. Since he touches Lady Esen, he might be planning to milk her?"



The horses circulated weird rumors to the badgers and the tamer girls. Soon, the words were twisted along the way.

"Lord Florida Man milk Lady Esen?"

"Senior Florida Man drinks Lady Esen's milk?!"

"Lady Esen has milk?!"

"Lady Esen has BOOBS?!"



On the flying island, Meowmeow, Mu-Nyang, and the wolf dully stared at the crowd below. They had a headache.

"Master is gonna get angry, munya."

"He is gonna be pissed for sure, woof!"

Meowmeow deeply sighed in resignation. He felt bad for Leo.

"I pray for you, master. Please don't get any weirder."

It was too late for Meowmeow to correct the rumor. More weird rumors circulated and mixed with the others.