15 Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade! Monsters Invasion!

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As soon as Zhou Zhou walked out of the workshop, he immediately went to look for Bai Yi.

"These four bottles of Life Potion are for you. They can heal some physical wounds. Give them to the wounded soldiers." Zhou Zhou said.

"Thank you, my Lord!" Bai Yi's eyes lit up.

About 10 Sword Shield Soldiers in their team were injured after two days of battle.

However, since there was no doctor they could only treat the wounds simply and then recuperate. There were no better treatment options, so these four bottles of life potions could not have come at the right time! Zhou Zhou nodded.

However, these four bottles of Life Potion were still not enough. He had to think of a way to let Ashburn create more life potions since he would have more soldiers in the future!

"My Lord, I want to continue exploring further with the soldiers and clear out the fog monsters further away!"

"Please approve, my Lord." Bai Yi said.

"Go on, be careful." Zhou Zhou said.

Bai Yi nodded and turned to leave.

Zhou Zhou returned to the Lord's wooden house, sat on a chair, opened the exchange, and began to set up the transaction.

He wrote down the materials that Ashburn had given him.

Actually, it was not much, only four or five materials.

The higher demand quantities were for the two main materials, Blood Origin Flower and pure iron.

He would probably still trade meat for them.

Every 10 units of Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade meat Desert Fog Lizard would be traded for one raw material to make a Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade mechanostrider!

Every three units of Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Desert Fog Lizard meat would be traded for one raw material to make Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Health Potions or Energy Potions!

Currently, more than 95% of the Lords were paying attention to their combat classes and did not understand the requirements for life professionals. Not to mention an unorthodox life professional like Alchemy Technology products.

Therefore, the raw materials were very cheap. It was more than enough to exchange for them with this meat.

Therefore, Zhou Zhou set aside a total of 5,000 units for trade and released this transaction.

Currently, the name Lord of The Blazing Sun was already very famous among the billions of Cerulean Planet Lords.

In addition, Zhou Zhou had used an even more astonishing 5,000 units of meat this time!

Therefore, his transaction viewership ranking quickly reached first place again!

The World Channel was also discussing Zhou Zhou's deal.

"I'm sure that Big Boss Blazing Sun's territory talent is definitely the 'Desert Fog Lizard Slaughterhouse'!"

"5,000 units is too ridiculous…"

"Desert Fog Lizard: I'm really unlucky to have met the Lord of The Blazing Sun."

"Pray for the Desert Fog Lizard… Pray for the meat to taste better this time. Slurp!"

"Blood Origin Flower… I think I've seen this before when I went out to look for water."

"I know about pure iron. On the first day, I recruited a Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade. I saw that his skill includes the skill of forging pure iron. It seems like he needs iron ore."

"There's actually a blacksmith upstairs! He's a hidden big shot!"

"It's not a big shot… Blacksmiths need a lot of tools, and this can only be satisfied by a blacksmith workshop. Otherwise, a blacksmith can't even forge anything."

"Brothers, let's not talk anymore. I'm going to look for flowers!"

"I'm going to mine some ores!"


At the same time, Zhou Zhou also received private messages from many Lords.

After filtering through the system and getting rid of a large number of useless private messages, the rest were serious transaction private messages.

He began to make deals with these Lords one by one.

Half an hour later, Zhou Zhou frowned.

"I collected a lot of materials, but the amount of Blood Origin Flowers I received is not even enough to make five bottles of Life Potion."

"Are there so few Blood Origin Flowers in these Lords' territories…?"

A moment later, Zhou Zhou, who had opened another Lord's private message, was suddenly stunned.

[Spiritual Medicine Lord: Big Brother Blazing Sun, I have 500 Blood Origin Flowers. Do you want them?]lightsnovel

Zhou Zhou looked at the message in disbelief. He had only managed to buy less than 10 Blood Origin Flowers in total.

Where did this Lord get so many Blood Origin Flowers? He replied immediately without thinking.

[Lord of The Blazing Sun: I want them.]

[Lord of The Blazing Sun: Let's trade directly.]

[Spiritual Medicine Lord: Thank you, Big Brother!]

[The Spiritual Medicine Lord has initiated a trade. Do you agree?]

Zhou Zhou placed 500 units of Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Desert Fog Lizard meat on it.

A moment later, 500 Blood Origin Flowers appeared in front of Zhou Zhou.

A smile appeared on his face seeing so many Blood Origin Flowers.

Ashburn could refine 250 bottles of Life Potion with so many Blood Origin Flowers and supplementary medicinal herbs!

At this moment, the Spiritual Medicine Lord sent another message.

[Spiritual Medicine Lord: Big Brother Blazing Sun, my name is Ling'er. Can I still trade with you in the future?]

[Lord of The Blazing Sun: Alright. But you still have the Blood Origin Flower?]

[Spiritual Medicine Lord: Not now, but I'll have them tomorrow.]

[Blazing Sun Lord: (°ー° ")]

[Lord of The Blazing Sun: You called me big brother? How old are you?]

[Spiritual Medicine Lord: I'm 13 years old.]

The other party even sent a screenshot with a cute girl holding an old teddy bear. She was wearing a junior high school uniform and looked a little nervous.

Zhou Zhou was stunned, then he frowned slightly.

Even junior high school students were involved in the competition for the throne…

[Lord of The Blazing Sun: You don't have to address me formally in the future.]

[Spiritual Medicine Lord: Alright, Big Brother Blazing Sun!]

[Lord of The Blazing Sun: Okay, let's talk next time. Be careful.]

After that, Zhou Zhou did not say anything else.

There was a small lonely territory on a plain hundreds of millions of kilometers away.

In the Lord's wooden house, Ling'er, who had just completed the transaction, looked at the meat that appeared out of thin air in front of her and her eyes lit up.

"Now my people and I won't be hungry! Hehe, Lord of The Blazing Sun is really a good person! Everyone on the World Channel said that the Lord of The Blazing Sun is a fierce person. I don't think that's true." She asked doubtfully.

On the other side, in the Blazing Sun City.

"This Ling'er probably has some special talent for nurturing medicinal herbs." Zhou Zhou thought but did not linger too long on that thought.

Zhou Zhou was about to bring the Blood Origin Flower to Ashburn when he suddenly felt a warm energy appear out of thin air in his heart.

This warm energy instantly circulated throughout his body, causing his physical fitness and mental strength to suddenly increase by one level.

Zhou Zhou was delighted, then, he immediately opened the Lord's personal information.

In the strength level column, his strength had shockingly increased to Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade!

A smile immediately appeared on Zhou Zhou's face.


"Hiss hiss!"


Numerous monster cries suddenly came from outside.

"My Lord! There are so many monsters coming at us!" Qin Guang's panicked voice sounded from outside.