28 Creation of GAIA OS pt:01 (Memory optimization)

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As technology advances, it becomes more capable and more complex, and the same applies to operating systems.

Operating systems are becoming more memory-heavy as they come with an increasing amount of functions. As a result, storage space is becoming a precious commodity, especially for mobile devices.

Aron recognized this issue and chose to start his work on the GAIA OS with the optimization of storage.

To accomplish this, he started his optimization of the storage by implementing a smart repository system.

The repository system allows the Operating system to identify which files are being used the most and which ones are rarely used. It stores frequently accessed files in faster memory such as RAM or SSD, while files that are rarely used are stored on slower, but larger storage devices like hard drives.

As for mobile devices, Aron wrote a code to compress and store files in a more compact way to reduce the amount of storage space required for each file. He also added in the code to make the OS capable of dynamically adjusting its compression usage based on the available resources of the device it was being run on.

Meaning that the amount of compression is dependent on the processing speed of the device, this was so that the OS could do the decompression of the data without any delay or having any performance reduction.

The amount of compression is dependent on the processing speed of the device, which ensures that the OS can do the decompression of the data without any delay or having any performance reduction.

Due to that, he could only compress the data or files in cheap devices to the limit of 8 times. Any more than that would result in a slight performance reduction.

After a long time, he finally managed to make the optimization of storage work seamlessly, and then he moved on to the next feature he wanted to add above the foundation of storage compression, which was cloud storage.

Aron wanted GAIA OS to have the ability to store users' compressed files in the cloud. This would allow users to store the files they are not using frequently to free the space in their devices.

The cloud storage feature would also allow for easy collaboration and sharing of files, making it an ideal solution for businesses and individuals alike.

This feature also allows users to access their files from any device with an internet connection, without having to worry about storage space.

Aron's focus on storage optimization was because he wanted to make GAIA OS a highly efficient and effective operating system that was able to adapt to the needs of its users.

Whether the user was running GAIA OS on a high-end desktop computer or a budget smartphone, he wanted the operating system to be able to make the most of the available storage space, providing users with a seamless experience.

To achieve that, Aron knew that although compression is important, the reading speed was also a critical aspect of the operating system's performance. To optimize the reading and writing speed of memory, Aron implemented a special algorithm that could work with any type of memory, including the slowest ones.

The algorithm analyzed the memory's read and write speed and then optimized how it does that to almost double the speed, resulting in a much faster and smoother experience.

This algorithm was also able to learn over time and make further optimizations based on the user's usage patterns, making the overall experience even better.

Additionally, he implemented techniques like caching, indexing, and defragmentation that would help the operating system access data faster.

By incorporating these techniques and optimizations, Aron was confident that GAIA OS would provide a lightning-fast memory reading experience for all users.

And this was just one of the many steps he was taking towards making it the best OS in existence.


While Aron was focusing on making his OS, somewhere somethings were happening.

A week after they signed the agreement, NATO held a press conference to make an announcement.

As the NATO spokesperson entered the conference room and strode confidently towards the podium, everyone focused so that they don't miss the announcement that was about to be made.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are here today to make an important announcement about NATO's cybersecurity infrastructure."

The spokesperson's voice was clear and confident, and everyone in the room listened intently.

"As part of our ongoing efforts to protect our member nations from cyber threats, NATO has invested 10.5 billion dollars into acquiring a program that will help us identify and address weaknesses in our cybersecurity systems from GAIA Technologies."

The spokesperson paused for a moment to let the news sink in before continuing.

"It's important to note that we have only purchased the rights to use the program, rather than the program itself. This cost-effective solution will allow us to fully utilize the program's capabilities without incurring additional expenses."lightsnovel

"Our member nations have already begun using the program, and we expect to have the implementation completed by the end of this month. With this program, we are confident that we can identify and address any weaknesses in our cybersecurity systems, ensuring that we can better protect our member nations."

With that the conference room erupted into a flurry of activity as reporters and journalists began to ask questions about the announcement.

The spokesperson patiently answered each question, fully aware of the importance of the announcement and the need for clarity around its implications.


somewhere in America.


A dog could be seen wandering in a room, there was a man sitting on a couch watching the TV. Currently it was showing NATO's press conference informing the world about the reason for their secret meeting held nearly a month ago.

"Looks like we were right" He said in Russian as he looked at the folder with Aron's personal information on the table.

They had already found out who the owner of the company was and had already paid a few workers there to tell them what was happening in the company.

When they learned that NATO was negotiating with the company in order to license their security program, they tried to make their mole employee get the program but he failed due to the workers in the company having no access to it.

The worker in the company could only tell them that the program was not in their hands and was already in amazon's servers, and he does not have access to it.

He also added that it will be released to the public soon anyway, so there was no need for them to try and get their hands on it.

After failing to steal the program through the mole, they started focusing on the owner of the company, as they suspected him of either being the developer of the program or he knew who made it and bought it from them, which was rather unlikely as in their background check they found that he was poor.

A phone call interrupted his thoughts.

"Comrade" With those words he started the conversation.

"Stop the plan of industrial espionage and try to have contact with the owner of the company" Said the voice on the other side.

"From our investigation we discovered that he spends most of the time at home and there seems to be a few FBI neighbors near the house looking after him, So it will be difficult" He replied.

"Find a way!!! The Kremlin wants the program in its full version to be in our hands within two month. He suspects that after securing their cyber infrastructure, they will move to offense in cyberspace as a retaliation to the GRU(Russia's version of CYBERCOM), As we have been attacking their important infrastructure all the time with the Chinese. The Chinese are also on the move, so you better move faster than them before the FBI catches wind of this and moves in to block us." Said the voice on the other side.

"If it's that urgent, Can we use force?" He asked.

"Vladimir" The voice on the other side said causing him to stiff, He knew the moment his name was mentioned he must have fucked up something.

He immediately stood up and replied "YES SIR" loudly, causing the dog to jump from being startled and it started barking at him but he didn't care.

"I said, have it with in the two month period" Those are the only words he said before he ended the call.

He was left there with his phone still on his ear while his chest was puffing from fear and his brain was pushing adrenalin in his body. That was how much Vladimir was scared of the man.

When the dog felt that its owner was scared it came to him and started going between his legs to try and calm him, causing him to come to himself.

When he looked down and realized it was the dog who calmed him, he kicked it in frustration sending it to the other side of the room.

"FUCK" he shouted at the whimpering dog lying on the ground in pain.

He kicked the dog to hide and vent his fear as anger. He feared the man because the moment he messes up he was fucked. In FSB if you fail your mission, your supervisor decides your punishment. And he once saw someone getting slowly runned over by a tank to his slow and painful death as his punishment, that was the result of the punishment this guy chose.

SO, he wasn't taking the work as a joke anymore and since he had two months he decided to take the full month to prepare for all the contingencies.