5 Testing & Finding out

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The program started testing every exploit that could be used to break the university system's defences and the firewall was like tofu it was like it did not exist at all.

While the university has invested a huge amount of money for the security of their system, in the eyes of Aron's program it looked like a kid fighting against a tank.

It ripped through it detailing every weakness and how it could be exploited to a level even a beginner programmer could exploit the system.

When the seventh hour passed since the system started going through the university system it was still going on listing more and more vulnerabilities.

There are a few reasons why it is taking a very long time to complete.

The first is because my computer was cheap as my family couldn't afford a more expensive one without leaving a hole in our finances.

Currently my cheap computer is capable of cooking an omelette from the heat. I had to make an impromptu cooling system by using a home fan.

The second is because the program was done in the year 2100's. That means it had a compile list of weaknesses from years before and after that, but because during that time these weaknesses were known by almost everyone so they were removed during the development phase. But since he is years before that in this universe that means most of them have not been even discovered. That means the program was finding butload amount of them. That is also the reason it was cooking his computer.

On the third day after the system started scanning the university system weaknesses it completed its job and started writing the complete report on how they could be used to exploit the system and how to solve them.

But since inefficiencies in the system were also considered to be the systems weaknesses, it also listed them and how to solve them this gave him hope on how he could use the program to also optimise other peoples programs for money. But first he needs to know who was hellbent on making his life living hell.

The final pdf document was 1200 pages and almost 400 of them were about weaknesses and how to exploit them with detail on how it could be done.

The rest of them were about optimisation and how to solve the 400 pages of weaknesses.

So he took his time reading the whole document and he was enjoying every second of his as he knew after he learned everything about it and implemented it he will be able to find out who was fucking with his life.

It took him 5 hours to finish reading the complete document and digest everything in it.


Here is a lesson if you want to hack something,there are 5 steps that you need to follow

The first step is Reconnaissance. in this step all you do is collect information about the target. It may include Identifying the Target, finding out the target's IP Address Range, Network, DNS records.

The second step is scanning. This phase includes the usage of tools like dialers, port scanners, network mappers, sweepers, and vulnerability scanners to scan data.

The third step is gaining access. In this phase, the hacker designs the blueprint of the network of the target with the help of data collected during Phase 1 and Phase 2. The hacker has finished enumerating and scanning the network and now decides that they have some options to gain access to the network.

The fourth step is maintaining access. Once a hacker has gained access, they want to keep that access for future exploitation and attacks. Once the hacker owns the system, they can use it as a base to launch additional attacks.

The fifth and last step is clearing tracks. Once access is gained and privileges have been escalated, the hacker seeks to cover their tracks. This includes clearing out Sent emails, clearing server logs, temp files, etc. The hacker will also look for indications of the email provider alerting the user or possible unauthorised logins under their account.

But since Arons program has done most of the parts he only needs to do one step, the third step, as for the 4&5 steps he doesn't need to do them because the way he is going to gain the access will not leave behind any traces, this was the best attack his program used among many others when it was testing the university systems weakness.


Aron could be seen sitting down in front of his computer shaking from anger. If you look at what he was reading, you will find that he was reading emails from professor Eli Yehudah Rotem Rothschild to someone in the disciplinary committee.

The other email was from the same professor to someone in the scholarship department and god are they fools to keep the information using the schools given email.


Subject: Request for Disciplinary Hearing for Studentlightsnovel

Dear Members of the Disciplinary Committee,

I am writing to request a disciplinary hearing for a student, whose conduct has come to my attention as a faculty member. I believe that this student has violated the university's code of conduct and may have engaged in academic misconduct, which has serious implications for the academic integrity of our institution and the trust that we place in our students.

Based on my interactions with the student and my assessment of the evidence, I am convinced that this matter warrants a formal investigation and disciplinary action. I would like to request that the student be summoned to a hearing where they can present their case and respond to the allegations against them.

I am willing to provide any evidence and testimony that I have gathered in support of my position, and I am open to answering any questions that the committee may have regarding this matter.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I look forward to working with you to ensure that our academic standards are upheld and that justice is served.


Professor Eli Yehudah Rotem Rothschild



This showed that it was him that had fabricated the evidence and reported him to them, that's when everything clicked into place when he remembered that his professor had taken a vacation immediately after the failure of the thesis presentation. That means that he was preparing for Aron's downfall because he embarrassed him.

The other email was to the scholarship department,


Subject: Request for Aron's Repayment Plan To be maximum amount of the allowable Interest Rate

Dear Scholarship Department,

I am writing to request a repayment plan for Aron, a former scholarship recipient, who was recently expelled from our institution for essay theft. While I cannot express my disappointment in his actions, I believe that it is important for us to set an example and precedent with him in moving forward and making him an example for his mistakes.

Given the circumstances, I would like to request a modification to the terms of the scholarship agreement.

Specifically, I am requesting that the interest rate on Aron's loan be modified to the maximum allowable rate of 15% annually. While this may result in a lower overall return for the scholarship fund, I believe that it is reasonable as it will set him as an example.

Thank you for your consideration of this request. Please let me know if you require any additional information or documentation.


Professor Eli Yehudah Rotem Rothschild


Damn the dude even wrote to the scholarship department, for fuck sake. Aron could use this information to his advantage to sue the professor and the university, he will need to tell them where he got these emails that are private. So, it might backfire on him.

Also since he still didn't know how the professor fabricated the theses used as evidence in his hearing,it is better for him to continue digging for more evidence. But this relieved him even though it was just a little bit. Some smart dude in the past once said, the first step to solving a problem is knowing what caused it.

Since he finally found out who was the instigator, and the veil of mysteriousness has been removed, the fear of the unknown was also removed with it. meaning now he wont have nightmares of some faceless dude trying to destroy his future and make his life miserable.

Although he didn't know the reason why the professor decided to ruin his life just because he embarrassed him. His head was spinning thinking about how to take his revenge from the professor. But first he needed to know the context or the reason he went this far, because embarrassing him once isn't enough to ruin someone's life. After that he will decide how brutal his revenge should be.

But he was also relieved that his program is really good at doing its job, this will mean that his money making plan has finally taken its first step into the bright future.