1672 Fantastical Beast, Ah Jin (4)

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"Let go of Brother Lan Yi!" With a furious shout, a fishtail swept over fiercely. A fierce glint flashed through Ah Jin's eyes as a huge claw grabbed Lan Yi. His body flashed quickly and Yaoyao's fishtail shattered the entire ground!

"Boom!" Thunderbolts struck! The little snakes all over Er Lei's body danced wantonly! Ah Jin sneered and swung his arm fiercely. Lan Yi's body fell from the sky in a sorry state and landed on the ground!

"Master, I'm fine!" Lan Yi's entire body was embedded in the ground, while Little Fire landed in another corner. The few wounds on its abdomen were bleeding. It tried its best to stand up with its limbs, but it fell in the end!

In a blink, two of Yun Feng's five-element contracted Magic Beasts had already fallen!

This was the power of a Fantastical Beast!

"Damn it, we can't catch him at all!" The tree vines that extended out of Sister Hua's body almost covered the entire space, like a spider web! However, Ah Jin could move freely inside. She didn't even have a chance to catch him! His speed was too fast! She couldn't even touch him!

"I'll kill you!" Er Lei let out an angry roar. Under the thunderbolts, silver snakes fell from the sky! However, they didn't hurt Ah Jin at all!

"Is that all you've got?" With a roar, Ah Jin flashed out of the lightning that Er Lei invoked as if he had teleported! A huge claw pounced! Er Lei's pupils shrank! Damn it, it was so fast! Even the speed of thunder couldn't compare to his!

"This is a good opportunity!" Sister Hua saw the opportunity and the tree vines immediately wrapped around Ah Jin's body! She wanted to wrap around Ah Jin's body, but Ah Jin sneered and disappeared the moment the tree vines arrived!

"What?" Sister Hua was stunned. Er Lei suddenly shouted, "Behind you!"

Sister Hua turned around and saw that Ah Jin had already arrived next to her. "Too slow."

Ah Jin reached out and pulled Sister Hua's body up from the ground fiercely! Sister Hua screamed and the other half appeared instantly! The tree vines attacked crazily, as if they had opened a bloody mouth! Ah Jin curled his lips. "She's just a direct descendant. After all, she's not the demon king." A fierce light flashed and directly cut all of Sister Hua's tree vines off!

"Clang!" Sister Hua's body was thrown aside fiercely! Her face was pale! Yun Feng put away the wand in her hand and immediately ran over. Sister Hua fell on the ground with a pale face. "Little Yun Feng, that guy's speed… is too fast… I can't catch him."

Yun Feng's black eyes darkened! She looked up at Yaoyao and Er Lei, who were still fighting. Yun Feng gritted her teeth and stood up. She narrowed her eyes and looked at Ah Jin's movement speed. That guy was indeed too fast!

"Yaoyao, Er Lei!" He sent a telepathic message! "Er Lei, use Thunderclap to force him to change his route. Yaoyao! Baffle his vision with mist!"

"Yes!" The two contracted Magic Beasts immediately moved. The lightning fell again. Ah Jin burst into laughter and his body was as fast as lightning! Yaoyao's ice blue pupils shrank! Her fishtail shook fiercely and the water element in the air immediately formed a thick mist!

Yun Feng tapped the tip of her foot and stepped in the air, rushing into the sky and directly disappearing into the mist!

"They can't beat him in speed, so they forced Ah Jin to shorten his vision." Ah Luo mumbled as he watched this scene. That human was quite smart.lightsnovel

The old man chuckled. "The counterattack has just begun."

Ah Luo was stunned. Counterattack? That human was still thinking about how to counterattack when facing a Fantastical Beast!

The vision shortened and the mist was hazy! Yun Feng rushed in. Nobody knew what happened inside! Ah Jin sneered. "Human, it's useless to play tricks!" The huge wings on his back flapped fiercely. He would certainly be fine as long as he rushed out of the mist!

However, at this moment, an aura suddenly came from behind! Ah Jin was shocked! He was about to flap his huge wings when a sharp pain came! A weight had already pressed down firmly. Ah Jin exerted strength and his body rushed out of the mist!

"Master!" All the contracted Magic Beasts were shocked! The old man and Ah Luo were also shocked! Qu Lanyi, on the other hand, smiled when he saw that!

Ah Jin's arms were grabbed firmly by a pair of hands. Someone was stepping on his back. It was Yun Feng!

It was extremely rare for a wind-element Magic Beast to be stepped on by someone. This was a huge humiliation for a wind-element Magic Beast! Let alone an absolute king among the wind-element Magic Beasts, the wind-element Fantastical Beast! The back of a Fantastical Beast was stepped on by a human! If they didn't see it with their own eyes, nobody would believe that this happened!

"Damn human!" Ah Jin flapped his wings crazily and his huge wings flapped hard with ferocious strength! It seemed that he wanted to throw Yun Feng off forcibly!

Yun Feng gritted her teeth fiercely and clasped her fingers in the gap between the bones, holding them firmly! She lowered her body and stepped on Ah Jin's back with her feet!

The wind-element Fantastical Beast swung its body crazily, while Yun Feng tried her best to stand firm. At this moment, Ah Jin was like a wild horse, and Yun Feng wanted to tame it!

"It's actually like this…" The old man was dumbfounded. Ah Luo mumbled on the side, "Ah Jin's back was stepped on by a human…"

"Damn it!" Ah Jin's roar resounded in the sky. He was anxious and angry! That despicable human dared to climb on his back! If word got out, where would he put his dignity as a Fantastical Beast? Throw! He wanted to throw this despicable human down and squeeze her to death!

Feathers fluttered in the sky. Ah Jin's body darted back and forth in the feathers at the highest speed. However, no matter what he did, Yun Feng stood on his back firmly and he couldn't get rid of her at all!

"Master even dares to step on a Fantastical Beast…" The five contracted Magic Beasts looked at the sky in a daze. Feathers that filled the sky fell. Sister Hua reached out and caught one of them. She grabbed the root of the feather. Even though it had left its original body, there was still a faint wind-element energy at the root! As expected of a Fantastical Beast. The elemental energy had already reached any part of its body! This was an ability that ordinary Magic Beasts couldn't compare to!

"Human! Get off my back!" Ah Jin shouted furiously as he panted and stopped in the air. His wings were grabbed by Yun Feng. As long as Yun Feng didn't let go, he probably wouldn't be able to get rid of her for the rest of his life! She could jump onto his back!

Yun Feng was also panting. Ah Jin was so crazy that he wanted to throw her off just then. She had to use all her strength just then to not be thrown off. After such a struggle, not only was Ah Jin tired, but Yun Feng was also the same. However, she couldn't show any weakness at this moment!