5 Racial Skill Book! Racial Talent Sphere!

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"Sure! But don't go too far. If you encounter a powerful monster, don't fight it. Come back immediately. Put your own safety first! Remember to bring water bags and roast meat along as supplies." Zhou Zhou thought for only a moment before he agreed.

He definitely wouldn't let them leave the protective barrier if it was like the beginning where he only had that few professionals under his command.

However, he had 10 soldiers now!

Even though there were not many of them, they would not be in much danger as long as they did not encounter any Green Bronze-Tier fog monsters.

In addition to killing monsters, they and, by extension, him, would become stronger as they fought. Therefore, he dared to let them venture out to hunt fog monsters.

A moment later —

The 10 soldiers including Bai Yi left the protective barrier with water bags and roasted meat to hunt the monsters outside.

The Blazing Sun City was protected with the barrier. As long as Zhou Zhou and the others didn't court death and leave the protection area, there was no need to leave any soldiers to protect them.

"I wonder if Bai Yi and the others will encounter other types of monsters. Maybe I can get other types of soldiers if they do." Zhou Zhou pondered.

The day passed quickly.

During this period of time, the corpses of the Desert Fog Lizards were constantly sent back to the territory by Bai Yi and the others. Zhou Zhou would then retrieve the loots.

If there was a Sword Shield Soldier Recruitment Book, Zhou Zhou would use it directly and let the new soldiers he summoned join Bai Yi and the others to hunt with them.

In addition, Bai Yi and the others were very cautious when hunting and never took risks.

Over the course of the day, not only did they not lose anyone, the number of soldiers began to increase at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Night fell. Zhou Zhou, who was eating roasted meat while surfing the World Channel, suddenly trembled.

He felt that his physical fitness and mental strength had increased greatly so he opened his personal information.

His strength had already risen to the Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade in the Strength Level column!

I've finally advanced. A grin split open on his face.

Right at that moment, he suddenly noticed that there was a lot of scarlet fog in the air outside the protective barrier.

"The scarlet fog has appeared!" He immediately stood up with a serious expression.

Lines of blood-red notifications slowly appeared in front of him.


[Night is about to fall and the scarlet fog will cover most of the High Continent! Countless fog monsters will be born from the scarlet fog. Their strength will increase by 500% and they will start hunting indiscriminately! During this time, only the living things in the Novice Lord's protective barrier will be spared! I suggest that the Lords recall all the people in your territory immediately to avoid unnecessary losses!]

"Bai Yi and the others have to come back quickly. Otherwise, they will be in danger when night falls completely." Zhou Zhou looked at the warning with a solemn expression.

He opened the World Channel.

The Lords were also discussing the scarlet fog.

[This scarlet fog looks so scary!]

[This place is so good, why does it become a terrifying world when it gets dark???]

[It's so terrifying at night… I don't want to be a Lord anymore. I want to return to Cerulean Planet!]

Zhou Zhou took a few glances and was no longer in the mood to read.

He, who had been looking forward to his subjects' return, finally had his wish come true!lightsnovel

However, it was not a mere 10 people who returned but 46 of them!

36 of them were the additional troops that Zhou Zhou had continuously recruited with the newly obtained Sword Shield Soldier Recruitment Books!

It was unimaginable for the other Lords at this stage to have so many professionals.

"My Lord! We're back! No one died! But seven of us sustained minor injuries." Bai Yi came to Zhou Zhou and reported.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

"Get them to rest." Zhou Zhou said.

"Understood!" Bai Yi bowed and then got someone to bring the injured to a place to rest. At the same time, she got some soldiers who knew how to build temporary tents to build some tents for the night.

Zhou Zhou admired Bai Yi's series of commands.

It suddenly hit him that Bai Yi and the others did not return with any Desert Fog Lizard corpses.

Zhou Zhou did not hide his doubts and asked her about it directly.

"Yes, My Lord. This is related to what I am about to report! After we brought back the Desert Fog Lizard's corpse previously, we originally planned to explore further away. However, we did not expect to encounter six people of foreign race on the way! At that time, we had already hunted almost all the surrounding Desert Fog Lizards. I wanted to investigate these foreign races for you, my Lord. So we gave up looking for other Desert Fog Lizards temporarily." Bai Yi reported.

Foreign races?

Zhou Zhou's heart skipped a beat.

Do they belong to another Lord?

"Is it another kind of fog monster?" He asked with a last glimmer of hope.

It was only his first day of development and the conquest of his territory had just begun. He really did not want to encounter the other Myriad Realm Lords at this time.

He might be able to loot hundreds or thousands of professionals given enough time! That would be the time when he had the confidence to face the other Lords.

"Their eyes aren't scarlet. I don't think they're monsters born from the scarlet fog."

"Also, they were fighting four Desert Fog Lizards when we found them and they had casualties."

"The other party seems to have discovered us in the end. They stopped fighting immediately, leaving behind the corpses of their companions before leaving."

After Bai Yi finished speaking, she waved her right hand. Two Sword Shield Soldiers carried a unique-looking corpse over and placed it in front of Zhou Zhou.

This corpse was completely silver-white and was about 1.2 meters tall. It had slender limbs, but its head was humongous. Two pitch-black eyes stared blankly at the sky, as if reflecting its tragic death.

The fatal injury was a bite mark that ripped a hole in its neck.

Zhou Zhou looked at the corpse and raised his eyebrows. Why did this corpse look so much like the classic alien in movies?

He looked at its information on the interface.

[Item Name: Lager's Corpse]

[Item Level: Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade]

[Item Effect: Contains unextracted loot.]

[Item Description: A subject under the command of Lord Potts. It failed to control the Desert Fog Lizard and was bitten to death by the enraged lizard.

[Loot: Two units of Black Iron-Tier Mist Core (Drop Rate: 100%), one Racial Enhancement Skill Book - Mental Manipulation (Drop Rate: 0.01%), one White Platinum-Tier Advance Grade Racial Talent Sphere (Drop Rate: 0.0001%)]