7 Meeting with Felix and a talk with Sarah

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Aron arrived at the meeting location where he was planning to meet Felix and give him detailed explanation in order for him to prepare for their meeting and negotiation with Facebook.

Three Minutes after he got his drink Felix arrived, he shook Aron's hand and hugged him then sat down on the opposite side of him.

"How have you been coping since that day" asked Felix

"It was difficult at first but I have been coping pretty well, even I'm surprised at myself" smiled Aron as he was answering, Although he didn't explain the reason of what was helping him cope or what gave him hope, this didn't mean he wasn't thankful to it. As without the arrival of the system it would have taken him longer to be able to move from it, but since they decided to add a massive debt on top of it while he was still down, he would have gone crazy if he had no assistance from someone.

"I'm surprised too, I thought you would still ignore my calls. I didn't think you would call me on your own first " smiled Felix as he replied.

"Since many of those who called themselves my friend decided to abandon me immediately after they heard the rumors without even verifying it with me, I was afraid that you two among the last of the few who did not express their side would leave my side. That's why I was avoiding you and Sarah." Answered Aron showing the pain of betrayal on his face.

"You didn't answer even Sarahs calls" Asked Felix while showing a surprised face meaning that he didn't expect Aron to avoid her, as he was friends with her before they even met him.

"I was avoiding hers because she will be nagging me all around asking if i was cheating why didn't i hide it better or something" Answered Aron while smiling, knowing that Sarah would never abandon him no matter what. because she was his friend since their high school year where they met Felix.

"Yeah I expected that," Laughed Felix while replying when he remembered Sarah's behaviour."So what is this thing about you and Facebook" asked Felix after calming himself from laughing.

"OH yeah so this is what happened.." Started explaining to Felix that he found some weaknesses from Facebook and he emailed them informing them and sending them some of them as example to prove his point, he also informed them that he has more of them but he will need them to compensate him for his work.

Also that they have contacted him and managed to set up a meeting with him next week on a full expense paid trip. This also included anyone who will come with him and the reason he called him is that he needed a lawyer specialising in tech to make sure he gets the right compensation he deserved.

After he finished explaining everything to Felix while hiding the system, he only mentioned that he developed an app that can do that without going into full details on how it works, he waited for Felix to digest the information.

It took Felix about 5 minutes which was all covered with just drinking their coffees while he was thinking and Aron waiting.

"So, those weaknesses, how many of them did you find and what level are they in?" Asked Felix to know more for him to be able to fully prepare.


Okay back to school now,

So what are the different levels of vulnerabilities?

Security weaknesses can be categorised into several different levels, depending on their severity and impact.

There are 4 levels of security level vulnerabilities.

1.)Low-level vulnerabilities: These are the most common types of security weaknesses and are relatively easy to exploit. They may include things like weak passwords, unpatched software, or poorly configured systems.

2.)Medium-level vulnerabilities: These types of security weaknesses are more significant than low-level vulnerabilities, but still do not pose an immediate and severe risk to the system.

3.)High-level vulnerabilities: These types of security weaknesses are serious and can lead to significant consequences if not addressed promptly.

4.)Critical-level vulnerabilities: These are the most severe types of security weaknesses, and they can pose an immediate and severe threat to the system's security.

Now let's go back to our story


"I have found about 50 critical-level,150 high-level,500 medium-level, and over 1000 low-level vulnerabilities" Answered Aron calmly.(He didn't tell him all of them)

"WHAT?!!!!!!!!!" Felix was so surprised that he shouted while standing, making his chair fall and making everyone look on their side.

"Calm down a little bit man " said Aron while having a difficult time to stop himself from laughing.

After Felix apologized and sat down he replied "How the fuck did you find out that much? And how the heck do you expect me to calm down?"

"Sorry!" Said Aron in a joking manner.

"So what do you plan to do with all of them?"

"Do you have anything else?"

"OH yeah i also have the solution for them." He said calmly.

"WHAT? oh, for fuck sake just say everything at once, don't make me have several near heart attack situations" Said Felix.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

"I want you to use this to make them double the payment in return for both the vulnerabilities and the solution pack together"

"Oooh Now I see why you would need a lawyer, since from just the number of vulnerabilities you found they will need to pay millions but if you also add the solution to them. This means that it will not only save them time but it will also give them a step ahead from their competitors" Felix kept speaking because the longer the time passed the more his mind came with the ideas on how to exploit it to their benefit.

They continued talking for 2 hours until they agreed to have one more meeting before they go to their meeting with Facebook.

But he decided to call Sarah on his way home, because the longer he postponed it the longer the nagging he will have to deal with.


Aron dialed Sarah's number nervously expecting her not to pick it in a fit of anger, but she picked up and answered the phone but still with a hint of anger in her voice. "Hello, who is this?" she said. Acting as if she didn't know her

Aron replied, "Hi Sarah, it's Aron. I know you know it's me and I wanted to apologise for not answering your call. When I got dismissed from the university, I was really struggling to cope with the situation, and I ended up not answering anyone's calls. I'm really sorry for not being there for you when you needed me."

He continued, "I also wanted to mention that I lost many friends during that time. It was really tough to deal with, especially because they didn't even try to verify what was going on before abandoning me. Now that I've had some time to think about it, I realize that ghosting you and everyone else was a real dick move. I'm sorry for hurting you, and I hope you can forgive me."

Sarah was initially taken aback by Aron's apology as he expected him to reply to the banter as he usually did when he had a problem, but after a moment of silence, she softened. "Sorry for answering like that also thank you for apologizing, Aron. I was really worried about you when you didn't answer my calls, and I had some idea of what was going on and I didn't know that there would be people who would abandon you. It hurt that you didn't reach out, but I understand that you were going through a really tough time."

"So how are you coping and are you fine?"

Aron sighed with relief, grateful for Sarah's understanding. "I really appreciate your kindness, Sarah. It was a dark time for me, and I'm already getting back on my feet one step at a time."

" Aron. I'm here for you, you know that right?" Sarah replied, her tone warming up.

"Yeah I know that you are always on my side, it's just that i didn't want to stress you while dealing with your graduation and other things"

The two chatted for a while longer, catching up on each other's lives and making plans to meet up soon after the meeting with Facebook. Aron felt a weight lifted off his shoulders as he reconnected with a friend who had stood by him during difficult times in the past, and he knew that he had made the right decision to reach out now to reconnect and apologize.

After the call he rushed home to have dinner with his family, clean himself, help his younger brother in his homework, put him to sleep, going back to his room, spend some time thinking about the future and falling asleep as he dreamt a bright future ahead for him, his family and friends who remained on his side.