25 The fall of the Jenga tower part_01

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Monday next week.

Rottem left the hotel for the university, he had a lecture 2 hours later, this led to him leaving the hotel earlier than his normal time.


"In conclusion, processors are a vital component of modern computing, and they come in many different configurations to meet diverse computing needs."

With that Rottem completed his lecture, but just as he was about to give the students some homework, All the phones in the room received a notification informing them that they all received a message.

The students in the class started looking at their phones, usually they would be reprimanded for doing it, but he himself was doing the same thing as them.

He was curious as what message was more important that it could make the whole classroom receive it at once.

What he didn't know was that every student, teacher and anyone who had any meaningful connection to the university received it at the same time as him.


Recently leaked documents have exposed a disturbing case of academic corruption involving Professor Rottem, a prominent computer engineering professor at Columbia University, who allegedly accepted bribes in exchange for giving good grades to students.

The documents, which can be downloaded from the following link [rottemhasasmalldick.com], provide evidence of financial transactions between Professor Rottem and students or their parents, with payments being made in exchange for favorable academic outcomes. This includes giving good grades to students who may not have earned them otherwise, and overlooking academic performance in favor of those who have paid bribes.

This type of academic corruption is not only unethical but can have far-reaching consequences. Students who have paid bribes to receive favorable treatment may not be qualified for the opportunities they have been given, potentially depriving deserving students of those opportunities. This can also impact the reputation of the institution, eroding public trust and undermining the value of academic credentials.





In conclusion, the leaked documents detailing academic corruption by Professor Rottem, a computer engineering professor at Columbia University, are deeply concerning. It is crucial that universities and academic institutions investigate these allegations thoroughly and take disciplinary action to maintain academic integrity. We must all prioritize ethical conduct in all academic endeavors to preserve the value of academic credentials and uphold the trust of the public.

Link to download documents: [rottemhasasmalldick.com]


When he read the article and saw his name as the main character in the article, his heart fell and nearly stopped.

He immediately collected his bag and left the classroom for his office faster than Bary Allen thought he is.

When he arrived in his office rom he continued reading it, after he finished it he pressed the link to see the evidence they used to make the case.

The moment he opened the site, every cent he took from parents was listed with factual evidences like bank transfers, photos from cctv cameras, audio of their conversations or text messages.

In some cases all of them were included as evidence for just one allegation.

When he reached just the half of it he knew that he was fucked. he hastily packed his stuff in the office and immediately left the campus ground heading to the hotel.

His phone nearly overheated, from constant messages and phone call's trying to talk to him to know if it was true or not. But most of them were already convinced that it was true.

After getting tired of rejecting the phone calls, he shut it down and focused on driving, lest he kill's himself by causing an accident.


Rina was also among those who received the notification, as she was considered having a connection to the university, due to donating some money to sponsor his former husband's last thesis presentation conference.

When she finished reading and looking at the website that had evidence, she knew that Rottem at the minimum would receive suspension or termination and at the maximum he will receive a revocation of his academic degrees.

"It seems to be from the same person who sent me the email about his cheating" she said as she kept rereading the documents again and again.

"Who did you mess with Rottem" asked Rina as she reopened the email she received last week again.

she copied the email address of the sender and sent it to her personal investigator.

She told him that she wanted him to find the sender of the email.

After she received the confirmation from him she returned and continue with her work, she didn't care about Rottem anyway, as she has already divorced him last week.


But what was left in her mind was that, someone powerful was after Rottem and she received help from them in which she would need to repay them in the future.


Aron kept looking at the reactions and continued making sure that the article isn't taken down which was easy, as all he needed was to remove access of all of those who had it on the university new bulletin.

Another thing keeping him busy was making sure that the server that the link led to didn't crash from massive traffic leading to it.

He expected the article to also attract New's station's attention but he didn't expect it to take only 15 minutes to reach them and appear on their channels as breaking news.lightsnovel


"Breaking News: Bribery Scandal Rocks Columbia University Computer Engineering Department"

"Breaking News: Ivy League Professor Accused of Corruption and Bias in Academic Affairs"

"Breaking News: Columbia University Faces Criticism for Alleged Bribery and Embezzlement"

"Breaking News: Leaked Documents Expose Professor's Misconduct at Columbia University"

"Breaking News: Academic Community Outraged Over Columbia University Bribery Scandal"

"Breaking News: Columbia University Computer Engineering Professor Accused of Accepting Bribes for Good Grades"

"Breaking News: Leaked Documents Reveal Corruption at Ivy League University"

"Breaking News: Academic Integrity Under Threat at Columbia University"

"Breaking News: Columbia University Investigates Professor for Allegedly Accepting Bribes"

"Breaking News: Columbia University Faces Backlash After Professor Accused of Accepting Bribes for Good Grades"


These were some of the headlines in some major News channels.

"I didn't oversee this chain reaction" he said this while smacking his forehead.


Rottem could be seen sitting in his hotel room, in his hand a televisions remote switching between channels to just be left with a look of horror as all the news channel he could access from his room where talking about him.

They showed his photo and his life history was shown by all the channels, but during his stress he found something strange with the news reports.

Although all of them were reporting stories about him, his life as a professor and every other thing, but what was weird was that, they mentioned neither his blood connection to the Morgan family nor about his former marriage to a member of the Rothschild family.

That's when he realized that they are not going to help him at all, but they will just remove any of their association to him.

But just as he was about start thinking on how to minimize damage that could be done to him, a notification with different sound came from his phone.

It came with different notification sound, because he set his important contacts notifications to a different tone.

When he opened the phone he found an email from the university.


Subject: Notice of Unpaid Suspension Pending Investigation

Dear Professor ROTTEM,

I am writing to inform you that effective immediately, you are being placed on unpaid suspension pending an investigation into allegations of academic corruption at Columbia University. As you may be aware, leaked documents have recently come to light that detail financial transactions between you and students or their parents in exchange for favorable academic outcomes, including giving good grades to students who may not have earned them otherwise.

The university takes these allegations very seriously, and we have a responsibility to ensure that academic integrity is upheld. As such, we have convened an Academy Disciplinary Committee to investigate these allegations thoroughly. However, during this time, you will be suspended from your duties at the university and will not receive any pay.

We understand that this may be a difficult time for you, but we assure you that the investigation will be conducted fairly and impartially. We urge you to cooperate fully with the committee and provide any information that may be relevant to the investigation.

Please note that this suspension is without prejudice to the outcome of the investigation. Depending on the findings of the committee, further disciplinary action may be taken. We will keep you informed of any developments in this matter.

Thank you for your understanding.


On behalf of the Academy Disciplinary Committee at Columbia University.


The moment he finished reading he shouted with his full power


startling the neighbor roommates and receive a response from someone on the corridor.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU DON'T OWN THE FUCKING HOTEL. JACKASS" shouted a guy from the corridor as he nearly fainted after being startled by Rottem's shouting.