18 New Fog Monster! New Loot!

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"Did you see that Scarlet Lord?" Zhou Zhou asked.

The reason why he deliberately left the three Desert Fog Lizards alive was to let them lead Bai Yi to the nest of the Desert Fog Lizards and the Scarlet Lord.

"I saw it. It's a Green Bronze-Tier Desert Fog Lizard Leader which seems to have a certain level of intelligence."

"After they discovered me, they tried to capture me. However, the mechanostrider that my Lord lent me was extremely fast. They couldn't surround me at all, and I escaped successfully." Bai Yi said.

Her words were simple but Zhou Zhou could hear the danger inside.

"How many Desert Fog Lizards do they have?"

"About 200."

200? Zhou Zhou frowned.

Previously, they had killed more than 600 Desert Fog Lizards overnight because they were invincible with the novice Lord's protection barrier.

However, if they left the novice Lord protection barrier, even if Nezario could deal with the other party's Desert Fog Lizard leader, the remaining Desert Fog Lizards would probably cause huge losses to his soldiers. That was not what Zhou Zhou wanted to see.

He made his decision after pondering a while.

I will continue growing stronger before I find trouble with them!

"Continue to clear the surrounding fog monsters but let's avoid the territory of the Scarlet Lord for now. It's going to be a busy night. Bring the people back early and get ready. Also, you've done a good job in finding the enemy. This mechanostrider is yours." Zhou Zhou said.

Bai Yi had made many contributions so it was appropriate to reward her with a mechanostrider.

"Thank you, my Lord!" Bai Yi's eyes lit up.

Her gaze involuntarily fell on the mechanostrider. She had ridden this thing once so she naturally knew its advantage in mobility. She could maintain a certain distance between the enemy and her. This allowed her, an archer, to completely transform into a more mobile and lethal bow cavalry!

"My Lord, why don't we leave some soldiers in the territory?" Bai Yi hesitated for a moment before saying.

Zhou Zhou wanted to refuse but he suddenly thought of something and nodded. "10 of them will do."

Bai Yi left.

Zhou Zhou was also busy since he wanted to buy a batch of daily necessities.

As the number of people in the territory increased, the number and types of daily necessities needed also increased.

Pots, bowls, ladles, basins, clothes, beddings, salt…

Even though these resources were very ordinary, they were really necessities in life.

He needed them more than ever since his territory was lacking in basic infrastructure.

He opened the Cerulean Planet Lord's Marketplace and began to search.

Soon, he discovered that there were many Lords selling these basic supplies!

In order to survive, these Lords had done their best to do everything to earn some food and other living supplies.

Lords who made their own pots and pans were the most ordinary. Some ridiculous Lords even published some scientific papers in the marketplace.

Some even tempted Zhou Zhou, for example:

"Encyclopedia of Survival Knowledge in the Wild"!

"The Memoirs of a Barefoot Doctor"!

"Simple Trauma Management Method"!

"How to Concoct Local Gunpowder!"

"Postpartum Care for Sows"!


"Muay Thai Introduction and Burial!"

Zhou Zhou had 20,000 units of Desert Fog Lizards' meat now.

He bought all the goods that he was interested in without reservation, spending only a little more than 200 units of Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Desert Fog Lizard meat.

These things were currently being sold at extremely low prices.lightsnovel

However, these goods that represented civilization on Cerulean Planet might not be so cheap in the future when survival was no longer a problem.

After that, Zhou Zhou spent another 1,000 units of Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Desert Fog Lizards meat to buy basic necessities that could allow about 5,000 people to live.

Then, he called over the 10 Sword Shield Soldiers that Bai Yi had left behind and asked them to build a temporary tent to store these daily necessities.

When Bai Yi and the others returned, they would each receive a free set.

More than an hour later, Zhou Zhou saw that the transaction of 5,000 units of Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Desert Fog Lizards meat had been completed.

5,000 units of Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Desert Fog Lizard meat, a total of 3,00 sets of raw materials for making mechanostriders, 600 sets of raw materials for making life potions, 300 sets of raw materials for making energy potions, and more than 50 sets of raw materials for making Golden Corpse Water.

In addition, Zhou Zhou also bought some scattered materials.

After receiving the materials, Zhou Zhou's soldiers transported them to Ashburn.

Ashburn was dumbfounded when he saw so many materials. Then he said solemnly, "My Lord, I'm not an Alchemy Technology lifeform. I'll die from overwork, then my Lord will lose me."

"I'm not asking you to make it all in a day." Zhou Zhou protested.

"But I do need more help." Ashburn pouted.

"I thought you could only teach three apprentices?"

"Well, some of the dirty work is not hard and doesn't need any teaching."

"Alright then." Zhou Zhou readily agreed.

Time passed quickly.

In the blink of an eye, there were only about three hours left before night fell.

Bai Yi and the others had also returned.

Again, no soldiers died but five soldiers sustained minor injuries.

They would recover completely by the next day with the grace of the Life potion.

Bai Yi and the others had returned a total of seven times, bringing back a total of 156 Desert Fog Lizard corpses! Among them, there were 124 Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Desert Fog Lizards, 30 Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade Desert Fog Lizards, and two Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade Desert Fog Lizards!

They obtained a total of 384 units of Black Iron-Tier Mist Cores, 3,880 units of meat (Black Iron-Tier Elementary, Intermediate and Advance Grade), a total of 234 kg of water bags, 158 gradeless Sword Shield Soldier Class Change Certificates, 34 Sword Shield Soldier Recruitment Books and two Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade Books of Sand Stealth Technique!

Unfortunately, no alchemy items dropped.

He now had 262 sword shield soldiers, one archer, and one spearman under his command.

Moreover, 12 soldiers had broken through to Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade!

However, this was naturally not enough.

Zhou Zhou planned to have at least 400 professional soldiers under his command before challenging the Desert Fog Lizard leader!

This would depend on whether the Desert Fog Lizards born from the scarlet fog tonight were strong enough.

"My Lord, we discovered a new fog monster when we were hunting the fog monsters."

After Bai Yi finished speaking, she asked 10 soldiers to bring over the corpses of five monsters that were three to four meters long.

They were giant black scorpions!

Zhou Zhou was a little surprised and took a closer look.

A text notification appeared.

[Item Name: Black-Tailed Fog Scorpion]

Item Level: Black Iron-Tier Elementary] Grade

[Item Effect: Contains unextracted loots.]

[Item Description: Fog Monster killed by the soldiers of Blazing Sun City.]

[Prompt: In two hours, this corpse will turn into fog and be reborn at a certain time in the future.]

[Loots: Two units of Black Iron-Tier Mist Cores (Drop Rate: 100%), one unit to 20 units of Black-Tailed Fog Scorpion flesh (Drop Rate: 20% to 0.5%), one Black-Tailed Fog Scorpion Poison Sac (Drop Rate: 5%), one bottle of Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Antidote (Drop Rate: 2%), one gradeless [Poison Crossbow Soldier Class Change Certificate] (Drop Rate: 0.1%)