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Chapter 150 - Taking Advantage of the Sacred Hall, Awakening Talent!

Chapter 150: Taking Advantage of the Sacred Hall, Awakening Talent!

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“This is impossible!!”

Guardian 001 was shocked and could not accept it.

He had guarded the Sacred Hall for countless years. Even the few Godly Talents that had appeared before were far from this terrifying speed.

He had broken through in a second, and he received the best reward for doing it – the nine-colored clouds.

This was ridiculous, alright!!

On the other side, Lin Ye was also stunned by the scene before him.

The nine-colored clouds that had just appeared could actually increase the experience points of 100xReward.

Just one cloud gave 100 experience points, equivalent to 100 Bronze Treasure Chests. The efficiency was terrifying.

If he could absorb 100 nine-colored clouds, he would level up directly and advance to Level 3!

At the thought of this, he hurriedly looked at Guardian 001. “Sir, I’ve cleared the level now, but the time needed to clear the first level is six minutes. Since the time is not up yet, can I continue to absorb the enlightenment energy here? If I absorb more, can I exchange for more rewards?”


Guardian 001 cursed under his breath. This little bastard wasn’t a human. He was going to take advantage of the sacred hall.

However, on second thought, this guy was taking advantage of the sacred hall, what did it have to do with him?

He was just a guard. He just had to do his job.

He immediately looked at Lin Ye with a smile. He didn’t say anything and just looked at him with interest.

There seemed to be some hope in his eyes.


It must be Hint!!

Lin Ye met the guardian’s gaze and immediately looked enlightened. He cupped his fists and said, “Thank you for your advice, Sir. I understand.”

With that, he sat down cross-legged again and continued to absorb the energy.

After clearing the level, the difficulty level had clearly increased. However, there were still more than three minutes left. It was enough for him to absorb a lot of the enlightenment energy.

Enlightenment Energy+1, Enlightenment Energy+1, Enlightenment Energy+1…


Enlightenment Energy+100, Enlightenment Energy+100…

When he finished absorbing 1,000, another nine-colored cloud appeared.

“Hahaha, as expected, it worked. It was like obtaining another 100 Bronze Treasure Chests.” Lin Ye was smiling so hard that his mouth could barely close.

He looked down at the time.

This time, it took 30 seconds. It was 30 times longer than the first time, but it was still acceptable.

This was his first time after all. There was still time…

“Keep farming!”

Enlightenment Energy+100, Enlightenment Energy+100, Enlightenment Energy+100…

“It’s 1,000 again. I want to exchange it!”


A ray of nine-colored cloud landed on him. He had obtained another 100 Bronze Treasure Chests!

Enlightenment Energy+100…

“Exchange! Exchange, exchange! Damn it! It is taking longer again. Damn it!!!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

When the six minutes were almost up,

Three nine-colored clouds appeared above Lin Ye’s head one after another, equivalent to gaining another 300 Bronze Treasure Chests.

In total, he gained 600 bronze treasure chests.

What a terrifying speed.

After opening the market page and destroying twelve Haunted Houses, he only obtained 960 bronze treasure chests.

In other words, in less than six minutes, he had obtained more than 60% of the total treasure chests which he gathered after descending for three days.

This was too scary!

“My lord, save me! This damn thing is too strange. I’m absorbing the enlightenment energy and I still have to memorize books. I have to memorize 30 words per chapter. I give up. I’ve already transmigrated to this world and you still want me to study? God, please give this little me a way out.”

At this moment, Zhang Liang was wailing like a ghost. He was so upset that he was about to cry.

“Me too, me too. However, what I need to memorize are dance moves. Every action can absorb 1 enlightenment energy. What a scam!”

Li Xinyi had a bitter expression on her face and said pitifully, “I’ve only absorbed 79 so far. Brother Lin, help me quickly!”

“I’m in worse shape. I still have to do my homework. I can only absorb one per quadratic equation I solve. I don’t want to do homework! I’d rather fight zombies than do homework. My lord, save me!!!”

Bai Yitong was bawling.

In the five minutes just now, he had completed 90 questions. Although it was not difficult for a genius like him,

it was too aggrieving!

“My lord!”

“My lord…”

As soon as he finished speaking, the others shot their gazes towards Lin Ye.

“What’s this? You have to memorize poems? Memorize dance moves? Analyzing textbooks? Calculating the price of goods in the warehouse? What is this?”

Lin Ye was confused.

Why was it so complicated? It was very simple on his side. He was purely absorbing energy particles.

This was similar to the original breathing technique that Adelia taught him.

As long as his spiritual energy was strong enough, even if the other particle was unwilling, he could beat it up with a stick.

Damn it, still not submitting?

I will keep hitting you until you submit.

Of course, as time went on, the more arrogant the particles became, the more beatings he would have to deal out before they would yield.

This was despicable. They might as well have obediently entered my body from the start.

“Alright, stop complaining. Time waits for no one. How much are you guys left with?” Lin Ye stopped beating around the bush.

In any case, there was not much time left. It was unrealistic to think of getting another nine-colored cloud reward.

He might as well help his loyalists. After all, nurturing them was equivalent to improving himself.

“9 for me!”





Lin Ye was speechless. F*ck, other than Zhang Liang, Li Xinyi, and Bai Yitong, he was speechless at the rest.

Fortunately, it was not too much. He had just obtained the reward and still had 400 pieces of enlightenment energy.

He gave all of them out.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In an instant, with Lin Ye helping those who were lacking energy, the other nine people completed the first level of the mission.

In fact, it was not that their foundations were bad, but that they were too relaxed at the start and wasted time when they first entered.

Otherwise, with Zhang Liang, Li Yitong, and Bai Yitong’s potential, Lin Ye felt that even without his help, they could still complete the mission independently.

Therefore, he had high hopes for the above three people. There was a high chance that their talent would be awakened during this trip to through the Reflection Hall.

As for Zhang Liang, who had already awakened his talent, he should at least advance to Level 2.

Otherwise, with his loss of status as a human lord, there were too few chances for him to advance his talent.

As he was thinking, nine different colored reward beams descended from the sky.

According to the rules of the Sacred Hall, the lesser energy one absorbed, the duller the color.

On the other hand, the more vibrant the color, the better tte rewards.

As expected, Zhang Liang, Bai Yitong, and Li Xinyi, who were in the top three, received a red reward beam.

The gap between the reward light beams was quite large. The other six people basically received an ordinary golden light, so they quickly left. Except for them looking stronger than before,

they did not awaken their talent, but as for the other three…

Zhang Liang had awakened his talent before so it only increased his experience points. On the other hand, Bai Yitong and Li Xinyi’s reactions were intense.

All of them looked like they had eaten a blood Bodhi. Their bodies floated in the air and they were sucked into the red energy sea as they cried out miserably.


Soon, Li Xinyi transformed first. The blood energy that enveloped her transformed into a long dragon that surged into her body.

Her body landed lightly on the ground.. When she raised her head, a bloodthirsty and fierce murderous aura erupted.

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