11 What led to it

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Have you ever been so angry that you become calm, that was the situation he was in. This was caused by what he was currently reading.

Secretary: Are you okay?

Professor: No I'm not, that kid destroyed my shining moment

Secretary: So, are you not going to solve it and present it again?

Professor: No, I can't do it now because my wife will need to invite those people again in a short time and this will make them annoyed by me.

Secretary: So what's your plan next?

Professor:..... ….. …. ….

Secretary: You said that was the only way for you to be accepted to her family.

Professor: I will need to find another way for that.

Secretary: which is?

Professor: not important now, But first i need to deal with that fucker student

Secretary: Oooh.. So what are going to do with him

Professor: I looked at his university information and it seems that he is graduating in three weeks. So, I'm going to mess with graduation. I'm going to make sure he can't graduate from anywhere or get a job in any reputable company.

Secretary: isn't that too harsh?

Professor: No I need to burn him to sooth my anger else i might go crazy





This was the conversation between the professor and the secretary she was cheating his wife with.


After a week of investigation here is what he found out.

The professor's insecurity caused him to want to stand on his own without his wife's support, hence the new invention. But when the day of presentation came, he found out that it was his wife's prestige and her invitation was what made all those reputable people in the technology business attend his presentation. He was emasculated and wanted to vent it on someone. So, when he found out Aron was sleeping during his presentation, he chose to vent his anger by watching him embarrass himself. But when Aron pointed out a dumb mistake he made, he lost his last chance to prove himself in front of his wife's family. In other words he felt dickless.

So he decided to destroy Arons life, because he was the reason for his shame and he thought that by destroying his life, he can be ashamed less or know that there is someone miserable than him.

So, he hired someone to do a background investigation on Aron and when he found out that he comes from a low income family and he was only able to study at the university only due to the scholarship he won meant that he could destroy his life without having to worry about a retaliation from Aron.

So he paid the background investigator to fabricate his thesis by making similar ones and making them seem like they were there years before Aron even knew the meaning of the word thesis.

After that, he requested to be added to the thesis review committee and then when he was reviewing theses and arrived at Aron's thesis that's when he revealed that he had already read a similar thesis before nearly word for word.

When they asked for evidence he showed them the sites that his investigator had managed to put them on. So, he managed to turn the professors against Aron and this led to Aron being dismissed from the university just 3 days before he graduated.

After he was expelled, the professor felt that it was not enough and decided to make sure that he was deep in debt so that he doesn't overcome poverty for a long time, hence he decided to write a message to the scholarship department and asked them to increase his interest rate for his repayment to the maximum amount of the agreed terms which was 15% percent.lightsnovel

But when the scholarship committee head denied his request, he ended up threatening him in order to get him to approve it but he was denied again. A few days later he was fired due to some random reason.

And the one who came next agreed immediately, that was why it took them a week before they sent him the email to inform him that he needed to repay his scholarship and wanted to discuss his repayment plan options.

So, currently the people in his revenge list are, the professor, the private investigator and the new head of the scholarship committee. But he knew that he needed to slowly plan his revenge and make it so that they don't know who was the one messing with their lives.

As they said revenge is the dish best served cold!!!! Sun Tzu


For the sake of wanting to know fully about his enemies he ended up using the weaknesses from google, android, apple and Microsoft meaning that he was currently able to earn himself money from all of these companies by reporting it and have them in return for a fair compensation.


So, he decided to contact Felix.

"Hello my dearest customer" A voice came from the other side of the phone.

"I'm I just a customer to you now?" answered Aron in a voice that hinted that he was hiding his cry sarcastically.

"You see, in my law firm I'm currently their golden poster, you know," Felix continued jokingly.

"Then rejoice, as i have a new job for you" he said in a doctor fate's deep voice.

"You already found another victim? Wow, that's fast." replied Felix as he was really surprised.

"Yeah, but there are four do you think you can handle it fast"

"Not just one but FOUR? But which companies are they?" Now he was not only surprised but was also awed by his speed of working because only a month and a half passed from their previous meeting with Facebook.

"YouTube, their parent company Google, Google, Android and apple. You think you can handle it?"

"No, I can't handle it alone. I might need some help from my senior lawyers from the firm. Is it alright if I do that?" replied Felix

"You are my lawyer so what is your advice?" asked Aron.

"As your lawyer and friend I advise you to allow me to seek help from my seniors as this will make the process faster and it might even make them pay more than our previous deal with Facebook." Felix explained his reasoning why.

"Okay I leave it up to you. When will you guys be able to finish it?" Asked Aron.

"It will take about one month to complete all of these companies if you want to have the best price"

"It's okay you don't have to hurry it just make sure you get the best compensation you can" replied Aron.

"Okay I will. Inform me when you are done."

"Okay talk to you later" Aron replied and ended the call.

Then he started compiling the documents to provide to his lawyer when he visit him to collect it.

After he finished doing that, he started opening multiple virtual machines and started running BugZapper in all of them and started having them search different apps weaknesses.

He was doing this in order to collect the needed amount of points in order to buy Prometheus++ programing language that he will be using it as the foundation of all of his future products.

As the machine started doing its work all that remained is for him to wait for his program to finish and for him to earn the points and buy the language for himself.