16 Two Month Later

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While Aron was waiting for his lawyer to finish the process of founding the company he had already convinced Sarah to be his companies CEO.

She agreed immediately after Aron showed an example by using the app to vulnerability check Fanbase.com website, after the results came he hacked the site and managed to get admin access by following all the steps that were showed by the app's subscription version.


When Sarah saw what the app can do the gear's in her head were turning like jet engines, Although she was not an engineer, she knew the importance of cyber security better than anyone because in the past she suffered hell when she messed with Aron and he decided to mess with her, that became a good lesson to her and she started taking Aron's advice seriously when it came to cyber security.

"How will you verify if the user is the owner of the site or just malicious user" She asked after spending about 30 seconds of thinking.

"Yeah you are right, if anyone can use it they can use it for anything on every sites." replied Aron as he was so focused on making the program ready for release that he didn't think about that.

"How about we start with only verified and approved companies at first, like the ones that we have already sold them some of the weaknesses" replied Aron.

"We can also lock those companies account to only be able to check their apps only" Added Sarah.

"How about we also make it possible for others to apply for subscription but they need approved credential for it" Aron also added while hiding being happy for hiring Sarah as his CEO as just before they even started working she already helped him avoid a giant lawsuit that would have made him stay away from computer for life.

"What are the credential going to be?" Asked Sarah.

"we can think about that later but first we need to make it accessible for the government institutions to protect their systems or else we will be fucked if someone used it to attack them while they are not ready for it" replied Aron.

"Are they not going to be using it against the people they suspect" Asked Sarah worried that it might be bad for the company image if it allows the government to be able to have access to all sites without warrant or anything.

"We will also be locking it to only their systems, so that they can't use it to infringe on other sites. that way we won't be choosing sides." Aron added and continued.

"First we need to have a talk with them, then when they are fully prepared we can start releasing it to the public, this way it will cause as little harms as possible" finished Aron.

they continued talking about how they could make the possible negative impact as much as possible. this led to them having continuous meetings for the remainder of the week until when Felix contacted them to inform them that he had completed the registry of the company.

Thats when Aron was reminded how long it took for the law firm to complete the negotiations with the companies. this meant that it will take longer for his company to be able to complete the negotiations with the government.

He decided to make a bold move and buy the entire law firm, so that he could have them work solely for his company and protect its interests. He decided to acquire the law firm because it specialized in tech-related cases, meaning that all the lawyers working there are either specialist when it comes to tech related laws or are on their way to becoming that.

But first he needed to do some capital infusion to his new company, that way he could make his new company capable buying the law firm for it to be able to focus solely on the company.


After he infused $550million in the company for it to buy the Law Firm at the price of $300million dollars. $100million dollar was for the company to create a new and latest data center for him to use it for his next planned project. And the remaining $150million for the company to start the hiring process.


2 month later.

It took Sarah a month to finally finish making everything ready and for them to start operation. The reason it took that long is because she was dealing with two massive projects at once, the acquisition of the law firm, and the hiring and training of new employees. As for the server farm for new product development, she decided to postpone it a little until everything is stabilized and in order.

During the two month, she managed to complete the acquisition before she completed the hiring process. so, while she continued hiring she went forward and made the law firm start the process of contacting and beginning of the negotiations with the government institutes.lightsnovel

Currently, the law Firm was already in the middle of the negotiations with CIA, FBI and POLICE. But while they were negotiating with them they received a contact from the place they were not expecting at all, THE F----NG NSA contacted them for cooperation on their security system.

The reason Sarah left them out is because she didn't expect them to accept working with a new up and coming company.

What she didn't know was that they were the first to know about them since they were already keeping a look out on Aron and his family.

So, the moment Sarah and the company contacted the FBI and other agencies for meetings and negotiations, the NSA learned about it at the same time as them and after learning about the product their company was introducing, they immediately connected the dots and found out this was the program that was causing them a hellish life for more than 4 month. And they still haven't solved it yet.

Their negotiations with the NSA was smoother than a hot knife through butter. This seemed weird to Sarah because the other agencies kept prolonging the negotiations for some weird reasons.

So ,they managed to complete their negotiations with the NSA first even though they came last. They agreed to pay a trial fee of $15 million dollar for a period of a month in order to test the program before they fully commit to it.

And right after that an order from the top came for all the agencies to postpone their negotiations for a month. This was when Sarah found out the reason why it took them too long than expected when they were negotiating with other agencies except the NSA.

This meant that they were ordered to wait for the NSA to completely evaluate the program and comb through it for any trojans and other malwares that could be used to harm the state, its infrastructure or its citizens. So, she had to wait for their evaluation to be completed and be green lit before they continue their negotiations with the other agencies.

So, since one of the two thing she was currently focusing on came to unexpected halt, she decided to start the currently postponed project, The server farm project. From Aron's specifications about the project he wanted her to invest at least $100million dollar of the remaining budget into the project. He also wanted it to be made with upgradability in mind for rapid upgrade when a new technology appears.

This means that they will have to start by renovating the warehouses they bought, install cooling's system, buy new servers, add highspeed internet connection and more.

Even with all those demands in mind, that amount was still enough to create a server farm the size of almost 4 football fields. And Aron wanted all of it because he wanted to start the development of the next product of the company.


Sarah expected it to be completed within six month.


While all these were happening behind the scenes, Aron was currently spending time with his younger brother on the playing field.

His was with his brother and without his parent because they went on a date after a very long time.

They haven't been spending time together for a long period of time because they had to look after their family. Since his mother got pregnant on him while his parent where 20 year they had to start working while they were young. This meant that they haven't spent a romantic time together after the kids were born and now because he became rich and they don't have to work anymore they were on a journey to rekindle their love.

'Looks like I'm going to have a new brother or sister in a few years' Aron smiled as he thought about a new brother or sister. It didn't seem like it was that far away anyway, as now his parents were going everywhere together, their happy faces have also returned and they seemed to enjoy their lives now better than before.


For the one who said money doesn't buy happiness it seems like they just didn't have enough of it. Sun Tzu

Thought the ROB watching him play.

let's see how you will handle the difficulties coming your way


The voice continued echoing in the void of space till it returned to it silence as if it didn't exist at all.