14 Building Effect! Mechanostrider!

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"Welcome to Blazing Sun City!" Zhou Zhou extended his hand to him in a friendly manner.

"I'm honored!" Ashburn Hall shook hands and smiled.

Zhou Zhou looked at him and a text message appeared.

[Subject: Ashburn Hall]

[Territory: Blazing Sun City]

[Life Profession: Alchemy Technician]

[Profession Class: Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade]

[Ability Overview: The owner of the gnome alchemy workshop. He is good at making interesting and useful alchemy technology products. He has an optimistic personality and likes alchemy technology research.]

[Skills: Alchemy Potion - Life Potion (Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade), Alchemy Potion - Energy Potion (Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade), Alchemy Technology - Mechanostrider (Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade)]

[Loyalty: Dead Loyal]

[Potential: White Platinum-Tier Intermediate Grade]

Alchemy Technician? There was such a profession? Zhou Zhou was surprised.

Then, he looked at the building behind him.

[Building Name: Gnome Alchemy Workshop]

[Building Level: Special Grade]

[Construction Function 1: The owner of the workshop, Ashburn Hall, sells some alchemy technology products. If you need anything, feel free to come here and take a look.]

[Currently available for sale: Health Potion (3 bottles), Energy Potion (2 bottles), Mechanostrider (1)]

[Construction Function 2: When the Lord or the forces under the Lord go out to hunt Fog Monsters, they will encounter Fog Monsters that have a very small chance of dropping Alchemy items. This includes but is not limited to Alchemy Potion Recipes, Alchemy Technology Product Blueprints, Alchemy Materials Packs, Alchemy Technology Master Recruitment Orders, Alchemy Items…]

[Construction Upgrade: This building originates from the Lord Talent and cannot be upgraded.]

[Building Description: Welcome to Ashburn's Alchemy Shop!]

Zhou Zhou raised his eyebrows.

So the two bottles of potions seized from Lord Potts were indeed from this gnome alchemy workshop!

Among the two building functions of the Gnome Alchemy Workshop, the first effect was nothing special. There must be other places in the entire High Continent that sold the same or similar goods. The second function was the true value of his Green Bronze-Tier Lord Talent!

"This Green Bronze-Tier talent might be able to unleash an effect that far exceeds the Green Bronze-Tier Lord Talent when coupled with my 100% drop rate!"

Zhou Zhou's eyes lit up.

Ashburn Hall looked around and said in surprise. "Our territory is actually in the desert. That's a little tricky."

Zhou Zhou was about to ask him what he meant when Ashburn turned around and smiled. "But I feel that there is hope under my Lord's lead."

Zhou Zhou: "…"

"My Lord, do you want to come into my store?" Ashburn asked.

Zhou Zhou nodded and they walked into the Alchemy Technology Workshop under everyone's curious gazes.

Zhou Zhou looked at the arrangements in the workshop.

The renovation style here was completely different from the Cerulean Planet's.

If he had to describe it, it was elegant, ancient, and wise! These three renovation styles seemed to blend perfectly in this building.

"What do you mean by tricky?" Zhou Zhou retracted his gaze and asked directly.

"It's not a big deal. It's the raw materials."

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"My Lord, you must have seen that there are not many alchemy technology products in this alchemy workshop. If we want to expand production, we have to have more raw materials such as the Blood Origin Flower and pure iron."

"This way, I can provide you with more alchemy products. Moreover, my Lord's territory is in the desert. Resources are scarce in the deserts. I'm afraid it will be difficult to find these resources. But don't worry too much, I believe that things will get better in the future." Ashburn chuckled.

Zhou Zhou was speechless.lightsnovel

This is a little tricky?

"If I don't have enough raw materials for you, won't your gnome alchemy workshop be useless when your stock is used up? Leave the raw materials supplies to me. Write down all the ingredients you need later. I'll find them for you." Zhou Zhou said.

"Thank you, my Lord!" Ashburn bowed elegantly.

Then, he took out a piece of paper with the requirements and handed it to Zhou Zhou.

"Oh yes, how much do you sell your alchemy products for?" Zhou Zhou asked.

"I was born because of my Lord. How can I ask you for money? I will make anything you want in my power and give it to you for free, my Lord. But if the other subjects want to buy some goods from me… I will charge some Mist Cores or other valuable items to complete the transaction. Meat, fur, clothes, ores… anything. I do also need to survive after all." Ashburn replied.

Zhou Zhou nodded. "Show me your mechanostrider."

"My Lord, please follow me." Ashburn stood up and led Zhou Zhou to another room.

There were all kinds of tools, medicinal herbs, and potions in this room. It was probably Ashburn's workshop.

The most eye-catching thing was a mechanical bird more than three meters tall in the middle of the room, completely made of silver-gray pure iron.

It looked like an ostrich or a small dinosaur with tail feathers. There were seat cushion pedals and other tools for riding on its back. It was beautiful.

[Alchemy Technology Product: Mechanostrider]

[Grade: Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade]

[Product Effect 1: Uses the Mist Core as a power source. It has simple intelligence and can carry out the basic commands of the rider. Its normal speed is 40 km/h. It can easily travel in plains, wilderness, forests, deserts, and other environments.]

[Product Effect 2: Run, little bird. The Mechanostrider accelerates the burning of the Mist Core in its body and activates overcharge mode. In 10 minutes, its speed will increase to 100 km/h. After 10 minutes, the mechanostrider will enter cooldown mode. Its speed will decrease to 10 km/h and will return to normal after three hours.]

[Product Description: A combination of gnome alchemy technology and goblin craftsmanship. It contains the crystallization of both parties' wisdom. It is a cheap and practical means of transportation and is deeply loved by adventurers and travelers.]

Zhou Zhou's eyes lit up.

A means of transportation that can be used in the desert!?

He instantly realized that this was a product he needed very much at the moment.

The experience on the road when they had been traveling in the desert when they were searching for the location of Potts City was extremely terrible!

It was clearly less than half an hour's journey, but they had to walk for nearly an hour to reach the place.

The reason why they walked for so long was because the desert was too difficult to walk in and consumed a lot of stamina.

If his soldiers could all be equipped with such a Mechanostrider, their mobility could be increased by more than 10 folds!

A round trip might not even take 10 minutes. He would no longer have to be troubled by the desert environment!

"Unfortunately, I don't have any spray paint here. Otherwise, I can package it up nicely." Ashburn said regretfully.

Zhou Zhou had a strange expression. You want to beautify the skin?

"How's the consumption rate of this mechanostrider?" He asked.

"One Black Iron-Tier Mist Core can be used as fuel for about six hours." Ashburn said.

Zhou Zhou became even more excited. "I want to take all your goods. Don't worry, I'll take care of your living expenses." He said solemnly.

"Thank you, my Lord. I'll go get them now." Ashburn turned around and went to get the potions without hesitation.

A moment later, he returned with three bottles of life potion and two bottles of energy potion and handed them to Zhou Zhou.

"I'll leave this mechanostrider with you for now. I'll head back first." Zhou Zhou was about to leave when Ashburn stopped him suddenly.

"My Lord, can you arrange three apprentices for me? I can teach them and maybe even train them to become alchemy technicians. The efficiency will be too low if I'm the only one doing the work in this workshop." He was a little embarrassed.

"Is three of them enough?" Zhou Zhou asked.

"Yes. There are only so many I can teach with my level of skills." Ashburn paused, then answered.

"I'll send them to you tomorrow." Zhou Zhou turned around and left.