23 A downfall

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Inside the bedroom Rottem could be seen sitting on the side of the bed with both his hands supporting his head while using the knees and laps as the foundation.

he was currently shaking albeit slowly as he remembered the last word he heard from his wife's family head.

The moment he was shown the evidence he knew even if he tried to defend himself as they had everything backing them up from the device, time and locations they were sent from to the receivers Ip address.

Even he as a computer engineer, was having a headache how she even managed to collect them as he remembered changing his phone quite a few times.

After a few hours spent thinking, he came up with the only reasonable explanation he could think of.

Which was that, someone managed to trace everything by using just his phone number and email as the anchoring point and tracing the strings from there.

Although the idea seemed plausible, if he tried executing it he would fail at the first step, so he just equated it to the capabilities of the Rothschild's families security teams masterwork and with that he gave up thinking of how they even did it.

Now he started thinking how the Morgans would react to it. He expected that he will be disavowed by the family due to this blunder.

This realization came to him like crashing to the sun.

Although him having a divorce might mean nothing to the morgans, they will need to keep the appearance of wanting to continue the little peace they managed to negotiate with the Rothschilds, which was finalized by his marriage.

The morgans needed to keep this pretense as long as they can, due to them still having not recovered to their previous state due to their last financial war with the Rothschild's that led to the 08 financial crisis.

It dealt a heavy blow to them.

This gave him a 100% certainty that he will be abandoned by the family and be considered as a small price to pay for peace.

'At least they will not take everything from me, they will consider it as the payment for serving them' Thought Rottem as he expected his family to not take anything from him but just not support him on any of his future endeavors.

What calmed him down the most was that, to the outside world he was still a professor of the famous Columbia university, Meaning that he could still earn money albeit small compared to his previous earnings.

He could still subsidize them with the usual bribes he was used to taking, so the only thing he will be missing will be his family's backing only.

'At least I will be free from their control from now on' he tried to console himself by trying to spin it as a positive thing.

'I will just be a normal professor, meaning I will not have anyone watching my back anymore.' He added delusion on top of delusion.

'Plus I won't have to see the bitch's face anymore.' He broke into a creepy smile at the thought of it.

After spending more than half an hour trying to re-earn his confidence, he needed to vent the frustration, so he took the phone from the bed side and called his mistress.

drrrr drrrrr drrrrr

"Hello, who is this?" A sleepy voice came from the other side of the phone.

"I'm coming to your house, prepare yourself" He started talking without waiting for the sleepy head secretary to fully wake up.

"I'm sleepy, can we do it tomorrow?" Asked the secretary knowing that if he comes she won't be sleeping anytime soon.

As the secretary was waiting for the answer after trying to convey that she was tired, what she received was a sound of the call ending. Meaning the moment he said he was coming he didn't even wait for her answer.

'This fucker' Thought the secretary as she left the bed and went to the bathroom to prepare to welcome him. But this was followed with some very inventive slurs from her side, he should be thankfully he couldn't hear them, else it might break his mind.

They were as deadly as infohazard could be.


Somewhere in America.

Two Russians could be seen sitting in an obscured bench in a park.

One of them had a dong while the other one had a beard and could be seen reading a newspaper to attract too much attention.

"What did you find out about the NATO's last meeting" asked the one reading a gazette.

"From our moles we didn't learn too much as it is still confidential, but they managed to find out that a week after the NATO meeting, a team of representative from NATO arrived in the US" replied the other man as he pat the dog making it shake its tail from happiness.lightsnovel

"Doesn't that happen when NATO need's to negotiate with the US?"

"NO, this time is different, a day after they arrived they headed to a small company for a meeting with them."

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

"What does that company deal with?" Asked the bearded man while flipping to the next page in the newspaper.

"A short investigation revealed that it deals with technology but since they haven't still released any product we couldn't find out for sure what it is. But we found out that, a month after they were registered they contacted the FBI, CIA and many other agencies for cooperation. This made those agencies have a back and forth between them but it stopped at once when the NSA made its move." The man stopped to try and remove his dog from him as it was licking his face.

He removed the rope from its neck and set it free to go and roam around the park, while he returned to continue with his explanation.

"After the NSA intervened all Agencies stopped their meetings at once, This continued until about a month and a half later.... there was an emergency NATO meeting. From our mole in the inside we learned that it was about some security program or something similar to that." he finished explaining to the bearded man.

"You suspect that it has something to do with the NATO having emergency meeting?" asked the bearded man.

"There is more from where that came from, we also suspect that they are behind the social media's security update issue we couldn't solve" Added the dog's human.

When the bearded man heard the words he stopped looking at his newspaper and turned to the other man with a look of surprise and asked "What connects them? You said the company was found for only about 3 months and that situation is nearly 4 months old"

"When we investigated the social media companies we found out there was a law firm that contacted them for their security problems, and after combing through the cctv's footage's we found out which law firm was it. But by the time we found it, it was already bought by GAIA technology which is the same company as the one having the meeting with NATO guys. that's where our suspiciousness comes from" explained the man

"Continue keeping an eye on the company, also find out who the owner is and everything there is to know about the company. understood?" Said the bearded man while closing the newspaper and standing from the Anti homeless bench, then he left without waiting for an answer.

The remaining guy just looked a the direction the bearded man left, then he called his dog and left for the other side of the road.


"STOOOP you are hurting me" Shouted the secretary in desperation while looking messed up and bruised.

The professor wasn't gentle at all, he kept slapping and banging her body to the wall like pillow or something, causing her to have bruises all over her body.

"Shut up you bitch" Said Rottem as he slapped the back of her head making her fall to the floor, He didn't care and continued doing his thing while imagining his ex-wife's face on the secretary, making him Fuck her harder like she wanted to break her or something.

The secretary begged him to stop, but the more she begged the more he saw the bitch's face on her, making him go harder than before.

This continue for about half an hour, until she started bleeding from down there and fainted, only then did he come to himself and stopped what he was doing.

He just stood and headed to the bathroom while angry, not to himself but to the secretary for dirtying his body with blood and ruining his fun.

After he took shower he just took some money from his wallet and threw it on the bed, making it rain.

Then he left without even looking if she was doing alright or not, as he was not done venting, he was heading to whore house or something similar to it to continue his venting.


10 minutes after he left the secretary woke up, she just stayed there for about 5 minutes contemplating why her life was like this.

This contemplation continued a little more until she stood from the bed and headed to the watch on the wall that was blinking red if you look at it carefully.

She took a longtime as whole body was in too much pain, but she managed to reach it and take it down, then she returned to her bed.

"Hope this will save me from doing this anymore" she said as she shed tears feeling bad for herself.

She opened the back of the watch to remove the flash drive that was inserted there to save the videos.

'With this that man will end my miserable life' She smiled at the thought of not having to give her body to earn something anymore.

Although the man said he just needed an evidence to incriminate the scumbag Rottem, nothing beats sexual assaulting and raping your assistant when it comes to destroying someone's life.

She smiled at the thought of it.

And with that the final piece of his downfall was completed, what remained was the domino of pieces to start falling.