20 A hope for someone

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The negotiations ended on a positive note as they promised to reply to them with in the week.

Sarah was relieved the negotiation went better than she expected. what she didn't know was that NATO by itself was desperate for the program because they were almost always dealing with Chinese, Russian and many other non-friendly countries hacking attempts.

Them having the program will make the weight of dealing with these problem's a little bit easier and it will help them divert the resources in developing more sophisticated programs that will be helping them.

Sarah returned to dealing with her work, as it continued piling even though they haven't released the program yet.


Aron continued completing his daily quest but last month he suddenly gained a massive amount of sp. This coincided with the day after the NSA took the program for evaluation.

At first he expected the sp amount to continue being reduced if the program continued being used but since the programs that were tested in the NSA server were massive and from a different category, the system counted them differently from the social media scanning's it did before. So, he earned about 150,000sp in total.

Currently he had a total of [195,600sp]

With the amount he had he could buy a few cheap thing from the system. Although they were deemed worthless by the system, if they are released to the world they would be deemed a great leap from current technology.

While he had the sp amount needed to buy something from the store, he didn't need to rush buying random things from the store, but another reason for it is that he needed to finish his revenge and remove the clot in his heart in order to continue with his life without the anger e felt toward anyone.

That was why he finally started his revenge he was pushing behind in the beginning.


In Some heavily guarded mansion somewhere.

Rina Noga Yehonatan Stav Rothschild Woke up and found herself alone in the bed. this has become a usual thing to her, as her husband started distancing himself from her for about a few years now.

Although it was arranged married, it was did not work between them as the arranger of it is someone she hate to the bone.

it was orchestrated by her brother as his revenge to her for joining the inheritance war between siblings. And since he won she couldn't go against it, because if she does she would be removed herself from having any position in the family at all.

It's old fashion but they keep it as it worked in the past they expect it to work in the future too. As they said: if it ain't broke, don't fix it (Sun Tzu)

She decided to not rebel against it because her chances weren't null yet. This is because although her brother was the next in line he wasn't the leader of the family yet.

This means he can be removed from there, but if he had already became the head she would have denied the marriage as she would have no chance at all.

So, she sacrificed her marriage life for a slim chance to remove her brother from the seat and take his place as the family head.

Although she kept trying to find ways to leave the marriage, she couldn't divorce her husband without any reason as she needed a powerful reason to convince her family to allow it.

She even hired some private investigator to find anything that could result in divorce but she kept receiving nothing from them. She suspected that her brother was the one sabotaging her efforts but she didn't manage to find the evidence for it.

After she finished cleaning herself, she ate breakfast and headed to her work room. Although they have offices in wall street and many locations where she could go for work, she preferred working at home in her cozy working room. This didn't cause any problem as her secretary was there to do the coordination and communication so she didn't feel the difference at all.

Though she visits the company she was responsible for randomly for inspections or important board meetings, but still they were few of them in a year so most of the time is spent at home.

After she entered the work room(office) she started reading from the pile of papers that were currently on her table.

After three hours of reading through and signing them, she finally finished and she decided to move to her computer. Although other's usually start their works by reding emails she didn't have to do that because if it is important her secretary would have informed her of it.

Another reason for that is that not many people have her email address, so she almost didn't receive any email's most of the time. This reduced the importance of her looking through the computer as all the important documents are printed and presented to her by her secretary.

When she opened her email she expected the always empty inbox, but contrary to it she found a new email with a very intruding headline.


Subject: Your husband is cheating on you

Dear Rina Rona Rothschild,

I am reaching out to you with great sadness. I have some information that I believe you should know. This is a delicate matter, and I understand that it may be challenging to hear, but I believe that it is important that you are aware of what has been happening in your life.

I have learned that your husband, has been unfaithful to you for several years. I am deeply sorry to be the one to have to tell you this. However, I feel that you have a right to know the truth.

Please understand that this information is being shared with you out of concern for your well-being and not to cause you any pain. I understand that this is a difficult time for you, and I am here to offer my support in any way that I can.

Here is the evidence to support it

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

Attachment : proof size(15GB)

Take care, and In the future I might need your help, hope you remember this..



Although the information was what she really needed, what surprised her was that the sender knew her full name including the middle one. This came as Suprise to her because the list of people who knew her didn't exceed even 50 and almost all of them where from her family.

Another reason for being surprised is because, she knew that no one from the family will help her finding these evidences, if it meant going against the next head of the family her brother.

'Then is he someone outside the family who informed me, but how did he even find my email?' she asked herself, as she waited for the attachment file to finish downloading in order to take a look at the evidence.

"It doesn't matter anyway, but if the evidence gives me the proof I need I will help you if you ever ask for it" she said as she clicked the WinRAR folder.

When she was about to click the move to folder button a popup appeared written [Upgrade to WinRAR premium to support us.] she clicked x to close it and continued to click on the move to folder button.

she waited about 30 seconds for it to be moved to the ne folder after it completed she immediately opened the folder to finally look at the evidence.

When she opened the folder she gasped at the amount of different files.lightsnovel












When she opened the pdf titled (THE PEOPLE HE CHEATED WITH LIST & THEIR INFORMATIONS.pdf) A list appeared Infront of her that had more than 18 women's with their full information. This impressed her but not too much as she could find anyone's information as long as she knew his or her name. But something caught her attention, at the beginning of every woman there was a tag #01 it was different for every woman, so she decided to go to the folder and paste it to the in folder search place.

The moment she clicked enter all the information labeled with #01 from all the folders appeared in front of her:


#01 picture 00001.png

#01 picture 00002.png

#01 picture 00003.png

#01 picture 00004.png

#01 picture 00005.png

#01 picture 00006.png

#01 picture 00007.png



#01 video 00001.mov

#01 video 00002.mov

#01 video 00003.mov

#01 video 00004.mov

#01 video 00005.mov



#01 Audio 00001.mp3

#01 Audio 00002.mp3

#01 Audio 00003.mp3

#01 Audio 00004.mp3

#01 Audio 00005.mp3

#01 messages.pdf (size 275mb)

#01 emails.pdf(size 547mb)


She tried with the id of the second woman and a list with just her evidence appeared that's when she understood why the folder started with their persona information.

"With this amount of evidence I won't have to worry my brother being against it unless he wants to humiliate the families reputation" she said as she started reading the evidence.

She will use this evidence as a reason for her seeking a divorce, if they deny it 'although they won't' she will just threaten to release it to the public and just humiliate the family.


She was rich but even she didn't have a premium WinRAR, I wonder how the company stayed Alive