8 Upgraded Building! 212 Sword Shield Soldiers!

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A golden light covered the entire Lord's wooden house momentarily before dissipating again.


Zhou Zhou looked at it; it looked much better than before even though it was still a wooden house.

A series of text notifications appeared.

[Congratulations, your Lord's wooden house has been upgraded to a Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade building. There is an additional living room! Your Territory has been upgraded to Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade Territory!

[Territory Token Durability increased to: 5000/5000!]

[The area of your territory has expanded to 1000m×1000m×1000m!]

[All fog monsters within your territory have been expelled!]

[Scarlet Fog will not appear in any of your territories!]

[You have received an upgrade reward: Residential Buildings Blueprint (Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade)!]

A ball of golden light appeared in front of Zhou Zhou.

After the light dissipated, a blueprint appeared and landed in his hand.

[Construction Blueprint Name: Residential Buildings]

[Blueprint Grade: Black Iron-Tier Elementary Garden]

[Blueprint Effect: Basic Construction Blueprint. An architect can master the construction method of a Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade residential building after learning it. He will be able to build suitable residential buildings.]

[Construction materials: 100 units of wood, 50 units of fine sand, 50 units of metal, 50 units of stoned]

[Learning Requirement: Only architects can learn it.]

When Zhou Zhou saw the final learning requirement, he put it away regretfully.

There was no architect in his territory yet, so even though this blueprint was very practical, he could not use it yet.

Zhou Zhou looked at the white light barrier above his head. Its coverage had also expanded many times.

Zhou Zhou nodded in satisfaction. The scope of their safety has expanded a little.

Then, he looked at the upgrade requirements for the next level.

[Construction Upgrade: 500 units of wood, 500 units of fine sand, 500 units of metal, 500 units of stone, 500 pieces of Black Iron-Tier Mist Core, one Black Iron-Tier Territory Token!]

Zhou Zhou frowned slightly.

He had enough basic materials but he only had 196 Black Iron-Tier Mist Core left. He was still 304 units away from the 500 units required.

As for Black Iron Territory Tokens, they could only be obtained by conquering the territories of other Lords. He naturally did not have any on hand.

He shook his head and went to the Gate of Summoning to upgrade it.

[Congratulations, your Gate of Summoning has been upgraded to a Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade Building!]

[You can summon three additional subjects every day!]

[You are guaranteed a Professional every day through your summoning quota!]

The upgrade did not make many changes to the Gate of Summoning.

It only lit up slightly before calming down.

However, Zhou Zhou was very satisfied with its upgrade.

"This improvement is not bad! I can summon eight subjects a day and there will definitely be one Professional. Let's hope I get an architect tomorrow otherwise, my soldiers will have to continue living in makeshift tents." He muttered to himself in anticipation.

He looked at the upgrade requirements for the Gate of Summoning to be upgraded to the Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade.

[Construction Upgrade: 300 units of wood, 300 units of sand, 300 units of metal, 300 units of stone, 300 units of Black Iron-Tier Mist Core, Territory Level upgraded to Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade!]

"It has become so much harder to upgrade the Lord's wooden house and the Gate of Summoning." Zhou Zhou was deep in thought.




Familiar sounds of the Desert Fog Lizards.

Zhou Zhou walked towards the sounds and arrived at the source in no time.

A total of eight Desert Fog Lizards were hitting the Novice Lord Protection Barrier in the scarlet fog as if their lives depended on it!

They were totally different from the day time. Not only were these Desert Fog Lizards' eyes filled with scarlet fog, their bodies were also wrapped in it.

Moreover, their bodies had grown larger under the stimulation of the scarlet fog. This made them look like monsters that had crawled out of hell.

Zhou Zhou glanced at these monsters — Seven Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade and one Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade!

Moreover, the drop rate of the loots did not change.

"No wonder the Supreme Will reminded us not to leave the Novice Lord's Protective Barrier at night. The combat strength of these monsters has increased with the scarlet fog but the drop rate hasn't increased at all."

"For most Lord players, fighting them now would be completely strenuous and unrewarding. However, it's different for me. It's a time where I can obtain a large number of loots."

"Greetings, my Lord!" Bai Yi and the other 46 soldiers who were confronting the eight Desert Fog Lizards within the protective barrier saluted Zhou Zhou immediately.I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

"Don't worry about me. Continue with what you are doing."

He suddenly saw that there were only three arrows left on Bai Yi's back, and it was obvious that they had been used many times.

Zhou Zhou thought for a moment and opened the Cerulean Planet Lord's Marketplace to search for arrows.

He made a selection and bought 100 arrows made of iron ore with five units of Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Desert Fog Lizard meat.

These arrows looked very standard and were very new. They should have been created not long ago by a Lord with a Professional.

"These are for you." Zhou Zhou handed the arrows to Bai Yi.

"Thank you, my Lord! I was just running out of them!" Bai Yi's eyes lit up and took them immediately.

She was smart enough not to ask further. After that, Bai Yi led everyone to fight the eight Desert Fog Lizards.

The Sword Shield Soldier fought fiercely with the Desert Fog Lizards with their swords in front of the protective barrier.

Bai Yi took advantage of the opportunity of being behind the barrier and fired a series of fatal arrows. Casualties started appearing among the Desert Fog Lizards.

Zhou Zhou looked at it for a long time before his gaze finally landed on the Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade Desert Fog Lizard.

It was the strongest among the eight monsters.

Zhou Zhou willed his thoughts.

A text notification appeared the next moment.

The spiritual power between his glabella immediately shot out and instantly entered the brain of the Desert Fog Lizard.

Mental Manipulation!

The Desert Fog Lizard froze instantly on the spot.

A moment later, it growled and turned to attack the other Desert Fog Lizards.

This scene instantly stunned both sides who were fighting.

"Don't hurt this Desert Fog Lizard fighting the rest of the Lizards. It's my thug now!"

Zhou Zhou's voice came from behind Bai Yi and the others.

Bai Yi and the others looked at each other in shock. Then, they became even more excited.


Their morale grew even higher, and they swung their swords even more vigorously.

Zhou Zhou realized that he still had capacity for his mental strength. Hence, his gaze landed on an Elementary Grade Desert Fog Lizard.

He activated his Mental Manipulation again!

This Desert Fog Lizard had also become his subordinate. Then, it immediately joined the team attacking the remaining Desert Fog Lizards.

"Controlling a Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade and a Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade monster simultaneously seems to be my current limits."

"I'm afraid my mental strength will be immediately sucked dry if I control another Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Desert Fog Lizard. I'll probably faint." Zhou Zhou rubbed his slightly painful temples and pondered.

A moment later, the remaining six Desert Fog Lizards were all killed under the joint attack of the inside and outside.

"My Lord!" Bai Yi and the others carried the corpses of the six Desert Fog Lizards over and placed them in front of Zhou Zhou.

Bai Yi looked at him with reverence and fanaticism. She was clearly shocked by Zhou Zhou's methods just now.

Zhou Zhou noted the notification that her loyalty had increased before calmly began to retrieve the loot.

The cycle repeated again with their search for other Desert Fog Lizards to fight.

The night passed in the blink of an eye.

As the first ray of sunlight appeared, the scarlet fog dissipated at a speed visible to the naked eye. Most of the monsters born in the fog also disappeared with the fog.

Only a portion of the fog monsters remained permanently on the High Continent.

"The fog has finally dissipated." Zhou Zhou stretched lazily.

At this moment, Bai Yi brought all the soldiers over quickly and came in front of him.

"My Lord! All the Desert Fog Lizards around the territory have been eliminated." Bai Yun said respectfully.

Zhou Zhou nodded.

He looked at the army behind Bai Yi and smiled.

A total of 212 Sword Shield Soldiers stood solemnly behind her! Bai Yi had broken through to the Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade! In addition, Zhang Cang and the others had broken through to the Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade! This was the result of their night of battle!

"Everyone, go eat and rest for six hours. Gather here again after that!"

"Then you will follow my lead in invading the territory of the Lord of the foreign race!" He said solemnly.

"Yeah!" Everyone roared with gusto, their voices shaking the world!