24 The completion of the Jenga tower

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It took Rottem two days for him to return to his soon not to be home, when he entered the house he found that his bags have been packed and placed on the opening after the entrance.

He knew who could make the servant do this, but since he planned on leaving the house in a week anyway he decided to leave today, since they already packed his stuffs already. why waste more time right.

He called for the servants and ordered them to put his luggage's in the car.

Although the servants complained due to him no longer being a member of the family, they decided to just shut up and done with it ,they considered it as a goodbye service.

He left the house for the last time and headed to a 3-star hotel to start his stay there for a short time, while he looked for a house that suited his taste.

He was happy that he was free and his 2 day freedom gave him euphoria as he didn't have to worry about anyone anymore.

He felt excited to continue having this feeling for the foreseeable future.


GAIA Technologies HQ.

Sarah could be seen sitting in her office reading a pile of documents the size of dictionary.

"Our agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) is done, meaning we can now host our subscription services through them, just like Netflix" she signed the document that had the webservice agreement on it and moved to the next documents.

Just as she was about to read the next document her office call interrupted her momentum.

"Hello mam" Said the secretary.

"What is it?" Asked Sarah as she remembered that, she told her secretary to call her instead of just entering the room and break her focus.

"We received a call from the legal team, they told us that the NATO representative have agreed to our demand and would like to sign it as soon as possible"

"Good, tell the legal team to proceed with the necessary preparations I will handle the rest." Replied Sarah while smiling as she was happy to have managed to complete her first billion dollar contract without having too much of a problem.

She immediately took her phone and called Aron to share the good news with his friend and owner of the company.

"Sarah, what is it?" Asked Aron on the other side of the phone.

"So I can't call you to just talk now? is it" Sarah teased Aron.

"When I did that in the past ,you said I should not call you during work hours. That's why I was wondering what came in you to call me."

"I called you to inform about our deal with NATO" Sarah went to the topic directly as it was her work hours.

"Thay agreed?"

"Yes they did" Replied Sarah without hiding her happiness.

"That was fast, it seems they are that desperate, right?"

"Yeah it seems so, as it took them only 3 days to come to a decision. Maybe we came with a solution right when they needed it" Agreed Sarah with Aron's speculation's.

"So, when are you planning to come to the signing of the agreement?" Sarah asked Aron.

"What do you mean, aren't you the CEO? why do you need me there?" confusion could be heard in his voice.

"You don't want to attend the signing agreement? shouldn't it be as important to you as it is to me?" Asked Sarah as she expected him to agree immediately.

"Currently I'm dealing with something important, but if the signing is next week, I can manage to attend it. So when is the signing day?"

"I will set it for next week Thursday make sure you attend it, okay?"

"I will make sure I'm there, see you" Aron agreed to the day and bid her farewell.

"See you too" replied Sarah and ended the phone call.

Then she called her secretary to inform them about setting the agreement signing day to be of the next week's Thursday. After giving her instructions, she returned to her daily work.


Rachael: I have what you want. You will keep your promise right?


Aron: Don't worry I will keep mine if you keep your

Rachael: I'm sending you the footage of it.

Aron: Sure.

Rachael: Video1.mp4 (size 45mb)

Aron: Let me take a look at it.

3 minutes laterlightsnovel

Rachael: Are you done watching?

Aron: What is this? why did you do that?, I said I need evidence to incriminate him not have yourself nearly killed.

Rachael: You said the better evidence the better the pay.

Aron: But this is too much. why did you allow him.

Rachael: I needed that money if I'm going to leave him

Aron: Anyway, keep the footage until I tell you to use it.

Rachael: Okay, So when are you going to send me the money.

Aron: If I send it now it can be used as evidence of consOriginal. So, I will wire small amount now and the remaining after the case. But if you have an account that is not in your name, I can send the full payment to you using that account.

Rachael: How about PayPal? if I use someone else's phone number.

Aron: Sure, Send me the email so that I can transfer the payment to you.

Rachael: baracktrump@gmail.com

Aron: Sure let me send it.

Aron transferred a $1.5million dollar from his bank account to his PayPal's one. Then he sent half of it, as the first payment the rest he will send it just after she finished what he needed her to do.

Aron: I sent half of it, did you receive it?

Rachael: Yes. THANK YOU

Aron: The rest will be sent when we finish our agreement and for now go to the hospital to have a doctor's report as it can be used as evidence of assault.

Rachael: I have already done that yesterday.

Aron: Okay then.

With that the conversation between Aron and Rachael (the professors secretary) came to an end.

This plan was started when Aron needed to punish the professor using law, but if he wanted to use his evidence, they might state that it was a stolen information and can't be used as evidence in court.

But for all that to even begin someone needed to sue him or the prosecutor general take the case to even begin.

After a few minutes of thinking he remembered the secretary that was cheating with the professor.

He contacted her and told her that the professors career is about to come to an end. when she didn't believe him, he sent her some of the soon to be released evidence that will turn his words from rumor to facts.

After he convinced her, he gave her a way out, as he knew that he was with the professor not because of love but because of his money. He promised to pay her based on any evidence she could provide that could incriminate the professor, but the minimum payment was $100,000dollar

When he promised her that he didn't expect to use herself as the evidence. But after he spent a few minutes feeling bad, he reminded himself that she is the one that took this choice herself, so this eased his guilt a little bit.

This is also a reason why he decided to pay her a total of 1.5 million to remove his remaining guilt.

But after a small moment of thinking he found that he could use this as a 2 plus 1 blow.

He will make the secretary sue the professor for rape, which in return will make the professor emotionally damaged, due to betrayal and since there is video evidence backing the claim of her pleading for him to stop but him continuing with the act, he will be sent to jail for certainty and or be made to pay her massive compensation.

When all that is taken care he will pay the remaining money to her and allow him to finally soothe his anger.

He returned to continue with his work.


A day after moving into the hotel he finally started going to the university.

He finally started taking his teaching job seriously as it was now his only way to earn money, either through bribes from rich student's parents or through his salary.

When he returned to the university, he was informed that Rachael has taken a sick leave and won't be coming to the university for about a week.

This reminded of what condition he left her, making him know he was the reason for it.

Instead of feeing remorse, he felt proud of himself.

Why should he feel sorry for being a great lover, contrary to it he felt proud of himself.

His delusion made him think that he fucked her till she needed to take a sick leave.

So, for this week, his secretary will be replaced by a student volunteer who was chosen from his class.