22 The dinner

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The family mansion glimmered in the moonlight as guests arrived for a dinner like no other. The opulent estate was a sight to behold, with its grand entrance and immaculate gardens. The evening promised to be one of exquisite taste and extravagance, with no expense spared in the preparations.

The dining room was adorned with the finest linens, crystal glassware, and silver cutlery, all carefully arranged to perfection. As the family members took their seats at the table, they were greeted by the tantalizing aroma of the sumptuous feast that awaited them.

It was clear that no detail had been overlooked in creating a dining experience that would leave a lasting impression on all who attended. This was to be a meal fit for royalty, served in the grandest of settings, and enjoyed by the most discerning of palates.

But despite the beautifulness and grandeur of it, no one seemed to be too hyped up for the food as most of them couldn't enjoy the food due to their nervousness.

Although they had elite education since childhood they couldn't keep up the pretense when the family head was on the same table with them. They looked at him nervously with mixed emotions on their face, respect and fear could be described to be the most prevalent one.

"Father how have you been doing these days?" Asked the next head of the family.

He was the next head of the family's massive business empire and his name is Arieh Noga Yehonatan Stav Rothschild.

He was among the few on the dinner table who could keep their calm, the other one was his younger sister who she won against.

His father ignored him and continued enjoying his food. No one considered it an awkward moment as they knew that the family head dislike having small talks. So, Arieh brought this on himself because he wanted to put himself in that matter is due to want to be seen as a caring person by his father and the head of the family.

The meal continued and no one tried talking to the head of the family anymore, but they talked between each other albeit quietly to not attract attention.

After the meal the table was cleaned by house servants everyone gathered on the table again for the meeting to start. After everyone sat down, one of the servant went to inform the family head in his room that everyone was waiting for him for the meeting to start.

When the family came from his room and sat down he took a deep breath and said "Let's start the meeting" while looking at his daughter Rina implying that she was the one who called for the meeting.

This came as a Suprise to his brother as he expected her to be quiet until she finds a way to escape her marriage.

'Did she find evidence about it?' Arieh asked himself in his mind.

'No, she couldn't have found them as I worked my ass to keep them covered' Reassured himself after a few seconds of thinking.

This was all blew to the wind when the first words her sister said was "I want to divorce Rottem".

"You know that you can't just do that, right?" He jumped right to it to break down any momentum she could have gained from that sentence.

"I can, if I have evidence to substantiate it" She replied while focusing on her father and ignoring him.

"You need to give us evidence before the meeting so that we can prepare for it" His brother cut right in without waiting for his father's reply, though usually smart he loses his mind when it comes to arguing with her sister, hence all these shitty blunders.

"To give you them for what, so that you can make it seem fake?" She replied after getting fed up with him messing with her plan to have her father agree to her presenting her evidence for it.

Their father just sat there quietly listening to them bantering. Then he suddenly coughed to shut them up the said while looking at his daughter in a heavy voice "You know that you need to have good evidence to make our family agree to tarnishing our names for the divorce right?"

When his brother heard their father saying that, he knew his chances of preventing her from even continuing has failed.

The reason he made her sister marry Rottem is because he knew that in their family if you want to have a divorce you have to present it to the family and they need conclusive evidence for them to agree to you divorcing. because to them having a divorce was a great shame to them this was why he kept preventing her sister from finding any evidence of his husbands misdeeds.

You may ask why didn't he just threaten Rottem to stop him from cheating. If he did that, Rottem would have found that his brother was worried about his sister finding out and being too desperate that he would have used it as blackmail material.

He couldn't just kill him either, as that would mean a war between families. It doesn't matter how insignificant Rottem was to the Morgan family, Just the act of killing him meant that you don't think of them as a threat to you, and Although they were not as powerful as them(Rothschild's) in some aspects they had more power in other places and that might come and bite them in the ass. Hence the reason he is alive.lightsnovel

Also it would mean her sister will be free as her husband will be dead.

"Yes Father I do know that, that's why I found a concrete evidence to make it so that not only will our reputation not be smeared but it will also give us a small card against the morgans albeit he is not important to them" she said while looking at her husband.

Her father nodded meaning that she can begin the explanation.

When She got the confirmation from her father, she turned to one of the servant and nodded making the servant leave the room and return with a projector.

When the servant entered the room with the projector, the other servants went ahead and started helping him set thing up.

After they finished setting the projector up, she headed to the computer on the table and took out a USB from her pocket and inserted it.


Rottem side of view

'The food was good but why the fuck do they have to make me come here every fucking meeting, even though they won't allow me to talk anyway' Thought Rottem as he was seated the farthest from the family head.

He complained because the seating in these meeting's is planned based on their hierarchy on the family. starting from the family head, followed by Arieh, then his wife and so on, this continued until it reached him the last one.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

He was calm because he was sure it was not important to him, but this calmness disappeared the moment the bitch said "I want to divorce Rottem".

'That bitch is uttering nonsense again' he thought because he knew that although the family knows that they don't even like each other, they can't just divorce due to it. You need reasonable explanation for it to be allowed. And know that they barely allow it even in those circumstances, as you needed concrete evidence to prove it and he was sure she doesn't have any, because he wasn't caught for years since he started doing it.

'Looks like this night is going to be a good one for Arieh.' he thought due to knowing that she most likely didn't have evidence and her brother would cook her for the mistakes, as he never wastes any opportunity to undermine his sister.

His expression remained neutral but inside it could only be described as euphoria. This was due to the bliss he was having, as he expected the bitch to be shot down for requesting to divorce him and having a chance to see her reaction.

He didn't want divorce her because, him marrying her not only elevated his position in his family a little bit higher but also since he could have everything he is not getting from his wife through other means, he felt that he is not missing on anything other than consummation with the bitch.

So he continued watching the show as the expectation of it nearly busted from him, but he suddenly scrunched his face due to what he was seeing in front of his eyes.

'FUCK' is the first thing that came up in his mind due to what he saw.

The gravity of the situation started sinking, becoming darker than a blackhole by the second due to the evidence the bitch was providing and the eyes of disgust coming from the family members in the room.

"Where did that bitch find that information" as his mouth blurted those words, his eyes widened in horror due to his brain understanding what he just said with a little bit of ping.

It was at this moment that he knew..... HE fucked up.

The family head turned to him with eyes that said you are fucked now, but he didn't linger his gaze for longer as he turned to the guards who nodded their heads and headed to him and started to drag him out of the room.

He struggled to shout to try to defend himself but it fell on deaf ears as everyone returned their eyes to the projected material on the screen.

As he was thrown out of the room the euphoria in his face replaced by the fear of what is to come, he prayed that the earth split and swallow him as a whole to save him from it.