26 The fall of the Jenga tower part_02(Final)

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On the third day, he received an email about the decision they have come to after their two days of their in-depth investigation.

This came as surprise to him, as he expected that they would take more than a month of investigation and since by that time he would have been out of the public's eye, then the university would at most only terminate his job, but what he got was way more than expected and the decision came in just two days and it as more brutal.


Subject: Termination of Employment and Revocation of Academic Degree

Dear Professor ROTTEM,

I regret to inform you that after conducting a thorough investigation into the allegations of academic corruption against you, the Academy Disciplinary Committee has decided to terminate your employment at Columbia University, effective immediately.

We take academic integrity very seriously, and the evidence presented during the investigation was both compelling and incriminating. The committee found that you have violated the fundamental principles of academic honesty and ethical conduct by accepting bribes and embezzling research funds. Such behavior is not tolerated at our institution.

Furthermore, we have also initiated the process of revoking your academic degree, as it is imperative that we maintain the highest standards of academic integrity and ethical conduct. We will notify you once a decision has been made in this regard.

Please be aware that the termination of your employment and the revocation of your academic degree are both final decisions, and there is no room for appeal.

We will be in touch with you shortly regarding the logistics of your departure from the university. We ask that you return any university property and complete any outstanding tasks before your departure.

We wish you the best in your future endeavors.


On behalf of the Academy Disciplinary Committee at Columbia University.


What he didn't know was that, since the families of the students that received grade bump were very influential, they decided to cover up the case by putting all the blame on him and in return the university will receive massive donations from them.

This didn't mean that those student's will not receive punishment, but what they will receive will only be a slap in the hand compared to what they would have normally received.

With all of the blame being put on him the university came to the decision of revoking his academic degree. This meant that he will not be able to teach in any university in America and anywhere that required those credential's for the a job, practically reducing the ways he could earn money.

When he came to the realization of it, he fell on his bed and fainted from shock due to the stress his brain received from thinking about his future.


When Aron also received the email that was being sent to Rottem since he duplicated Rottem's account, he learned of the university's decision of terminating his job and revocation of his degree, his heart finally felt the knot it had since his expulsion from the university finally become untied.

Finally he can start to sorely focus on his future plans, without anything to distract him anymore.

You might say what about the sexual assault case from Rachael? he already paid half of the promised money to her, so why didn't he use it?

Well that is because as they said "don't put all your eggs in one basket" Sun Tzu. He was saving it for the future in case the professor make's a comeback and comes back for revenge.

Better be overprepared than under prepared(Sun Tzu).

But he finished the money owed to her and told her to be prepared to sue Rottem at any time.

When he does that he will compensate her for it again.

And now that he can focus on his work without the distraction in his heart he finally decided on the next project. an Operating System is what he decided to make.

The reason he chose making Operating system(OS) is due to him discovering an infinite money glitch in the system.

Here is how it works.

The system reward's him at the minimum of 1sp anytime he or someone used something created using the systems knowledge.

This meant that, if he created something that many people will use, he will earn the minimum of 1sp anytime someone downloaded and used the product.

But why OS not a social media site or something else? This is because he needed a land where he can keep planting new plants on it all the time.

If his OS becomes a giant in the market and have millions or billions of users, he could make new products or app's that could use the OS as their road to the market.

This is because one of the most critical components of the OS is it's Appstore. His OS will also have one and anytime he needs more sp, he would just release an app and by marketing it using the OS he could gain millions upon millions of sp freely by people downloading and trying it.lightsnovel


But all of that will be taken care after he attends the meeting at the company.



Aron woke up the next morning feeling well rested. This was due to him having completed his revenge, making him have a nice sleep.

He left his bed and entered the bathroom to wash his face, then he changed his clothes to the ones he used for sports to prepare for his daily quest.

The he headed to the park in his neighborhood to start his daily workout routine.

When he completed his daily quest he returned home and went to the bathroom for a long and refreshing shower.

After cleaning himself, he ate his breakfast then went to the garage and took one of the car, then he headed to the office....



Aron arrived to the office about 30 minutes later and entered the building through the underground parking lot.

When he left his car he found Sarah waiting for him while holding the elevator for him, so that they can go together.

"Were you waiting for long?" He asked as he straightened his clothes and entered the elevator.

"Not too long, about ten minutes" She replied while clicking their floor number after Aron entered the elevator.

"So when are they arriving?" he asked as the elevator started moving.

"In about 45 minutes...." She replied while looking at her watch.

They continued their journey while having small talks until they reached her office, as his was not in existence due to him not wanting to waste space when they just opened the company.

When they entered her office, they started talking about the company's operation as they waited for the NATO representatives to arrive.

"When is the sever farm going to be completed?" He asked as he needed it to start the full development of the OS. Although his home server will suffice if the OS was a normal one, the one he planned to make needed a bigger server and high computing power to complete it by the time he planned to.

"According to the project managers last report, we are about a month away from the server being operational ready. Currently they are assembling the servers, testing them, testing the cooling system and everything else"

"Good" Aron nodded in approval. This didn't mean that the making of the OS is postponed, he will only have to start working on it in his home server, then move when the server is complete.

"How is the rollout preparation for BugZapper's subscription service" He asked.

"You don't read the reports do you?" She asked as she looked at Aron, she was not disappointed at him to the slightest for not taking his company seriously. She was used at it now as it happened numerous times before.

"I was focusing on something but now that I have completed dealing with it, I will begin focusing on it." He gave an excuse while avoiding eye contact with her.

"Anyway, we have already signed a contract with amazon for their webservices and we have completed uploading the program to their servers and it's ready for release after about a week of testing." She replied to him, but she didn't believe in his promise about focusing on the company.

"But since we have agreement with NATO that we will give them a buffer period of one month for them to start implementing in on their infrastructure, we will have to delay our release until October." She added.

"What is expected traffic after the rollout and how is the advertisement plan going?"

"From our marketing department analysis, since the program is focused on the development side of the issue, we just need to focus our marketing to developers and not waste money on social media.

So, based on their estimates, if we spend about 10 million dollars on the month before, during its release and by giving early but restricted access to some influencers in the security communities, we should earn about 50 million in the first month but keeping them there and expanding the userbase will depend on the program delivering on its promises" with that she finished explaining all the things he missed from not reading the email's she sent to her.

As he was about to ask more questions, Sarah's secretary nocked and entered the room to say that "The reception desk has informed us that, the representatives have arrived and they are on the elevator heading here." she said.

"They have finally arrived" Aron said while standing from the chair and head to the elevator to welcome them.

"Yeah, Finally" Sarah agreed to his words as she followed him to do the same thing.