3 The Advanced Technological System

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In the morning when Aron woke up immediately a voice in his brain said "SAY STATUS"

"What? STATUS?" Since he was still disoriented from his sleep, he just repeated what he heard in his head in a questioning manner.

But the system did not care whether he meant it or not. What's important to the system is whether the magic word was mentioned or not, and it was.

So right after Aron said the word a blue screen appeared in front of his face.


Name: Aron Michael

Age: 22

Height: 1,89m

System Class: Runemaster



(sp amount: 100,000)



[Daily quest: Ways to get stronger]

100 Push-ups (0/100)

100 Crunches (0/100)

100 Squat (0/100)

10 Kilometres Running (0/10)

(Rewards : 100sp)


Just as he was about to express his fear of a random screen suddenly appearing in front of his face, a large amount of information started being crammed into his brain and it overwhelmed him to the point he forgot to express the fear.

After the information was completed being crammed into his head, the information started being assimilated with his mind till it reached to the point that it was as if he knew the information to the last of its detail for years.

After everything was done, he immediately calmed down and he started revising the new knowledge.

First was how the system works, the system had a massive amount of knowledge in almost every field he could have thought of, but for him to get access to the knowledge he needed to buy them using system points(sp).

In order to buy them all he needed to do was search what he wanted and the system will give a list and their prices. After choosing what he wanted and paying for it, it will be assimilated into his brain for him to fully understand it and be able to immediately use it.

Currently there are only two ways to earn system points, one is the obvious one which is to complete quests given by the system, but currently he only had one quest on the quest window and from the information that was transferred to him, he could tell that it might be his only quest in a very long time. Unless he does something unexpected or deemed worthy enough by the system standard for him to get another quest.

Another way for him to get system points is by applying the knowledge he got from the system and using it to create something useful, in which it will be analysed and graded by the system, depending on the grade he will be given points by the system as a reward. All the analysing, grading and rewarding of points will be done in the background so as not to constantly annoy him, but he could ask the system to show him his grades for him to use it as a way to evaluate his products.

the system was using this in order to encourage him to innovate and see Realtime rewards for it in a form of sp.

But the system wasn't as brutal as you all think, it made sure that he doesn't start with zero sp by awarding 100,000sp as starter pack to prevent him wasting long time to earn points to a system he doesn't know its importance.lightsnovel

Another thing from the new information is the systems origin, but when he tries to think about it at all, all he see is random letters and voices he couldn't understand. So, he gave up trying know about it until later when he has more time and was used to the system.

The last thing in the information given to him was about Runemaster, but only the meaning was given and nothing more which puzzled him more because on the panel it was listed as his class.

Since his body hasn't evolved for magic use and the system couldn't connect to the main server all it could give him was a portion of powers of a runemaster which was to inscribe runes on objects in order to influence the objects behavior or give them properties (he could escribe a firewood to have a cold properties and then the fire that will burn from it will be cold) but the information on how to use runes and other detail about it were not given to him, only the short explanation was provided, as he was really curious and wanted more information about it unfortunately that was also left for later.

After spending about 30 minute accepting his current reality, he left his bed and went to the bathroom to refresh himself and prepare for the day.



When he left his room after cleaning himself he headed to the dining table in order to join his family for breakfast and that's when he saw his mother have swollen eyes.

This hurt him as he knew that her mother must have not slept and spent a significant amount of time crying for her to have swollen eyes.

Since he knew the reason, nothing but anger arose in him as he vowed to not make his family live through the same situation again and to also find what or who was the cause of his unfair expulsion in order to exact his revenge 100 fold for making his mother cry.

He ate his breakfast quietly and didn't bring up the topic because it seems like his mother was trying to hide it from him.

After breakfast he went back to his room because he had some deep thinking to-do, plan to make, a future to plan and a dept to pay. but he has to start from somewhere at least.


Seven hours later he left his room wearing jogging clothes as he had a quest to complete.

during the time he spent in his room, he was looking at maybe the most important feature that came with the system, the system shop.

When he started poking around in the shop he found different branches of knowledge filled with every technology he could think, the only thing separating him and the knowledge was system points. what he had compared to what he wanted to buy from the system was close to almost nothing.

So, after spending few hours and sorting things based on price he managed to find something he could currently use in order to start earning money and get out of his massive dept.



description: it is a program that it main purpose of use is to find weakness in any program and propose a solution of the problem in a way that is easier, professional and efficient for the user.

History: it started being used in the year 2134 by umbrella corporation in order to ensure its systems security, it was released for the public us in the year 2200. by bipedal intelligent organisms(Human) located in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way galaxy, 25,000 light-years from the galactic center. solar system's coordinates Right ascension: 17 hours, 45 minutes, 40.04 seconds. Declination: -29 degrees, 0 minutes, 28.1 seconds....



he chose this because he could use this as a way to earn money faster and repay his dept, so that he doesn't cause his parent to have a heart attack if they later learned about it.

Also it was easy for him to think of ways to use it because it was a knowledge about what he was studying as his major in university, so the barrier of entry for him was as low as it could possibly get.

After deciding what the direction he wanted to go, he bought the knowledge and started having the headache of his life as the knowledge was being downloaded and assimilated into his brain being made ready for his use, but he fainted so all those went pretty unnoticeable for him.

when he woke up, he realized that he had a whole new knowledge that went deep on how he can make the program. He could also just use small parts of the program's code and apply it to other places as it gave him a comprehensive knowledge about everything related to the subject.

so, it was worth the headache he had before fainting is what he though, as he looked at his current amount of sp remaining which was 0sp. He felt sad that he didn't have an infinity amount of them, where he could have just learned whatever fancied him and his plans without having to plan anything to the last detail in order to conserve sp.

So, he stood up changed his clothes and went for a run as he had a daily quest to complete, if he wanted to earn points, small as they may be they were still points nevertheless.

And so his journey with a system started with him running to complete one Punchman's workout and someone was in for a face slapping of their life, only if they knew it x3.