29 Creation of GAIA OS pt:02 (Virtual Assistant)

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Vladimir picked up the document with Aron's name and started reading it very carefully, afraid that he might miss something important.

"So he doesn't have security detail, which makes my job easier."

"He spends most of his time at home, that's also good, now all I have to do is get the house's plan" He was getting happier by the time, as his target was a person who stays at home, making Vladimir just focusing on planning how he can enter the house.

Another good news for him was that Aron was a new money, this caused Aron to not put too much importance in his security, as he was used to living without security guards before he became rich. And since he was not famous to need them, it didn't come to his mind. This led him to overlook it.

Another thing he learned was that the house was inhabited by four people, Aaron's parents, his younger brother Henry and him. But most of the time he is alone, as his parents like going outside and Henry has to go to school.

"So it looks like we have to find a time window that he is alone to reduce variables" With that he had the foundations to start his plan on top of.


After he finished with memory optimization he moved to the next aspect he wanted the OS to have.

He started making a unique identifier for the OS that could use five or more than it depending on the sensors the device had.

The unique identifier would use phones camera, microphone, finger prints and more. Through these the OS will create a unique identity for the user making sure no one has access to the device other than the user or those permitted by the user.

The identifier will also be uploaded to the cloud and could be used by users to access their files in the cloud through other devices. Although it may seem like it was a security breach this was prevented as the data was encrypted, to have access to your own data through other devices you will have to enter a password linked to your account, then it would access the credentials in the cloud and use their verification methods then you will gain access to your files on the new device.

The identifier could also be used as an anchor to your own ecosystem, meaning that you could use your phone's identifier and link it to your home appliances making you have remote access to them no matter where you are, this could also be used in Bluetooth speakers or any other home device.

With that done, he moved to the next aspect which might be considered as the thing that distinguishes it from any other Operating System in the market.

That was the Operating System's Virtual assistant.

And since he had already bought the complete AGI(Artificial General Intelligence) from the system's shop he could make the Operating system's assistant with his eyes closed.

But since he couldn't make the OS handle the entirety of AGI as it needed server grade hardware to be able to even run, he decided to compartmentalize the AGI and just use some of the functions that could be useful for his virtual assistant.

Although it might seem like the virtual assistant will be weaker, if completed it would be ahead of any of the world's AI by more than 50 years at the latest.

These are some of the small AI that were compartmentalized from the AGI. Remember that these are just small parts that are combined to make about 0,5 percent of the AGI. As for why he didn't use the rest of the thing is because they are too advanced to be used on personal devices.

MULTIMODAL FUNCTION: This system is capable of processing and understanding multiple modes of input, such as speech, text, images, gestures and more. This is to make sure the virtual assistant doesn't miss any input from the user to prevent miscommunication.

INTELLIGENT AGENT: perceives its environment, reasons about it, and takes actions to maximize its chances of success. This uses the input it receives to analyze and process the information.

COGNITIVE SYSTEM: process the information it receives and perform tasks that require human-like intelligence and reasoning.

NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING: Refers to the use of AI and computational linguistics to process and analyze human language naturally without making the user speak in a specific style to prevent discomfort.

COMPUTATIONAL LINGUISTICS: the computational and mathematical aspects of the human language ability, this works in tandem with the Natural Language Processing system to make speech recognition easier.

ASSISTANT: Refers to a computer program that is designed to assist a human user with tasks, such as scheduling appointments and answering questions. This will be the visual aspect of the whole system when it is combined.

MULTILINGUAL SYSTEM: It is capable of understanding and communicating in multiple languages. For making sure everyone on earth can use the assistant.lightsnovel

ETHICAL WATCHER: It is designed to consider ethical and moral values in its decision-making processes. Making it decide how to respond depending on the request while avoiding breaking the law.

ADAPTIVE SYSTEM: It is capable of adapting to changing circumstances and environments. This will make it ready to respond to any situation.

SENTIMENT ANALYSIS: It is capable of processing, representing, and responding to emotions. For understanding the user's current emotional situation and respond accordingly.

EXPERT SYSTEM: Refers to a computer system that is designed to mimic the decision-making abilities of a human expert in a specific field.

After deciding what he will use from the AGI for his virtual assistant, he started making it.

He started with MULTIMODAL FUNCTION to ensure that the AI system would be able to understand the user's inputs in a variety of different forms, making it the first thing any input that is being provided to the virtual assistant passes through it.

This includes text, speech, even gestures and many more. By making the AI multimodal, Aron was confident that the Virtual Assistant would be able to provide a much more seamless and intuitive user experience.

The MULTIMODAL AI system would be responsible for performing a wide range of tasks, with the cooperation of NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING, SENTIMENT ANALYSIS, COGNITIVE SYSTEM, and speech recognition.

These systems would act as the foundation for the Virtual Assistant, which would then make it able to process and analyze the user's data to provide insights and recommendations.

HE added COGNITIVE SYSTEM to the AI because he wanted it to think and reason like a human, making it capable of solving complex problems and making informed decisions.

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After successfully incorporating them, Aron decided to add several other advanced AI technologies to make the Virtual Assistant even more powerful and versatile.

First on his list was the Multilingual AI. This technology allowed the Virtual Assistant to understand and respond to multiple languages, making it accessible to a wider range of users.

Aron believed that the Multilingual AI would greatly enhance the user experience by allowing people to communicate with the Virtual Assistant in their preferred language.

Aron then added the Intelligent Agent technology to the Virtual Assistant. This system allowed the Virtual Assistant to function as an autonomous agent, making it capable of performing tasks and making decisions on its own.

Aron believed that the Intelligent Agent technology would greatly enhance the user experience by making it easier for people to get things done with the Virtual Assistant.

Another function that Aron added to the Virtual Assistant was the Adaptive AI. This technology allowed the Virtual Assistant to learn and adapt to the user's behavior and preferences, making it even more intuitive and user-friendly.

Aron believed that the Adaptive AI would greatly enhance the user experience by making it possible for the Virtual Assistant to learn from the user and provide a more personalized experience.

Finally, He added Ethical AI, as it was another important aspect that Aron considered while creating the Virtual Assistant. it was crucial to ensure that its usage aligns with ethical and moral standards.

Aron wanted to make sure that the Virtual Assistant operates in a responsible and ethical manner, taking into account the potential consequences of its actions and decisions.

The Ethical AI component also monitors the data usage and privacy of the users and ensures that their data is protected and used only for the intended purpose.

In addition, it analyzes the potential impact of AI technology on society, the user and provides recommendations for mitigating any negative consequences.

By incorporating Ethical AI, Aron wanted to remove any grounds for lawsuit against him or his company by those who deemed him as a threat to their interests.

In the eyes of the general user he wanted it to be perceived as the company that dedicate extensive research and development to creating AI technology that not only offers practical benefits but also operates in an ethically responsible manner.

With that only one thing remained for the GAIA OS