27 The beginning of the creation of OS

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As Sarah, the CEO of GAIA Technology, sat at the conference table, Aron sat beside her making the head of NATO representatives nod to him in acknowledgment.

They knew who he was, as the American government provided them with the full details about the company during their negotiation phase.

Aron returned the acknowledgement with the same nod. He wasn't surprised that they knew who he was, as he expected them to do background information on his company and its owner.

Sarah could feel the weight of the momentous occasion upon her. In front of her, the representatives of NATO await, ready to sign the agreement that will set their partnership in motion.

After weeks of back-and-forth discussions and careful consideration of the terms, both parties are finally ready to make it official. Sarah knows that this partnership will be a game-changer for the company, as it will bring worldwide recognition and legitimacy to GAIA Technology's innovative solutions.

With a sense of pride and anticipation, she takes a deep breath and reaches for her pen, ready to sign on the dotted line and take the company to new heights.

As Sarah signs her name on the agreement, she feels a sense of relief wash over her.

This partnership with NATO is a significant step forward for GAIA Technology, and she knows that it will help propel the company to new levels of success.

Since they have already come to an agreement, it no longer needs to be kept secret.

NATO would have to announce this partnership if they wanted to prevent chaos when the program is released for public use.

Sarah was particularly happy about this because it will act as a free advertisement for the company, saving them millions in advertisement spending.

She looked up and met the gaze of the representative from NATO, who smiled and extended his hand in congratulations. Sarah took it, feeling a surge of pride for making this partnership become a reality.

After a brief handshake with Sarah, the representative extended it to Aron too who shook his hand with a smile in his face as he had become a FUCKING billionaire.

'JOKES ON YOU ROTTEM' he thought as he kept smiling like a crazy person while escorting the representatives to the building's elevator and talking to them.


Immediately after escorting them he spent about an hour talking with Sarah about the company's operations. Then he left for home to finally start the development of his next project.

After half an hour he arrived at home where there was no one as his parents were out and Henry was at school.

So, he went directly to his workroom to begin the project as he was excited to start it.

Aron's goal with GAIA OS was to create a revolutionary operating system that would change the way people interact with technology. This would act as a way to convince people to start using it, making him earn large amounts of sp.

Currently although some good OS existed, they were divided into different platforms and for different devices.

The computer OS market was almost fully monopolized by Microsoft's windows 8, a little bit by Mac OS X Mountain Lion and the remaining of the market used different types of the Linux OS.

As for the smartphone market, It was also monopolized by two companies, Apple's iOS 6 and Google's open source Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. As for the BlackBerry OS 10 and Windows Phone 8 OS they were on the market but are on their last legs.

Due to this difference in Operating Systems(OS) for personal devices, it forced the app development market to divide their resources during development to account for every OS that they wanted their app or program to be capable of being used in.

This means, the same program has to be written in 3 different programming languages, to account for Android, iOS, Windows and Linux use.

This will also increase the cost of making an app as the difference in these programming languages will force the developers to create a new system that would integrate these different programming languages in order to work as one program across all platforms.

That was the market he wanted to tap using his GAIA OS. And by making the OS capable of being used by all personal devices, manage to run all programs no matter the language it was written in and make it efficient and aesthetically pleasing, he will have access to a market of more than 4 billion personal devices or more.

After he entered the room, he powered on his work bench to start his work.

As his dream OS would be difficult to make with the current technology,

He needed to buy some of the technologies from the shop to allow him to make his dream come true. The infinite sp glitch(On technicality).lightsnovel

He had already bought what he needed from the system yesterday night to prevent him having to sleep during the day.

Before yesterday he had more than 275,000sp.

This was thanks to the NSA keeping testing the limit of the program by giving it new programs. They wanted to know its pattern so that they can maybe one day reverse engineer it.

Yesterday he bought….


AGI (Artificial General Intelligence).

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

A small step taken by bipedal humans in the year 2096...…



The system deemed AGI to be just a small step, Normally this would have come as a surprise to him but after seeing those that needed more than a million sp to buy it, he just gave up and forgot about it..

Although the system deemed it a small thing, his current world was still at the level of task oriented machine learning, meaning they can just teach to be exceptionally good at one thing while dumb in everything else.

But AGI(Artificial General Intelligence) is capable of being exceptional at almost all things that it can access data and learn from.

Although Aron bought the full AGI(Artificial General Intelligence) it didn't mean that he was going to put it fully into the OS that would make it impossible to be handled by normal computers or smartphones and could only be used with massive servers.

So, he decided to compartmentalize it and just choose the things he wanted from it, to use for his OS. He will create his own assistant AGI(Artificial General Intelligence) to help him later, because the server wasn't completed yet and his home server can't handle it.

That's why he postponed it until after he finished the OS since if he waited until the server was completed, he would have wasted a long time that could have been used well.

These are the things that he wanted his OS to have.

The first thing he wanted was device compatibility. He wanted GAIA OS to be used in any personal device available out there, be it phones, computers, tablets and other personal devices.

Aron wanted to make sure that the operating system could adapt to all these devices and provide a seamless user experience. And the first step towards this was to make sure the operating system was compatible with all the different personal devices out there.

He also wanted GAIA OS to have adaptability. This feature will enable the OS to seamlessly work on a variety of devices ranging from cheap phones to expensive smartphones, computers and others.

The aim is for the OS to optimize itself depending on the strengths and weaknesses of each type of device, making it more user-friendly and efficient.

An example of adaptability is when it comes to optimization for cheap phones. Cheap phones are known for their weak processors and limited memory. To combat these weaknesses, the GAIA OS will be optimized to use minimal resources, making the most of what is available.

This will result in longer battery life and improved performance, even on budget-friendly devices. The OS will prioritize efficient usage of the CPU, minimizing its usage when possible, and utilizing it only when necessary.

As for expensive devices, they are typically high-end devices with powerful processors and ample memory. However, their strengths often come with drawbacks, such as short battery life. The GAIA OS will take advantage of the high-end specs of these devices to provide users with an optimal experience.

For these devices, the OS will prioritize battery optimization, using efficient algorithms to minimize battery drain. Additionally, the OS will use the GPU and other hardware components to provide fast and smooth performance, taking full advantage of the powerful hardware in these devices.

For computers, the GAIA OS will adapt itself to provide the best performance for desktop and laptop users. This means that the OS will prioritize different aspects, such as memory management, storage optimization, and GPU acceleration.

The GAIA OS will also take into account the use cases of computer users, such as gaming, video editing, or coding, and optimize the performance for each specific scenario.

For example, for gaming, the OS will allocate more memory and resources to the GPU, improving the gaming experience. For video editing, the OS will optimize the storage to provide fast read and write speeds, improving the overall workflow.