30 Creation of GAIA OS pt:03 (Training the Virtual Assistant)

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It took him two weeks to finally complete making the OS.

Although the OS was completed it was not ready for use, because the virtual Assistant was not trained at all. And as we all know an AI without data for training, is just a fancy looking code.

But he had to wait for the new server to be completed in two weeks for him to be able to train the AI. While he was thinking about this he received a call from Sarah.


"Yeah hello Aron, I called to inform you that the server has been completed "

"Wasn't it supposed to be completed in two weeks?"

"The head of the project added those two weeks in case a problem appears during the testing of the equipment's but when they started testing things surprisingly nothing caused a huge problem that couldn't be solved immediately"

"Good, I was done with the program and only waiting for the data center to be done to start my work."

"You told me about the project two weeks ago, are you done with it already?" She asked in surprise as she didn't expect him to be done in just two weeks.

"I started the project two weeks ago but I was planning it for longer than that."

"Oooh… Okay"

"Now give me the access credentials for the server i have to start working on it to finish it faster"

"Write down. The Hostname is: Gaiatechnology.privateserver.com, IP Address:, Username: admin and the Password is Pa$$w0rd123"

"What is with that password?"

"Since you are the only one that will have access to it we made it simple so that you can change it" She answered while laughing.

"Okay" Aron laughed too, making the situation more comical.

"Are you guys ready for the release of the program?" He asked.

"We are ready and waiting for the two week remaining period to pass and begin releasing it to the public. And since NATO's press conference we have been in the industries eye from when they heard how much NATO paid us"

"Well we have to thank them for the free publicity"

"Yeah that made our job of convincing the tech influencer easier, we have already provided them with the program, and they will start releasing videos and articles in the last week before the release to attract more attention from the industry and make them be ready for its release."

"Okay then talk to you when I'm done with the project then, see you"

"See you too," She replied, bidding him farewell.

After the call he opened the Remote Desktop app in his computer and entered the IP address and hostname of the data center server, along with his login credentials.

After he accessed the server he immediately changed the password and the user name making sure only he will have access to it, as he didn't want someone to know what and how he was doing.

With the server access done he immediately uploaded the blank slate Virtual assistant to the server to begin its training.

He called it a blank slate because AI that has not yet been trained on any specific dataset or task. This term suggests that the AI has no pre-existing knowledge or understanding of the world, and must be trained or programmed in order to perform a particular task or application.

With that he started with the training of the Virtual Assistant, he didn't need to collect and arrange the data in anyway as the Virtual assistant will collect all the data and learn all of it, and after that it will arrange the content by categories, the ethical AI will do the approving and Aron will do the Final check.lightsnovel

Although he will be taking a look at the final data, he will be looking at it just to make sure because from the knowledge he got from the AGI he could be sure that the AI will not go rogue or do something that is not permitted by its code. These problems were solved during its time and the AGI that Aron received from the system was the final version of it with all the bugs removed.

Also the data that will be arranged into categories will be made into a knowledge database stored in the server to be used for later training of other AI's.

The virtual assistant started surfing the internet using the servers high speed internet. The highest speed of internet the data centers had was around 40 Gigabits per second (Gbps). This was the fastest speed you could get at this time(2013).

This was also the reason he had to pay the service provider more than 50,000 dollars every month for that internet speed.

He wanted to have enough data to train any AI before the release of the BugZapper; this is also the reason the server had the memory capacity of 500 petabytes. This was so that he could collect and save all the data in his private server without having to worry about someone accessing it without his permission.

He waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited. While the server was working to its full capability collecting, analyzing and categorizing data in the magnitudes of a petabyte every 55 hours.

After 3 weeks he the Virtual Assistant finally finished collecting learning and categorizing data in the total of 10 petabytes.

Keep in mind that this data was already analyzed and already categorized, and could now be used to train any AI until the level of AGI. This meant that he could just use this data to train his AGI using just this data and it will be ready for service.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

As for the finished virtual assistant, after using the data it could now speak and understand every language that exist on the internet, this included the Klingon from Star Trek, Elvish from The Lord of the Rings, Dothraki from Game of Thrones and many more, as long as the full vocabulary and rules are in the internet it has already learned it.

It also learned math, physics and any subjects out there, and since it could use its cognitive system to understand and explain them differently it meant it could argue based on the topic.


Vladimir has finished his investigation and plan to infiltrate Aron's house,

He was currently just waiting for the FBI watching the house to leave, as he expected them to leave in about two or three weeks after NATO countries finished their implementation of the program in their infrastructure.

It was currently a week after they completed the implementation, so he was sure they will be living their surveillance duty in about a week or two more.

He used this time to review his plans and practice again and again, making sure there was no mistake, as he knew that his life depended on it and the moment he failed, there would be a tank warming its engines for him somewhere in Russia.

From his repeated collection of information, he already knew when Henry will be at school and his parents will be outside, making the house remain with only Aron in it.

The good news is that he already has the house plan from the realtor Aron bought it from after spending a few thousand dollars through a proxy.

Another good news is that Aron doesn't have any military training as he is just an expelled graduate, Though he found out that he always trains the same routine daily which was strange.

So, he expected him to try to fight his way out, but that won't cause any problem to him as he was professionally trained and the other one was just used to just running and pushups.

He could have used his training as a chance to ambush him but what he needed was the program not Aron himself, due to this that plan was shelved.

He wanted to avoid the parents because he didn't want more variables that might cause him to kill someone in the United States soil.

Because if he does that, the case will move from a suspected industrial espionage to a foreign operation by an enemy nation, and it might force the FBI to move aggressively and manage to track him down, as he couldn't avoid all the surveillance cameras in the goddamn city.

So he planned to be in and out of the house in a matter of minutes while leaving as little traces and hints that could be used to lead anyone to him as possible.

And if he is caught he will either have to commit suicide or he will have to spend a good time in a black site somewhere, being tortured for information.

And he didn't want to take someone's place in those black sites, as he really liked his home, and the dog which is now cautious of him due to footballing it a few times when his plan were interrupted.