21 A Bad day for someone

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Although it has been months, professor Rottem was still trying to regain his reputation in the circle.

It wasn't working because her wife stopped helping her.

"That bitch, If it wasn't for her brother I would have slapped the shit out of her" shouted Rottem in his office as he reached the tipping point.

Although he shouted that but he knew the moment he rose his hand to her he is considered dead.

"I mean you can't divorce me even if you want, it's not like I wanted to marry you anyway. Your fucking brother forced me. FUCK!!!" he continued shouting.

His secretary (also a cheating partner) entered the room due to hearing him shouting from the outside.

"What's wrong with you, why are shouting from nowhere? you are attracting too much attention" Said the secretary.

"It's my office so who cares"

the secretary rolled her eyes in a giving up way and said "They still think that you are still traumatized from the presentation".

Rottem release a sigh then said "I could have moved away from it but that bitch doesn't want to help me"

"But why did she even help you in the first place?" she asked

"I don't know why, but now that I think about it, it seems like she knew about the mistake in the thesis and she wanted to embarrass me in front of those reputable people in the industry to use it as a ground for divorce" said Rottem as he was contemplating he became more sure by the second after he realized it.

"Why would she do that?" asked the secretary in confusion as she didn't understand why.

"As you know, we didn't get married because of we loved each other it was arranged married by her brother" he replied and paused a little.

"Mh.." secretary did this to show that she was listening and he can continue with his explanation.

"And since she couldn't deny the marriage she needed to find legitimate ways to annul the marriage." he continued with his explanation "But since she didn't manage to find evidence of me cheating on her she decided to go on the root of using my incompetence being a stain in the family as the ground for divorce" finished explaining as he started getting angrier by the second.

"You are pretty sloppy in hiding it anyway. so, why couldn't she find the evidence?" the curious secretary asked.

"Her brother seems to be blocking her attempts of getting the evidence" he replied while giving her the side eye for calling him sloppy.

"Okay it's up to you, but keep your voice down you are embarrassing yourself to your students and colleagues" the secretary said and started leaving the office to avoid having him exploding on her as she really liked the salary for her job and his money.

After the secretary left the office he returned back to doing his jobs.

Although he was informed that Aron has paid his dept in full but after he rehired the private investigator he didn't manage to find anything much because due to Aron having too much money in his account its information was more secured so he couldn't find any more information about it.

So, his conclusion was that he took a private loan with an interest rate a little bit lower than the fifteen percent he made him have.

This still made him happy because it meant that he was still in debt and he wasn't going to overcome it any time soon.

The reason he redirect his revenge to Aron, is because he couldn't vent it to his wife living only him as a choice.lightsnovel

Just as he was about to continue relieve the happy mood he has when he remembers that he was the one who destroyed someone's bright future, a phone call interrupted it.

"Who the FUCK is this?" he shouted as he picked the phone without looking at the caller on the phone. He could do that because if it was important, it would have gone through his secretary and not directly to his phone.

So, he decided to vent the anger to the one on the other side of the phone.

"I called to inform you that there will be a family dinner and you, as madam's husband is expected to attend it. Also the head of the family is going to attend it" Said the voice on the other side of the phone without stooping or breaking his or her voice, showing that he or she was neither scarred nor sorry about disturbing him in his leisure time at all.

Just as he was about to continue his bantering, the call was ended by the caller before he even started forming the words.

When he realized the call was ended, in his anger he punted the office phone to the other side of the room while shouting in anger "Who the FUCK do you think you are to call me and end the call whenever the fuck you want, Although I might not be from an important member in my family to the point they threw me to marry that fucking BITCH for the sake of some FUCKING false connection that they could abandon anytime, I'm still a member of the Fucking Morgan family. SHOW SOME FUCKING RESPECT"

Yes, he comes from another powerful family but since he was from the branch family they sacrificed him to the Rothschild's for the sake of some agreement.

Normally he would have married some random member from the Rothschild's branch family but due to his wife's brother interference he made her marry him the moment she lost the inheritance war as his revenge to her because he knew that if she wanted to continue having a chance in the future she couldn't deny him, hence the marriage.

That's why he accepts bribe because he needed money to avoid his wife finding out where he spends his money from his financial statements. This prevented his wife from using the money trail to know where he spends his time or his cheating locations for proof.

After trashing a few things in his office out of anger he calmed down a little and sat in his chair to start pondering the reason why they called for the dinner. Usually when there is a full family dinner it means that there is an important topic to be discussed.

"If it was about the thesis this would have taken a few months ago, so what is the purpose for it?" He said as he started contemplating for the reason.


When he couldn't come up with one, he decided to take out his phone and opened the contacts to find out his wife's phone number, he hovered above the call button and contemplated whether it was worth to hear that bitch's voice just to satisfy his curiosity, In the end he decided against it and returned the phone to his pocket.

"Since it's not about me there is no need to know anyway, so fuck it" Said the man unknowing of his upcoming fate. Narrated someone in the void of somewhere.


That evening somewhere in California's quiet location where the rich build their mansion there was a wall that seemed endless, it was covered by electric fences and security cameras after every hundred meters.

This was also followed by patrol cars that went around the wall every thirty minutes.

At the center of the giant, empty but walled forest there was a large mansion that could be seen lit by lights making it be seen from everywhere. Usually the house is calm but today, rows and rows of car kept coming one after another endlessly.

One by one, the main branch family members arrived to the mansion earlier than the planned meeting time, due to them wanting to be there before the family head arrived.

Lastly the family head arrived in a long luxurious limo escorted by a security car from the front and behind filled with fully armed bodyguards, if you ignore the noise being caused by the people on the lawn you could hear a helicopter going around the forest making sure no one could sneak in.

The moment he came out of the limo, the surrounding people become quiet and formed a corridor by standing on two lines to wait for the family head to pass through for them to great him and show their respects.

After greetings everyone moved to the dining room for the food while hiding their nervousness as they didn't know the reason for the sudden meeting today. Even after they asked around, they found out that no one knew the reason for the meeting at all.

This was the beginning of the hell for some dude who attended the meeting and was acting as gently as a sheep unlike how he was when he was told he would have to attend. May he survive through it with strong mind.