12 A problem at the NSA & A deep slumber

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A week after Facebook deal

Bluffdale, Utah

The NSA's Utah Data Center is located here, which is one of the agency's newest and largest data centers.

Meeting room.

"So, what is the meeting about? It better be important, because I was preparing for another meeting with Mr. president to explain deeper about what sort of harms did that Snowden traitor did. So, this better be important or else I'm sending you to the Office of the Inspector General" Said the head of the Special Source Operations Directorate Teresa H. Shea.

Showing that she was still stressed about the former government contractor Edward Snowden's betrayal.

She had to visit the white house for like three times in a week just to explain the FUCKING SAME THING, AGAIN AND AGAIN, For fucksake.

"Mam, there seemed to be a decrease in the amount of data that is being received from the social media side." replied the presenter hastily not to make her angrier.

"What? explain in details, what is the problem this time?" Replied as she had almost gave up and resigned. just as she was dealing with their biggest threat, they got another one coming.

"The data we were Collecting from Facebook servers has decreased by about 95%" the employee started explain in haste.

"This started occurring around 3 days ago. When we investigated, we found out that Facebook overhauled their entire app security and the data we managed to intercept is still heavily encrypted"

"So, you are saying that one of our largest source of collecting intelligence has changed their security system to the one where we can't crack it" asked Teresa.

"Yes mam, usually we know beforehand that they will be updating their security system and we prepare for it, but this time they did it suddenly as if they knew all their vulnerabilities and the solutions to it at once somehow" replied.

"So what is your response plan?" asked Teresa.

"Mam, I suggest we investigate the reason and how they did this, so that we can manage to circumvent it and be prepared for it when it happens with other companies that we collect data" replied the head of intelligence collection dept.

"Okay we will go ahead with your plan and also find out who found those breaches and prepare a meeting with him. but put the cracking of the firewall ahead the other things understood?" Asked Teresa after giving them the direction of action to follow.

The meeting was dismissed but they didn't put the current situation into their head, as they thought that it was a passing phenomenon. Also because they were still in deep trouble from the court of public opinion after Snowden blowed the whistle, escaped to Russia and got asylum there.

Putin accepting Snowden asylum request is a giant middle finger for Obama administration.


Aron continued his speed run of point earning until he completed his 17'th app and finally managed to complete the needed amount of points.


So, he forwarded them to Felix who replied by jokingly complaining that he keeps increasing his job.

Currently Aron was their firms biggest customer, because they were the one negotiating the compensations with the companies in his place.

Currently they were negotiating as his proxy with google, apple and other companies that he was done finding Vulnerabilities.

They were on the last step of negotiation with the first ones he sent them, but after he kept sending them more and more work, they decided to create a team that will only focus on dealing with Aron's job.

The team will continue focusing on dealing with Arons job until they completed all of the jobs Aron sent them. which was now a total of 21 different apps.

Since he already had a solution this meant that they will be negotiating for the double the amount if they wanted the solution to them, in order to be able to solve the multitudes of problems immediately without wasting too much time on solving them themselves.

So, he immediately entered the shop and pressed the buy button for the Programing language Prometheus++ .

The moment he pressed buy, a notification he didn't expect appeared infront of him.




YES | NOlightsnovel

After reading the notification from the system, he immediately headed to his room after telling his mother that he will be going to sleep and not to count him in for dinner.


lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

When he entered the room he found his younger brother playing PS3 on his room.

"Oh, why aren't you in your work room?" asked his younger brother in suprise as he didn't expect him to be out now.

"Don't you have yours in your room?" Asked Aron.

"Mom said I'm using it too much so she took it" said in a complaining tone but also showing that he was afraid his brother will forbid him from using his console.

"Just make sure she doesn't catch you, also use headphones I need to sleep okay?" Replied Aron.

"Yes brother, I LOVE YOU" He jumped up and down in happiness while hugging Aron

After their brotherly moment Aron went to his bed and lied down and pressed YES button.

The moment he pressed it he immediately fainted and the system started downloading and assimilating the knowledge into his brain slowly without causing him any damage.

Also since the system managed to make Aron fall into a small coma to prevent him from being harmed, it also decided to use this opportunity to recalibrate and upgrade all the parts of the systems that where in his every part of the body and also complete the implementation that will finally allow Aron access to runes.

You can think of it as the system finishing its homework it couldn't before, because during the time the system entered Aron it didn't have enough information of Aron's body, so the system chose the option of only copying the function of the location they were located, as they were dispersed into every part of his body and if they chose to act randomly they would have done him irrecoverable damages.

The main part of the system that was located in his brain started sending a request of information to its other parts in the body. when those parts received the request, they immediately responded to the request of the main system and started sending the recorded information of their respective locations, they had started the collection of it since the day they were assimilated to the location they are currently resided.

The main system started receiving information it requested from every part of Arons body. After it received it, it started processing and analyzing it to the last of its detail. After it finished analyzing it, it started simulating the effect the changes it was planning to implement into Aron's body.

After the simulation, it analyzed the result and looked at what harms and benefits did it cause to Arons simulated body. Then, based from the results and reports, it changed the to be implemented plans a little and repeated the simulation again and again. The simulation continued to be repeated for 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times and each simulation was used as a lesson to perfect and remove any negative effects that could cause harm to Arons body if it is implemented.

After a few million quintillion simulations and small changes to the plan, the system finally found the perfect way to implement it to Arons body without giving any harm to the users body.

It then started to implement the changes by sending what part of the body to change by how much and in what way. When those part received the information they started following the instructions to the last letter.

If anyone was capable of seeing what's going on in Arons body they will discover that something like blood vessels were being formed but the strange thing about it is that they were gold in color also they were empty 'with nothing in them'. They continued being formed all over his body but also following parallel to all blood vessels, because it used them as a guiding map to reach and cover all over Arons body.

When the changes reached to his heart, it started beating faster than normal while it was being covered by a golden light. The golden light started getting dimer and dimer as it was used as ink for the writing of runic letters smaller than atoms, The small letters started forming runic sentences that were being written and started to cover all of his heart.

Now I don't take you guys for stupid people but you have to image the amount of runic lines that needed to be written in order to cover his whole heart while the runic letters being the size of an atom. So here is the answer


An adult heart measures about 12 cm in length by 8 to 9 cm in width at the broadest part. If we assume that your heart is a sphere with a diameter of 9 cm, then its circumference would be about 28.27 cm.

Atoms are extremely small, typically around 100 picometers across. A picometer is one trillionth of a meter. That means one atom is about 0.0000000001 meters wide.

To find out how many atoms can fit around your heart, we need to divide the circumference of your heart by the width of one atom. That would give us:

28.27 / 0.0000000001 = 282700000000

That means you can write about 282 billion runic letters around your heart if they are the size of atoms.

] Sun Tzu

The system continued with the writing of the runic sentences all around his heart until his whole heart started shining golden, but that happened only for a short period of time as it returned to its normal color and stopped beating for about ten second, then the runic lines that covered all of his heart lit up and the heart started beating again but this time not only blood but also a golden liquid started coming from it and started moving through the newly constructed golden vessels.

The liquid continued to pour out of the heart and continued filling the golden vessels until they were full, then the heart stopped generating this liquid and returned to its normal job of pumping blood, but this time the golden liquid was also being pumped just like how normal blood was being pumped by the heart.

The 282 billion runic letters that were forming complex equations and runic sentences around Arons heart was acting as the heart for the golden liquid. Doing everything from generating any lost golden liquid to regulating its amount and much more that Aron will discover them in the future after he manages to buys its knowledge from the system and learns how to use them to their fullest potential.

Currently we don't even know the name of the golden liquid. We can only consider it as a fancy but useless golden liquid until system tells us about it.