22 Ling'er's Lord Talent! Prepare For Battle!

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After Zhou Zhou returned to the Lord's wooden house, he opened the Marketplace and set up a deal for 20,000 units of Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Desert Fog Lizard meat!

10,000 units of meat were used to purchase four basic materials!

The other 10,000 units were used to purchase materials to make Aurora Crystals, Life Potions, Energy Potions, Mechanostrider, and Golden Corpse Water.

A total of 20,000 units worth of deals, ranking first in the number of transactions. It instantly caused a heated discussion among many lords.

World Channel.

"F*ck! Did you see Big Boss Blazing Sun's new deal? This time, it's 20,000 units of Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Desert Fog Lizard meat!"

"Every time I see the transaction volume of the Lord of The Blazing Sun, I feel that it's ridiculous!"

"Is there a possibility that the Lord of The Blazing Sun is cheating?"

"The person above, can you post a link? Should I open one too?"

"Do you think the Supreme Will is blind? Why would the Supreme Will allow cheating?"

"I can eat meat again. Thank you, Big Boss Blazing Sun."

"To be honest, it's precisely because Big Boss Blazing Sun sold enough meat that a slow-moving person like me can snatch it to fill my stomach."

"Lord of The Blazing Sun, I love you!"

"It'll get better. I see more Lords selling meat in the Marketplace now."

"Speaking of which, what are Aurora Crystals?"

Zhou Zhou was also reading the comments in the world channel.

"It's the third day. There are more Lords selling monster meat now. Their prices will probably drop soon." Zhou Zhou thought.

However, he was not too worried. There were billions of Cerulean Planet Lords. No matter how much the price of meat dropped, he did not have to worry about not being able to sell his monster meat.

He, who controlled most of the meat transactions, would always be the one who made the most money.

He had just closed the trading panel when the Spiritual Medicine Lord from yesterday sent him a message.

[Spiritual Medicine Lord: Big Brother Blazing Sun, do you have time to trade? Ling'er has the Blood Origin Flower and the Blood Clotting Grass.]

[Lord of The Blazing Sun: You have Blood Clotting Grass again? I want them all. How many do you have?]

[Spiritual Medicine Lord: 800 units of Blood Origin Flowers, 200 units of Blood Clotting Grass.]

[Lord of The Blazing Sun: 0.0]

[Lord of The Blazing Sun: May I ask if your Lord Talent is related to medicinal herbs? You can choose not to answer. It's fine, it won't affect our deal.]

[Spiritual Medicine Lord: It's alright, Big Brother. Ling'er's Lord Talent is to grow herbs.]

A text notification appeared the next moment.

The other party sent a screenshot of her Lord Talent.

Zhou Zhou was stunned.

However, he could not help but look over curiously.

[Lord Talent: Divine Herb Garden (Legendary-Tier)]

[Divine Herb Garden: Your territory has a special building, the Divine Herb Garden. The herbs planted in the Divine Herb Garden will automatically form the most suitable growth environment around the herbs, and greatly reduce the growth time of the herbs.]

[The time reduction for each quality medicinal ingredient is as follows:]

[Black Iron-tier Medicinal Herbs: Reduces growth time by 99.9%!]


[Green Bronze-Tier Medicinal Herbs: Reduces growth time by 89.9%!]

[White Silver-Tier Medicinal Herbs: Reduces growth time by 79.9%!]

[Yellow Gold-Tier Medicinal Herbs: Reduces growth time by 69.9%!]

[White Platinum-Tier Medicinal Herbs: Reduces…]

[Legendary-Tier Medicinal Herbs: Reduces growth time by 69.9%!]

Zhou Zhou's mouth fell open.

Wasn't the effect of this Lord Talent too ridiculous?!

No wonder this Spiritual Medicine Lord could bring out so many Blood Origin Flowers and Blood Clotting Grass in a day.

She planted them by herself.

Moreover, this was the second Legendary-Tier Lord Talent he had seen other than himself!

She was indeed very strong!

As expected of a Legendary-Tier Lord Talent!

However, Zhou Zhou still felt that his Lord Talent was stronger comparatively.

After all, his 100% drop rate could drop the talent of other Lords. In the future, he might even be able to possess Mythical Lord talents!

At this moment, Zhou Zhou suddenly had an idea.

He thought for a moment and typed:lightsnovel

[Lord of The Blazing Sun: Your Lord Talent is very strong. Don't casually expose your Lord Talent to others in the future, or it will attract great danger.]

[Spiritual Medicine Lord: Ling'er knows, but I think you're someone I can trust, so I told you about my Lord talent.]

[Lord of The Blazing Sun: … That's the same. No matter who you meet in the future, don't tell others about your Lord Talent so readily. Even if you're already very strong in the future, you have to keep your Lord Talent a secret. I won't tell anyone.]

[Spiritual Medicine Lord: Thank you, Big Brother Blazing Sun. Ling'er understands.]

[Lord of The Blazing Sun: Mm, I also want to make a deal with you.]

[Lord of The Blazing Sun: I might need many types of medicinal herbs in the future, so I want to have a long-term working relationship with you. You'll be in charge of providing me with medicinal herbs, and I'll be in charge of paying you.]

[Spiritual Medicine Lord: Alright! Ling'er also wants to have more interactions with Big Brother Blazing Sun.]

[Spiritual Medicine Lord: Even though Ling'er already has 15 subjects, Ling'er still wants to talk to the people of the Cerulean Planet.]

[Spiritual Medicine Lord: But the other Lords don't pay much attention to me. Only Big Brother Blazing Sun, not only do you pay attention to me, but you also care about Ling'er.]

[Spiritual Medicine Lord: Anyway, thank you, Big Brother Blazing Sun!]

Zhou Zhou: "…"

Who would dare to ignore you if you tell them about your Lord Talent?

[Lord of The Blazing Sun: I'm fine. By the way, how many professionals do you have now?]

[Spiritual Medicine Lord: Not a single one. The subjects summoned by Ling'er are all without professions.]

[Lord of The Blazing Sun: …]

Isn't this too unreasonable?!

Zhou Zhou was speechless.

However, he also had a thought.

Such a rare Legendary-Tier Lord Talent holder shouldn't die in the novice Lord test four days later just because she didn't have the strength of a military profession, right?

He thought for a moment and typed:

[Lord of The Blazing Sun: You shouldn't be lacking in food with the transaction yesterday so I'll exchange something else with you this time.]

Then, he took a screenshot of the item information of the Sword Shield Soldier Class Change Certificate and sent it to Ling'er.

[Lord of The Blazing Sun: How about this?]

Hundreds of millions of kilometers away in the Spiritual Medicine City.

Ling'er looked at the information on the Sword Shield Soldier Class Change Certificate and could not help but widen her cute eyes.

Even though she was young, she was not stupid.

Naturally, she knew that this Class Change Certificate could save her and her subjects' fates in the novice Lord test four days later!

She hesitated for a moment, then typed:

[Spiritual Medicine Lord: I really want it… but Big Brother Blazing Sun also needs it, right?]

[Lord of The Blazing Sun: Don't worry, I'm not lacking in this kind of Class Change Certificate.]

Not only that!

During this period of time, the number of Sword Shield Soldier Class Change Certificates in his hands had reached 2,298! Therefore he had no use for it for the time being.

It was not a problem to take out a portion of it to trade.

Moreover, they now had a working relationship.

Zhou Zhou could not bear to see a child die in the mouth of the fog monsters four days later.

That was why he took the initiative to use the Sword Shield Soldier Class Change Certificate as a bargaining chip.

800 units of Blood Origin Flowers and 200 units of Blood Clotting Grasses.

Zhou Zhou exchanged 20 medicinal herbs for one Sword Shield Soldier Class Change Certificate and used 50 Sword Shield Soldier Class Change Certificates to trade with her.

The transaction was completed and both sides were happy.

Another half an hour passed.

In the Marketplace, Zhou Zhou's 20,000 units of Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Desert Fog Lizard meat had all been traded for the corresponding materials.

A total of 44,000 units of wood, 36,000 units of fine sand, 40,000 units of metal, and 80,000 units of stone!

In addition, there were 560 sets of materials for making mechanostriders, 850 sets of medicinal herbs for making life potions, 750 sets of medicinal herbs for making energy potions, and 100 sets of medicinal herbs for making Golden Corpse Water.

"These materials came easily."

Zhou Zhou looked at the transaction results and felt very happy.

The only pity was that he did not receive any Aurora Crystals.

It seemed that this thing was indeed quite rare. Even billions of Cerulean Planet Lords had yet to obtain it.

Three hours later, Bai Yi and the others ended their rest.

Zhou Zhou did not waste any time. He led all the soldiers, Nezario, and the Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade doctor to the location of the Desert Fog Lizard leader.