18 Potus getting informed

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Two weeks Later.

White house.

In the Oval room the National Security Committee was in a meeting to hear about the findings of their investigation on the app.

Usually things such as these are handled by their respective departments, and if the respective department project needed something outside their operative jurisdiction they all just have to settle it between them. But today's meeting was set due to the insistence of the DNI Director as he said it was capable of changing one of the branches in their current warfare. Hence the meeting was settled.

"Sir, after our short testing of the app, we managed to discover more than a million weaknesses on the current NSA systems and programs in our test servers." Said James Clapper (Director of National Intelligence) who is also the head of Intelligence Community.

He received a report and presentation from the NSA and he deemed it important for the National security of their country.

"When we installed the program in our test servers it started looking at the weaknesses of all the programs in the servers and after that it listed them, showed us how to find them and how to solve them."

"We followed the explanation of the program to the last letter and after that we failed to hack even the less secure program we had. If we implement it through the military and all our government online infrastructure could secure without having to worry about Russian, Chinese and other countries hacking attempts meaning we can focus on only developing programs without having to put too much time on the security of it, we can just run it through the BugZapper and it will show us its weaknesses and if we close them it will be secure enough, meaning we can redirect the funding to the development of other things. " finished his explanation while others were listening attentively.

"Have you tried to see if we could use it to hack adversary nations?" asked Obama after digesting the information given to him

"When we tried that the program couldn't do it because it needed the source code of the program to do it so we can't use it for offensive purposes, unless we have the complete source code of the program we wanted to do it" replied the James.

"How fast and how much do we need to implement it to all our sensitive infrastructure?" asked Chuck Hagel (Secretary of Defense).

"We estimate that it will take about 2 months but for the price of the program we need to negotiate with the company that made the program. But we need to come to decisions fast because the company was preparing for commercial release of this program and they decided to inform us so that it doesn't negatively impact us if it was released without our preparation" Answered James and continued

"But if we want to implement it to our entire sensitive infrastructure we would need to pay them at least 10 billion" finished talking James.

"What if we share the cost with our NATO allies?" asked Joe Biden, The vice president.

"Yes that makes sense, it will also keep us on their good sides," added Obama.

"Also because if they learned it when the company officially releases it to the market, it will make their responses unorganized since they will all be rushing to cover their own infrastructure's weaknesses but if we jointly do it the harm that will be caused will be reduced to the minimum." Said John Kerry (Secretary of State).

They continued to make their plan with more details.

The meeting continued for about 3 hours after it was completed they left with a small plan that is to be planned in more detail for the NATO wide implementation of the use of BugZapper in their important infrastructure.

They would have a meeting in 2 week's time and during that period the secretary of state would have to contact the related governments and plan for their joint implementation. This period will also be used to contact the company that made the program for their joint negotiation.


Sarah was in a meeting with the department that was currently dealing with the making of the server farm.

"So, what step are we in?" Asked Sarah.

"We have already completed the procurement of the location and we are on its final step of planning the renovation of it but we are waiting for the engineering firm to complete its redesigning of it" Answered the head of procurement department.

"When will the renovation be complete?"

"We expect it to be done within 3 month"

"What about the procurement of the machines and hardware's for the servers?"

"We have already completed ordering them, but only a few of them have arrived and we have stored them in a warehouse we are currently renting. For those that haven't arrived we are expecting them to be delivered within the month" answered Dave the head of procurement department.lightsnovel

Sarah listened while shaking her head in acknowledgment, then she turned to the head of Human resources(HR).

"What about hiring? Is it going as planned" She asked.

"We are currently having problems when it comes to hiring experienced workers, since we don't have any positive reputation or any product in the industries." replied the head of HR

"For now just focus on hiring graduates that we can teach, we will start getting the experienced one when we release our program to the market" Replied Sarah by giving directions to the head of HR.

"Yes mam"

They continued the meeting about the preparation of the official release of BugZapper.




On August 19, NATO held a closed-door meeting in Brussels, the reason for which remains unknown to the public. The meeting was attended by high-level officials from NATO member countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany, among others.

Speculation ran rampant in the media and among international observers about the purpose of the meeting, with many suggesting that it may have been related to a developing crisis or security threat. However, NATO officials refused to comment on the nature of the discussions or the reason for the meeting's secrecy, leading to further speculation and uncertainty.

Despite the lack of information, many in the international community expressed concern about the closed-door nature of the meeting, with some criticizing NATO for potentially undermining its commitment to transparency and democratic principles. However, others argued that in certain situations, confidentiality may be necessary to facilitate frank and open discussions among high-level officials.

Ultimately, the true reason for the meeting remained shrouded in mystery, leaving many to wonder what was discussed behind closed doors and what implications it may have had for NATO and the international community as a whole.


This was the article that was released by the Newyork times a week after the meeting in the Oval Office.

this showed the efficiency of the secretary of state as usually thing like these meeting takes about a month to coordinate and prepare but since he said it was of outmost importance they managed to expedite the meeting day to just a week later.

During the meeting the American representative explained about the program. this was one of the best endorsement a company could ever want. But while these meeting were happening Sarah and the company were still clueless about the agenda of the meeting and they were still waiting for the NSA's evaluation.

The reason the government didn't inform them is because they wanted to have the joint agreement of the procurement of the program before they informed them.

This means they will also be met with unexpected situation and be unprepared making the government have a chance to secure a better deal due to their unpreparedness. But this was just a bullshit idea since the company could just postpone the negotiations due to the suddenness of it anyway.

The meeting ended with the countries joint agreement for a group procurement of the program but they also wanted to make the company nerf the version of the one that will be released for the public.

This was due to them wanting to have an edge when it comes to infrastructure security by making the enemy or non friendly countries use the commercially available version of the system.

But by wanting to make the company agree into doing this they came to an agreement of increase the amount they are willing to fork out.

After about a week of the closed door meetings they returned to their respective countries and began preparing for the implementation of the program after they come to an agreement with GAIA Technologies.


The company continued completing their available tasks while expecting an answer from the NSA about whether they will continue with the negotiation or not.

After about a month of waiting for the NSA to complete their review of the app they finally replied but the reply was nothing expected at all, although it was a positive one....