10 Planning for the Future

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That is the current amount of sp that he had, after the computer completed checking for weaknesses from the 3 apps.


'I hope I can get all the answers when I'm done with this' thought Aron while he was waiting for the emails and phone info that was being downloaded.

So, while he was waiting for the download to complete he decided to move to apple's iOS.

So he opened one of his virtual machines and started the app after he selected apple as the next system to search.

As the program started doing its things, He opened the shop in order to prepare for his plan, so that he knows how much he needed to collect for his next project.

When he went to the technology section a limitlessly long list appear.


Quantum Computing

Artificial General Intelligence

Fusion Energy


Universal Printer

Space Elevators

Anti-Aging Technology



Force Fields

Quantum Computing

Quantum Encryption







The list goes on and on and it overwhelms him.

But as he was looking at the endless list something finally clicked on his head he needed to write everything himself. For example when he bought BugZapper from the system, the system taught him how to make something like so head to code it by himself which took him days infront of a computer to complete it.

The reason it took so long was because he needed to code every function to the last one, using the current existing programming language which was very inefficient.

The original program was written in a very advanced tech but when he had to rewrite it he needed to write them with current existing programming languages so it took him a long time.

So, he was reminded that he needed an efficient programming language that he could use to program everything that he will learn from the system.

The efficiency will not only save him time but also make him avoid many programming language weaknesses that were being discovered by his BugZapper day and night.

It will also increase the efficiency of his programs and because that will also increase his programs efficiency.

So he searched for programming languages from the shop.


And Ooh god, a list did it show..

Arcturon: A programming language designed for controlling drones and other autonomous vehicles in extreme environments, with features for real-time data processing and adaptive decision-making.

CryoScript: A language designed for use in cryogenic computing, with features for managing the temperature and energy requirements of hardware.

Echo: A language designed for use in acoustic computing, with features for processing and analyzing sound waves to create interactive interfaces.

Hyperion: A language designed for creating immersive virtual and augmented reality experiences, with features for real-time rendering and advanced physics simulations.

Omega: A language designed for use in quantum computing, with features for managing and manipulating qubits and quantum algorithms.

Prism: A language designed for use in bioinformatics, with features for processing and analyzing large-scale biological data sets.

Sentinel: A language designed for use in cybersecurity, with features for threat detection, network analysis, and anomaly detection.

Terraform: A language designed for creating complex simulations of ecosystems, with features for modeling environmental processes and interactions between organisms.

Vertex: A language designed for creating complex mathematical models and simulations, with features for handling large-scale data sets and advanced algorithms.

Zenith: A language designed for creating artificial intelligence and machine learning systems, with features for managing large-scale data sets and training neural networks.lightsnovel






The list goes and goes almost endlessly but every language has a specific use so he decided to make it more simple for him to choose. That's when he decided the listing to be listed from max to min by price range.

That's when some weird programming languages that he couldn't even use currently due to its knowledge being very expensive to even think about buying it.

Arcanum: A programming language that uses runic symbols to create magical spells that can control technology and manipulate data.

Runescript: A language that uses runic symbols as a form of syntax, with features for creating complex algorithms and managing large-scale data sets.

Wyrd: A language that uses ancient Nordic runes to create spells and incantations that can manipulate data and control machines.

Eldertongue: A language that uses Celtic runes to create algorithms that can simulate natural processes and model complex systems.

Futhark: A language that uses Scandinavian runes to create complex programs that can interface with and control a wide range of machines and devices, from simple robots to advanced artificial intelligence systems.



They continued more and more as if it was endless, so he decided to remove runic tech from the list so that he doesn't get depressed about his sp poorness.

After removing the runic ones from the equation, the best programming languages a human can use without magic started appearing…

Prometheus ++;(the Titan who was known for his intelligence and creativity, and who is said to have given fire (and thus knowledge) to humanity.)

C--: a programing language fro....

SNake: a programing language fro....




There were many more but he chose the one in the top most list as it was the most expensive one, if you don't count the runic programming languages.

When he clicked for description it appeared fully for him and details did it have.


A powerful and versatile language designed to be used for everything from web development to scientific computing. With features like just-in-time compilation, static type checking, and garbage collection, Prometheus++ is optimized for high efficiency and performance.

Prometheus++ is built with multi-platform support in mind, so it can be used on a variety of devices and operating systems. Its modular architecture makes it easy to write, manage, and debug code, and its functional programming support and concurrency features allow for powerful, efficient computation.

Prometheus++ is also designed with extensibility in mind, allowing developers to add new features and libraries as needed. And with compatibility with existing languages and frameworks, it's easy to integrate Prometheus++ with existing code and projects.

Prometheus++'s clean and intuitive syntax makes it easy to learn, reducing the learning curve for developers. Whether you're building a web app, creating scientific simulations, or anything in between, Prometheus++ has the power and flexibility you need to get the job done efficiently and effectively.



He was surprised by the price of it, because it was way too cheap for its benefits, that was when he remembered that the system was there to help him. Them putting a price on something is to make sure that he uses them to their full potential, and make sure that he bought something for its usefulness for him not because he just can.

As some guy from the past once said, you always put importance on something you worked hard for, if it is readily given to you freely you won't know its importance.[(Sun tzu)...maybe!!!!!]

So the system is making something that will be used as his foundation for all of his future projects as a gift or maybe the system deemed them useless enough to sell it cheap. But who knows?

After deciding that he is going to buy it the moment he gets the needed amount of sp.

He expected that all it would take him is to use BugZapper for about 10 to 15 times on heavy systems to earn that amount as he currently already has about 59,600sp so he wasn't that far.

After deciding his next path he closed the store and continued doing his work of reading the email that had already been downloaded by his computer.

Since if he decides to wait until they finish downloading he will spend a few days doing nothing. So, he better start now and continue as they keep being downloaded.


Currently as was reading the emails most of them were normal conversations between colleagues but some of them gave some spice info like how he once had hemorrhoids, he learned about that in an email to his doctor.

He is also cheating his wife with his secretary, that came from a conversation between the professor and his current lover, the secretary. the reason they conversed using mail is because he wanted to avoid his wife catching him by snooping on his phone so he used emails so that he doesn't get caught. as she won't look at his emails because who uses email for cheating? Right?

As for the reason he was cheating, it was because he feels emasculated. he was forced to take his wife's family name not the other way around. he got the job at his current university because she pulled some strings, that's why he was so eager to present his new discovery, so that he can at least prove his worthiness to the point that he ended up missing a very simple mistake Wich led to Aron pointing out and fucking up his graduation once and for all.

Aron was fuming with anger when he found out that all of this was just chain of some fucker just because he felt his dick wasn't appreciated enough: HA!!!!!!

Although he was shaking with anger he had to calm himself down and continue with his reading of emails as he needed as much information as possible.