17 NSA

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Bluffdale, Utah

Although the new NSA data center her was online but not all servers where used for the same purpose. Nearly half the data center was being used to test new program before they are approved for the NSA use.

Today the all the servers that where usually being used for testing new programs was fully booked for the whole of the next month.

The reason they booked it for the whole month is because they needed to fully make sure the program the will be testing be safe and harmless to their overall system.

Noah entered a room full of people in front of computers waiting for him with a hard drive on his hand. This room was directly connected to the servers that is used for testing. The hard drive had the program that is to be tested.

After he sat on his chair he took the hard drive and inserted it to the port and transferred the program to the server.

The moment it finished copying he removed it and put it aside to make if a problem happened to their servers they had something to check it first.

"Ok guys, the program is already in the server ready to start testing, I want everyone to focus, understood?" said Noah while standing and making sure everyone heard him and is focusing.

"This is the program that we suspect to be the one giving us a headache but it might also be something else, so make sure you look at the servers behaviors when we begin operation okay" doubled down while also emphasizing on the importance of it to them.

"YES" replied nearly everyone except the introverted ones who were just focusing on their screens looking at the servers parameters.

Noah sat down after being satisfied by their focus and decided to start the program and see if it could do what it promised.


"Holy fuck!!" said some dude in the room while looking at his screen.

Because what was happening is nothing they expected a program to behave at all, the moment the program started it took control of the entire server and it started scrutinizing all the programs in the server's programs. the BugZapper started checking all the program in the serves for their weaknesses.

Although they could stop it from working but since they were testing it they decided to let it do its thing while monitoring whatever the server is experiencing.

The program (BugZapper) started operating the server to its full capability to reduce the waiting time for the program to finish its job faster.

After three hours of the servers being punished by the program, the program decided to spare the server by finishing it's work of looking through all the programs in the server.

During those 3 hours, it was a living hell for those who were doing the job of looking at the servers Realtime operational data. The reason is that, the server was made to test many programs at once without interfering with each other, another reason is that there is no program in their current program library that was capable of utilizing this server in its entirety because it was MASSIVE.

The exact capacity of the center is classified even to those in the NSA low access, but some estimates suggest it can handle and process up to **five zettabytes** of data. So, what kind of program do you think is capable of utilizing it to its fullest potential? To put that in perspective, if you had a 5 zettabytes of songs, you could listen to them for over 10 billion years! Now that is a long ass concert if you ask me.

Now imagine if your job is to analyze how a program utilized the server to its full capacity, yes that.(May god have mercy on you)

Now for the rest of it.

The moment BugZapper finished it's job, it started dumping pdf after pdf for every program that existed in the server

BugZapper has went through more than 100 heavy programs in just 3 hours.. These programs weren't just like those of Facebook and the like, they were massive programs that were meant to be able to utilize the massive amount of data they were collecting, so they needed massive infrastructure in their programs to be able to handle it, in return they had some bugs, i meant many.

This meant that, since they were heavy programs meant the amount of weaknesses were too much.

Have you ever seen a pdf with a size of 2GB or more with just words only. There was 45 of them here.lightsnovel

'We are fucked' That's what Noah was thinking when he looked at the number and size of the nearly a hundred pdf on the screen.

He chose the one with the smallest size of about 350MB to just look at the contents of the PDF. When he opened it he nearly fainted when he saw it had 15k pages meaning that if even the smallest one among them is 15k pages the largest will be the size of a library. 'Fuck NO' he thought as he started reading the documentation done by the program.

The more he read the brighter his face became, because nearly 10 pages were spent on explaining just one vulnerability , how to exploit it and how to solve it while going to the excruciating details of it. the moment he finished reading the first 100 pages he knew that they lucked out on finding this program.

So, he called her superior and informed her about their finding's.

when she heard the full explanation, she immediately suspended all the non-urgent projects and diverted all of the manpower to this project for them to look through all the PDF's by the end of the week,

After that they will prepare for presentation because she will have to present it to MR. president if what he said turns out to be true.


Somewhere in America.

"Comrade, where are you on the investigation on what happened to those social media companies" Asked a voice on the other side of the phone

"We are still looking through suspects Sir as the FBI & NSA seems to be on the lookout when it comes to this case and if we act rashly it might attract their attention to us" replied Vladmir.


"So, when will the report be ready?" Asked the voice calmly.

"Within three month the earlies if we don't want to alert the fed's and I'm working on converting someone in the FBI to our side by that time he will be ours and we will have their full investigation report in front of us" replied Vladmir with confidence.

"Okay stay in contact" said the voice

"Yes Sir!!" Replied Vladmir and waited for the one on the other side to end the call.

After the phone call ended Vladmir left his FEDEX car and carried a box to deliver to its Adress and continue with his day to day work as Jimmy.


Back at the NSA

while other where reading through the pdf documents the remaining few where trying to use BugZapper on the Chinese and Russian sensitive infrastructure that i currently online in order to have access to their full list of vulnerabilities.

That's when they encountered a problem and after a few tries they discovered what it was, They couldn't use BugZapper for anything online, they needed to have the source code of the entire program locally and in the same device as BugZapper for it to-do its magic.

This was also why the program only searched just over a hundred of the programs, as there were more than a thousand of uncomplete projects in the server but since they were incomplete BugZapper didn't even look at them.

This was the answer Aron came up after his talk with Sarah on how to prevent people using it as a tool to hack other people's programs and systems. While the original BugZapper could do its magic without having to be in the same device and only needing just the internet connection, the one that he was going to release commercially which an example of it is in the NSA's hand can't. Making it a tad more difficult to exploit the program to harm others.

That was one of the many new harm prevention measures he implemented into the commercial program. This can also be used as an advertisement method to reduce the fear of companies having their websites being breached by everyone and if a breach happened nonetheless, it can also be used to help narrow down the suspects in a much easier fashion than if it could be done through online from the other side of the globe.

And since they didn't know about the existence of the Original(More powerful) version, they can't force him to give it to them. This will help Aron by reducing the scrutiny he will receive from the government if they thought that is all they could get from him.

And also, since the program was written using the Prometheus++ it will take them discovering the language to be able to hack it and even if they discovered the language they will have to pass through the robust security measures Aron put throughout the way to get access the divine scripture(Source code).