20 Great Increase In Strength! White Platinum-Tier Intermediate Grade Architect!

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Three hours later, night fell.

Scarlet fog appeared out of thin air and enveloped the novice lord protection barrier of Blazing Sun City.


"Hiss hiss!"


Desert Fog Lizards were born one after another.

They roared and rushed to Blazing Sun City to besiege it.

In the novice Lord's protective barrier.

"Start fighting!"

Bai Yi, who had already absorbed the racial talent and the racial skills, looked at the Desert Fog Lizards outside the protective barrier and calmly ordered.

"Yes!" All the soldiers roared in response as they began to fight these Desert Fog Lizards through the protective barrier.

Zhou Zhou was also involved. However, he did not deal with the loot since Ashburn had already refined 10 bottles of Golden Corpse Water in the afternoon. Each bottle of Golden Corpse Water contained about 200 drops of the formula. It was enough to maintain the corpses of 2,000 fog monsters for three days and three nights. Zhou Zhou handed them all to Bai Yi to be used in this battle.

Zhou Zhou was involved because he was using his Mental Manipulation ability to control two elite Desert Fog Lizards at the Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade to fight among themselves.

After leveling up to Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade, he could already control two fog monsters of the same level. His combat strength could be said to have increased greatly!

The same went for Bai Yi, she could also use her poisonous arrows to kill these Desert Mist Lizards.

Time passed quickly.

The Desert Fog Lizards fell one after another while more Desert Fog Lizards were born from the scarlet fog.

These monsters surrounded the Blazing Sun City in an endless stream. Even though Zhou Zhou and the others had already killed them very quickly, there seemed to be no end to them.

In the blink of an eye, the latter half of the night arrived.

At this moment, Blazing Sun City was already filled with a large number of Desert Fog Lizard corpses.

Moreover, because they had been drizzled with Golden Corpse Water, their corpses were now glistening in a faint golden light.

Zhou Zhou controlled two Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade Desert Fog Lizards which bit four Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade Desert Fog Lizards to death before he finally felt a trace of fatigue.

As for Bai Yi, not far away, she had long given up on controlling the monsters and only used her crossbow to kill the Desert Fog Lizards.

Zhou Zhou did not forcefully persist. He gave one last order.

He had the two elite Desert Fog Lizards under his control launch a suicide attack on the other Desert Fog Lizards.

After they died in battle, Zhou Zhou turned around and returned to the master bedroom in the lord's wooden house. He fell asleep in less than 10 seconds.

The next day, the sun had just risen.

In the master bedroom of the Lord's wooden house.

Zhou Zhou woke up.

He was full of energy, eyes twinkling. He did not look tired at all.

After getting up, he immediately walked out of the Lord's wooden house.

He saw Bai Yi standing at the door, behind her were 263 soldiers!

Bai Yi had already broken through to the Green Bronze-Tier Elementary Grade!

Amongst them, were 32 Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade Professionals!


There were even 106 Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade professionals!

This was the result of their night of battle.

"I've something to report, my Lord! All the newborn Desert Fog Lizards around the territory have been killed!" Bai Yi said respectfully.

"Good work. Go eat something first, then go back and rest." Zhou Zhou calmed down and gave his first order of the day.

"Yes!" Bai Yi brought the soldiers to rest.

Zhou Zhou came to the place where the golden corpses of the Desert Fog Lizards were placed.

At a glance, they were a sea of golden Desert Fog Lizard corpses.

There were more than a thousand of them!

He clicked his tongue in wonder and began to retrieve the loot.

Two hours later, all the loots of the Desert Fog Lizard had been extracted.

They killed a total of 1,246 Desert Mist Lizards with the strength of 264 soldiers!

Among them were 911 Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Desert Fog Lizards, 330 Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade Desert Fog Lizards, and five Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade Elite Desert Fog Lizards!

He obtained a total of 3,182 units of Black Iron-Tier Mist Core!

31,940 units of meat (Black Iron-Tier Elementary, Intermediate and Advance Grade)!

A total of 1,951kg of water bags!

1,251 gradeless Class Change Certificates for Sword Shield Soldiers!

335 Sword Shield Soldier Recruitment Books!

Five Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade Sand Stealth Techniques!

"Great harvest." A smile appeared on Zhou Zhou's face.

Then, he came to the Gate of Summoning and threw all 335 Sword Shield Soldier Recruitment Books directly into it.lightsnovel

Soon, Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Sword Shield Soldiers walked out of the Gate of Summoning one after the other and stood respectfully behind Zhou Zhou.

A moment later, 335 Sword Shield Soldiers walked out of the Gate of Summoning.

"I now have 599 soldiers under me."

Zhou Zhou looked at these soldiers, his heart filled with ambition.

It is time to look for the Scarlet Lord. He thought to himself.

599 professional soldiers coupled with the Green Bronze-Tier Lava Dragon Nezario!

They would definitely win with such a force to crusade against the Scarlet Lord's faction - as long as nothing unexpected happened.

He let the 335 Sword Shield Soldiers rest for a while and prepare for battle first then he prepared to summon today's subjects.

A text notification appeared in front of the Gate of Summoning.

[Prompt: Do you want to summon immediately?]

"Yes!" Zhou Zhou said.

A text notification appeared the next moment.

The Gate of Summoning suddenly lit up with white light, and 12 people walked out.

"Greetings, my Lord!" The 12 subjects said respectfully.

"Welcome to the Blazing Sun City!" Zhou Zhou nodded slightly.

Of these 12 people, 10 were men and two were women. Eight of them were ordinary people without jobs.

The other four were one Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade doctor, one Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade architect, one Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade sword shield soldier, and a Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade crossbow soldier.

Two of the Professionals were guaranteed by the Gate of Summoning.

The other two Professionals were probably summoned by luck.

When Zhou Zhou saw this Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade architect, he almost wanted to go over and give him a hug.

The architect had finally arrived!

Just as he was about to say something, the crossbowman, Sun Can, suddenly narrowed his eyes and pointed into the distance.

"My Lord, there seems to be someone over there."

"Hmm?" Zhou Zhou was stunned.

Then, he looked in the direction he was pointing towards.

He saw a white-haired old man standing outside the protective barrier, looking at Zhou Zhou and the others with a curious expression.

Zhou Zhou looked at him and frowned slightly.

I don't know him.

A stranger?

Why would a stranger suddenly appear in this desolate desert?

The next moment he suddenly thought of something and his eyes lit up.

Could he be a talent attracted by the Reputation Rating?

Thinking of this, he immediately led the 12 people over to the old man.

"Hello, Elder One."

"I am the Lord of The Blazing Sun. May I ask why are you here?" Zhou Zhou asked politely.

"My Lord, you're too kind."

"My name is Zhao Changshou. I heard that a very famous Lord has suddenly risen in this barren desert. I was curious and came over to take a look. I don't have a place to stay these days. Even though the resources here are poor, there's no one to disturb me here. It's a good place to enjoy my later years in peace, so I want to live here."

"Don't be fooled by this old man's age. I do have some ability after living for so long. If my Lord is willing to let me join your territory, I'm willing to use my meager ability to serve my Lord."

"I wonder if my Lord is willing?" Zhao Changshou chuckled as he looked at Zhou Zhou.

A line of text appeared.

[Zhao Changshou requests to join your territory and become your subject. Do you agree?]

"Elder Zhao, you're too kind."

"My territory has just been built and I need talents. This junior is naturally more than willing since Elder Zhao is willing to join this junior's territory." Zhou Zhou was basically certain that this Senior Zhao was a talent attracted by his Reputation Rating.

After he agreed to let the other party join the territory and opened the other party's attribute panel, he was even more certain of this.

[Subject: Zhao Changshou]

[Territory: Blazing Sun City]

[Life Profession: Architect]

[Profession Class: White Platinum-Tier Intermediate Grade]

[Ability Overview: Honorary President of the Aurora Kingdom Architecture Association. He has been involved in the design and construction of many important buildings throughout his life. He is a top expert in the Aurora Kingdom's construction industry and is revered by countless architects in the industry!]

[Skills: White Platinum-Tier Intermediate Grade Architecture Theory, White Platinum-Tier Intermediate Grade Architecture Aesthetics, White Platinum-Tier Intermediate Grade Architecture Planning, Basic Construction - Dormitory (Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade), Basic Construction - Warehouse (Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade), Basic Construction - Medical Hall (Green Bronze-Tier Intermediate Grade), Basic Construction - Blacksmith Shop (Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade), Basic Construction - Wall (Green Bronze-Tier Elementary Grade)… Kingdom-level Construction - Aurora Tower (White Platinum-Tier Intermediate Grade)!]

[Loyalty: 85]

[Potential: White Platinum-Tier Advance Grade]