9 New house & back to work

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Aron and his family completed moving into their new house by the fourth week after their talk that night.

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After he bought the house he also bought two cars for his family to use for their use.

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His parents are very happy, as they now don't have to worry about rent and other miscellaneous things.

When he showed the house to his parents they asked him to buy a normal one because it was very expensive. He managed to make them agree when he told them that he chose this house because it will make it easier for his younger brother to have access to better schools around here.

The house was a 6 bedroom with a ground, an upper floor and a basement.

They were currently using only 3 rooms, one for his parents, one for him, one for his younger brother and the rest was for guests and other things.

As for the basement. It was his for use and he was using it as a location for his home server.

Since normal servers are noisy and create too much heat, he needed to soundproof the entire basement. Also because they generate too much heat he also installed cooling for the entire basement and a vent that can redirect the heat so that it doesn't make the heat head to the house.

But all those were overkill because the server he bought was quite a quiet one; it contained dual Intel Xeon processors, with a terabyte of RAM and ten two-terabyte SAS hard drives in RAID 10 for storage.

For those who don't understand those jargons It means he can run multiple virtual machines, host his own websites, and even set up his own cloud storage system. And with the 10-gigabit Ethernet network card and the Adaptec RAID controller, He can transfer data at lightning-fast speeds. It's like having his own personal data center right here in his basement.

But he will only be using it for running BugZapper on multiple virtual machines at once. He will be accessing all of this in his workroom upstairs by using the 10-gigabit Ethernet network connection. He also connected his house with cable connection of the highest speed he could buy which provided download speeds of up to 505 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 100 Mbps ( for 2013 that was really fast )

This means he was capable of doing everything while sitting in his workroom.


After he and his family finished moving to the new house and moving his brother to the new school they started to get used to their new life.

Aron decided to give both his father and mother 1 million dollars for their use, since he asked them to quit their demanding jobs and enjoy their lives.


Approximately 1 month after his deal with Facebook he finally finished moving handling few small problems he finally had time to start meaning more money using BugZapper but al that had to wait for him to finish jogging


[Quest Complete]

[Rewards 100sp]

Total [29,600sp]

Aron stopped running after he finished his Quest, he was tired but not like when he started doing the quest the first time but now he was getting fit and started getting used to the system.

He was expecting for the system to upgrade the quest very soon


Aron could be seen sitting in his work room in front of his new computer connected to his home server.

He started working for the first time in a long time.

Since he upgraded his computer system to the latest specs he could run multiple virtual machines at once, meaning he could check multiple programs at once.

So he started looking at which social media companies he should check next. But since he already investigated when he chose Facebook.

He chose google and their products, that means he will take a look at YouTube, google+ and the google site itself. He chose them at once in order to be able to sell it to them at once for a high price.

After choosing his next victims, he fired up the programs and he started it in multiple virtual machines and just waited for the machine to do its magic.

And the waiting game began.

While the machine was doing its magic he went downstairs to play and spend time with his younger brother, since they were new to the area he only managed to make a few friends in the neighborhood.



Aron opened his eyes, waking up from his sleep due to the annoying alarm on his right side of the bed.

He then felt someone squirm and, after a short adjustment moment, he remembered that it was his younger brother who had fallen asleep on his bed after watching a movie together last night.

Aron turned off the alarm so as not to wake his brother up, then headed to the bathroom to wash his face and prepare himself for his morning exercise routine.

After 10 minutes of preparation he headed out of the house and started with his jogging.


After he finished his morning exercise routine he was surprised that the normal quest complete was followed by a new notification.



REWARD 10000sp



DING !!!!!



[Daily quest: Ways to get stronger]

250 Push-ups (0/250)

250 Crunches (0/250)

250 Squat (0/250)

10 Kilometers Running (0/10)

(Rewards : 500sp)


It was the upgrade of his daily quest. It also came with an increase in rewards of a magnitude of 5.

This made Aron happy because it means that the more he gets stronger the more his rewards become. Meaning that there might come a time where he can earn 100,000sp per daily quest, although he might need to run to the moon and back for that but who says we can't have hope. right?

So, anyway there is hope at least.


After he returned, he cleaned himself, ate breakfast and headed to his work room.

When he entered and started checking his computer to look at how the process went, he found out that the process had been completed 3 hours ago and it also completed writing the reports for the three apps.

So, he started to look through the three documents and it took him a little longer since they were really long. After approximately 5 hours he finally managed to complete reading through all of the files.

He discovered that many of the critical security breaches are near the same as Facebook but with google there were more harmful if it was used negatively.

For example there is a critical security breach that makes any account security on google products almost obsolete.

Another critical breach gives him access to any person's android device. This means that currently he was no different than any admin of google, it's the opposite actually he had more access than any admin for google.

Aron kept finding more and more weaknesses that kept getting worse and worse, meaning that he could make Google lose half its market share if he wanted.

Being able to do that means that google will pay them enough to make them have no thought of causing harm to them.

Since he managed to find a good exploit, he needed to exploit it for his use.

He started by accessing Google's servers to get access to their email depository.

When he managed to access them, he searched his professor's email and when he found it he proceeded to initiate downloading all of his email to his home server.

Since his download speed was fast(500mb) it will take about 20 hours to complete its download, because he needed to make sure no one is suspicious of what he is doing, he needed to make the email's he was downloading act just like normal email's being sent, so he set a limit on how many of them can be downloaded at once.

Although he won't be leaving behind any traces, downloading something from a server means that anyone looking at the servers memory usage while it is happening can discover that a massive amount of data was being downloaded to somewhere they cannot traceback to.

But after he completes downloading what he wanted, he can delete it's history from the servers memory making it seem like he was never there.

That is the reason he had to limit the download amount at once.

And the waiting game began, with the anticipation of getting more information about how his professor planned for his fall.

But while the download was going on the background he started using the waiting time to do something with the same importance or more.

So, he started using the breach he found in android to access the professors phone. he managed to find the phone because he had the professor's phone number, since it was given to everyone in his class in order to contact him in case it was needed but no one does that because he doesn't answer the numbers he didn't register himself so it was useless to him until now.

After he got access to the phone, he started downloading everything he can from the phone as well, but this will have to take longer because he needed to make the download speed slow enough that the phone doesn't overheat or make his internet too slow, so that it doesn't make the professor suspicious of his device. he teaches computer engineering, so if he gets suspicious it is game over, he will just factory reset the phone completely just to free himself from doubts.