1696 New Side Mission

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After grinding for a whole morning and half of the afternoon, Fang Heng finally met the conditions to level up to Level 36!

However, he didn't rush to level up.

Fang Heng contemplated for a moment and chose not to level up immediately.

They were about to break through the defensive barrier and enter the mausoleum area for exploration.

He decided to keep some zombie clones just in case.

After all, reaching Level 37 would definitely require more high-level mutant crystals, which wouldn't be easy to obtain in the short term.

Black Castle needed two hours to set up the shielding device, so Fang Heng had some free time.

He decided to return to the Zombie Apocalypse for a moment to check on Dodd's research progress.


In the Zombie Apocalypse, the research team was working tirelessly.

Since obtaining various mechanical fragments collected from the half-mechanical mutated form's corpse, Dodd's research team had been diligently studying them.

"Mr. Fang, the half-mechanical creatures brought back by the zombies suffered significant damage, which has caused some trouble in our dismantling and research," Dodd explained to Fang Heng.

"We managed to create a disruptor as we anticipated, but it's still an experimental version, and we can't guarantee its specific effectiveness. We need more experimental data."

While speaking, Dodd gestured for one of his researchers to bring a tray over to Fang Heng.

On the tray were three silver metal objects shaped like grenades.

"Mr. Fang, if it's possible, I'd like to accompany you into that world this time. I need to collect experimental data up close, which is essential for our future research."

"Hmm," Fang Heng nodded, taking the tray with the metal objects.

[Hint: Player completed the mission—Discovery of the Research Team.]

[Hint: Player obtained 3 half-mechanical mutated form psychic transmission disruption devices.]

[Item: half-mechanical mutated form psychic transmission disruption devices]

[Description: A specialized signal wave disruptor created by Dodd's research team for half-mechanical mutated creatures. Theoretically, it can affect half-mechanical mutated creatures within a 2000-meter range, inducing a state of chaos. However, as this item has not undergone practical testing, its actual effectiveness is unknown.]

[Effect: Unknown]

[Hint: Player triggers a side mission—Further Research]

[Mission Name: Further Research]

[Mission Description: Dodd's team has successfully developed the psychic transmission disruption device, but it is unstable, and its specific effects need to be tested in the field. Dodd's team needs to observe the testing on-site and collect information to determine the next research direction.]

[Mission Requirements: Please lead Dodd's team into the unknown world area and attempt to test the psychic transmission disruption device.]

[Mission Reward: Possible subsequent side mission triggers.]

Fang Heng looked at the game prompts, lowered his head, and pondered for a moment.

Currently, the periphery of the mausoleum area, located to the west of the federal camp, had been cleared of mutated giant crocodiles, and the immediate danger had been eliminated.

Taking Dodd's team with him for research seemed like a viable option.

Besides, Black Castle would find a way to break through the energy barrier surrounding the island's periphery later.

They needed to explore deeper into the mausoleum.

Taking Dodd's research team along might help them discover something valuable.

After weighing the pros and cons, Fang Heng nodded and said, "Alright, let's make preparations. The team going to the unknown world should be compact, with no more than eight members. We'll depart in half an hour."lightsnovel


"Understood! I'll make the arrangements right away."

Upon Fang Heng's agreement, Dodd waved his hand, and his research team began preparing various research tools and materials.

Soon, Fang Heng, along with Dodd's team, entered the unknown game world where the mausoleum was located.

Starfish Company had already prepared vehicles, and they drove toward the lake area.

Due to the long journey, Fang Heng and Dodd's research team arrived at the lakeside at 3 PM. Fana's team had already prepared the barrier suspension device.

From afar, as soon as Dodd's team members saw the red barrier, they began enthusiastically taking pictures.

After disembarking from the vehicles, upon seeing the spatial fluctuation disruption device set up on the lakeside, Dodd's eyes widened in surprise. His researchers were naturally drawn to it.

Fana nodded to Fang Heng, who had just gotten off the vehicle, and said, "World Lord Fang Heng, we are ready. We can activate the device and enter the mausoleum area for exploration whenever you're ready."

Fang Heng looked up at the spatial fluctuation disruption device built on the lakeside. The device was about three meters high, with a circular base at the bottom and an irregular top that spread out like a tree. It looked quite peculiar.

"Hmm, do you mind if my research personnel take a look at your device?" Fang Heng asked.

"Please feel free to do so. The device has been set up, but please refrain from touching it without permission."

After receiving permission, Dodd's eager team immediately moved forward to observe the device. They also started bombarding the Black Castle's maintenance mechanics who had set up the device with questions.

Seeing that everything was ready, Fana couldn't help but urge, "World Lord Fang Heng, it will be getting dark in three hours. I suggest we start as soon as possible."

"Alright, let's begin."

A Black Castle mechanical specialist stepped forward and gently pressed the button to activate the device.


The spatial fluctuation disruption device emitted a soft yellow light. Under the effect of this gentle yellow light, the red barrier covering the island's exterior gradually dissipated.

Fana and her team exchanged glances and then nodded to Fang Heng. "World Lord Fang Heng, it's ready. Additionally, the disruption device can temporarily deactivate the barrier for 3-5 hours after each operation. To prevent accidents, we will leave some people outside, ready to pick us up when the time comes."

"Good." Fang Heng gestured to Dodd, who was standing nearby. "Let's go check out the mausoleum."


Dodd's team, still astounded by the advanced technology of Black Castle, walked back while conversing with the Black Castle'a mechanic.

Clearly, Black Castle's research in alien technology was far superior to theirs.

The zombie clones were the first to cross the barrier area and pave the way ahead.

The others followed closely, landing on the small island and heading towards the central location of the mausoleum.

In the center of the island, there was a wooden structure that covered an area of about ten square meters.

On the outer layer of the building, three obelisks were erected in a triangular formation.

The tops of these obelisks were round and still spinning.

Dodd, upon seeing this, once again signaled their researchers to take photos and record the scene.

Dodd himself approached one of the obelisks and carefully studied the patterns and inscriptions carved on it.

Fang Heng also went closer to observe. Fana stood beside him.

She tried to read the inscriptions on the obelisks and quietly exchanged a few words with her companions behind her.

Unfortunately, they couldn't understand it.

Fana said, "World Lord Fang Heng, among us, the team members who understand the mission line the best are currently trapped inside the mausoleum. There are no players in our team who understand the spawn language, so we can't provide much assistance."