26 Monster Rancher - Mu Gu!

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"Monster Ranch? What kind of Lord Talent is this?" Zhou Zhou was puzzled.

He did not think too much about it and chose to use it.

A golden text notification appeared.

Do you want to absorb this Lord's Talent Sphere (White Silver-Tier)?

"Yes!" Zhou Zhou said.

The next second.

The White Silver-Tier Lord Talent Sphere immediately turned into countless silver light spots and surged into his glabella.

Zhou Zhou opened his eyes again after some time, then immediately opened his Lord's personal information.

His Lord Talent had already been updated!

[Lord Talent: 100% drop rate (Legendary-Tier), Gnome Alchemy Workshop (Green Bronze-Tier), Monster Ranch (White Silver-Tier)]

"My third Lord Talent! Superb!" Zhou Zhou looked excited.

Then, he opened the details of the talent.

[Lord Talent: Monster Ranch (White Silver-Tier)]

[Monster Ranch: Your territory has the ability to build a special building monster ranch. When you place a kind of fog monster in the monster ranch, the monster ranch will absorb the scarlet fog at night and nurture a different number of fog monsters of the same race on the second day.]

He almost wanted to use this Lord Talent immediately upon seeing it.

Raising Desert Fog Lizards!

The Scarlet Lord was gone so the scarlet fog would not give birth to new Desert Fog Lizards so he was worried about what to do with the source of Sword Shield Soldiers in the future.

Everything was solved with this development, he could totally use the monster ranch to rear the Desert Fog Lizards!

Killing the newborn Desert Fog Lizards every day would steadily provide him with water, flesh, blood, Mist Core, Sword Shield Soldiers, and Promotion Energy!

Such a perfect plan!

"My Lord, I have something to report!"

At this moment. Bai Yi's voice came from outside the door.

"What is it?" Zhou Zhou asked.

"There's an unfamiliar human here who claims to be a monster rancher and your subject. However, I've never seen him before, so I came here to confirm his identity." Bai Yi said.

Monster Rancher?

Zhou Zhou's expression changed.

He stood up and walked to the door. When he pushed it open, he saw Bai Yi standing in front of him and a young man stood behind Bai Yi.

He had an ordinary face and a strong body. He wore a silver shirt and had a silver whip hanging from his waist. He looked a little fierce.

However, when he saw Zhou Zhou, his expression became extremely respectful.

"I'm Monster Rancher, Mu Gu."

"Greetings, my Lord!"

Zhou Zhou looked at him and his personal information appeared.

[Subject: Mu Gu]

[Territory: Blazing Sun City]

[Life Profession: Monster Rancher]

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

[Profession Class: Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade]

[Battle Class Name: Monster Shepherd]

[Strength Level: Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade]

[Ability Overview: The Monster Rancher of the Monster Ranch is also a monster shepherd who is good at fighting fog monsters. He is proficient in communication, taming, and controlling fog monsters. There is a chance to upgrade a Normal fog monster to an Elite fog monster or even a Leader fog monster!]

[Skills: Special Building - Monster Ranch, Fog Monster - Communication (Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade), Fog Monster - Taming (Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade), Fog Monster - Control (Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade), Fog Monster - Berserk (Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade), Fog Monster - Appease (Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade)]

[Loyalty: Dead Loyal]lightsnovel

[Potential: Diamond-Tier Advance Grade]

Zhou Zhou's eyes lit up when he saw the other party's ability description.

A dual-profession talent!

Moreover, not only could the other party build a monster farm, but it could also turn Normal fog monsters into Elite fog monsters or even Leader fog monsters?

This was a talent that could increase the chances of loot dropping!

He came back to his senses and said to Bai Yi. "He is indeed our subject but he's kind of new, so you haven't seen him before."

"I see." Bai Yi looked at Mu Gu and apologized, "I'm sorry, I misunderstood you."

"It doesn't matter." Mu Gu smiled.

Then, he looked at Zhou Zhou.

"My Lord, the Monster Ranch is ready. Do you want to take a look?"

"Bai Yi, come with me." Zhou Zhou said.

"Yes, my Lord." Bai Yi nodded.

Then, the three of them walked out of the Novice Lord's Protective Barrier.

They had just walked about 100 meters when they saw a vast ranch entrance appear in front of them, with a wooden sign on the entrance with the words "Monster Ranch" written on it.

[Building Name: Monster Ranch]

[Construction Level: Black Iron-Tier Advance Grade/Special]

[Building Effect 1: It can nurture 300 Black Iron-Tier fog monsters of the same race by absorbing the scarlet fog at night!

[Building Effect 2: The Monster Ranch can be upgraded as the territory levels up. After leveling up, the ability of the Monster Ranch Master will increase, and the number of fog monsters that the Monster Ranch can nurture will also increase.]

[Building Range: 2000m x 2000m]

[Current Fog Monster Race: Nothing yet.]

[Current number of Fog Monsters that can be cultivated per day: 300]

[Building Upgrade: Upgradeable with territory upgrade.]

[Prompt: This building cannot nurture dragons, titans, angels, elves, fairies, deities, and other monsters with superior bloodlines.]

[Building Description: This place only breeds monsters!]

Zhou Zhou clicked his tongue in wonder.

This special building could actually be upgraded!

As expected of a White Silver-Tier Lord Talent!

"Monster Ranch… What does this mean?"

Bai Yi's eyes were blank.

Zhou Zhou thought for a moment and told her the function of this building.

Bai Yi was confused. It was not easy for them to eliminate the Desert Fog Lizards. Why did he want to nurture them?

"The Desert Fog Lizards can become our stable source of water, meat, sword shield soldiers, mist cores, and Promotion energy if we do things this way. It's killing two birds with one stone!" Zhou Zhou explained about his idea of obtaining loot every day through the monster ranch.

"That's why I want to protect the Desert Fog Lizards. I even want to nurture them. There might only be a few Desert Fog Lizards in the entire hot desert now. We can't keep killing them. After you're done resting, go catch one or two and put them in the monster ranch to nurture. From now on, as long as the Desert Fog Lizards in the scorching desert don't become plentiful and attack us, try not to hunt them."

"Think of them as endangered species but if they come to us to court death, then so be it." Zhou Zhou said solemnly.

Bai Yi: "…Understood, my Lord."

She was about to leave and catch two Desert Fog Lizards when Zhou Zhou seemed to have thought of something else.

"If you see a Black-Tailed Fog Scorpion capture it. We can put the Black-Tailed it in the second monster ranch after it is built."

"But we've never taken the initiative to attack the Black-Tailed Fog Scorpion. There should still be a lot of them, right?" Bai Yi said blankly.

"Cage them up first." Zhou Zhou waved his hand.

Bai Yi was speechless.