149 Ancestral Enhancement Effect! Essential Prescriptions Worth A Thousand Gold For Emergencies!

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When Zhou Zhou found Zhao Changshou, he was chatting with a young man.

"Greetings, my Lord!"

When the two of them saw Zhou Zhou, Zhao Changshou immediately stood up and bowed.

When the young man beside him saw this, he reacted and hurriedly stood up to bow to Zhou Zhou. Then, he looked at Zhou Zhou excitedly.

"And this is?"

Zhou Zhou nodded and looked at the young man.

"His name is Lu Yue. He's my disciple."

"He just joined our Blazing Sun City today."

"At that time, the Lord was not around. I talked with Elder Zheng and recruited him."

"This disciple of mine is quite capable and quite talented."

"He might become a pillar of our territory in the future."

Zhao Changshou smiled.

"So you're Elder Zhao's disciple."

"Welcome to Blazing Sun City."

Zhou Zhou smiled.

"Hello, my Lord. I've long heard about you and your territory. I've finally seen you today."

Lu Yue said excitedly.

He had been chatting with his teacher just now.

Zhao Changshou told him that not only did he break through the original upper limit of his potential, but he had also become a Diamond-Tier Elementary Grade architect.

An architect of this level could be said to be unique in the entire Aurora Kingdom!

As his disciple, he naturally knew what his teacher wanted.

He also knew how difficult it was to do this.

His teacher had been pursuing this for decades after all.

He did not expect the Lord in front of him to do it in just a few days.

And according to his teacher, their Lord had done far more than this.

Zhao Changshou stopped talking.

However, this did not stop Lu Yue from revering this Zhou Zhou whom he had never met before.

In addition, Zhou Zhou was not bad-looking and had all kinds of fame.

That was why he was so excited when he saw Zhou Zhou.

"My own little fanboy?"

Zhou Zhou was surprised to see his expression.

When he saw the other party's attributes, a smile immediately appeared on his face.

This young man, Lu Yue, was already a White Platinum-Tier Elementary Grade architect. Moreover, his potential was the same as Zhao Changshou's. He had the potential of a White Platinum-Tier Advance Grade.

Moreover, the other party was just a young man.

It could only be said that Elder Zhao had good taste.


And he also reacted.

The other party should be a Legendary talent attracted by the Reputation Rating after his territory leveled up.

The three of them chatted for a while before Zhou Zhou brought up the main topic of his visit.

"Elder Zhao."

"The Imperial Ancestral Temple should be completed, right?"

"Bring me to the Imperial Ancestral Temple."

Zhou Zhou said.

"I was just about to talk to my Lord about this."

"My Lord, please follow me."

Zhao Changshou stood up and led the way. Zhou Zhou followed him.

Lu Yue did not receive any hints from the two of them, so he did not follow them rashly.

A moment later.

The two of them arrived at the Imperial Ancestral Temple.

Zhou Zhou looked at the building.

A building notification soon appeared.

It was basically the same as the architectural effect described in the architectural blueprint of the Imperial Ancestral Temple.

The building level had changed from [Special] to [Special. White Silver-Tier Elementary Grade].

Moreover, there were two new columns: [Current Ancestor Statue Worship] and [Current Ancestor Enhancement Effect].

However, the words 'none' were displayed on it.

Zhao Changshou was already introducing them.

"This Imperial Ancestral Temple covers an area of about 1,390 square kilometers. It's 47 meters long from north to south and 29 meters long from east to west!"

"It has three layers of walls. According to the blueprint requirements, they are all yellow glazed tiles with red walls."

"The building inside the wall is north to south."

"The innermost building is the main hall of the Imperial Ancestral Temple. There are shrines inside that can pray to our ancestors."

"However, because there is no Ancestor Statue, there are no ancestors in the shrine for the time being."

"In addition, the construction level of the Imperial Ancestral Temple is the same as the territory."

"As the level of the territory increases, the level of the Imperial Ancestral Temple will also increase. The number of ancestral statues that can be worshiped inside will also increase."

"Currently, our territory is at the White Silver-Tier Elementary Grade, so we can only worship three shrines."

"When Blazing Sun City advances to a Yellow Gold-Tier territory, the number of shrines that can be worshiped in the main hall will increase again."

Zhao Changshou explained in detail.

Zhou Zhou acknowledged.

Then, the two of them walked into the Imperial Ancestral Temple and passed through three layers of walls before arriving at the main hall of the Imperial Ancestral Temple.

As soon as he entered the main hall.

Zhou Zhou saw three red shrines that were five to six meters tall neatly placed on the altar.

Below the shrine, there were also incense burners, red ropes, copper coins, agarwood, and other sacrificial items.

A faint smell of agarwood permeated the entire Imperial Ancestral Temple, making one's heart calm down.

Zhou Zhou waved his right hand.lightsnovel

The statue of Sun Simiao's ancestor appeared before him.

Then, he did not call for help. He personally picked up the Ancestor Statue and placed it respectfully and carefully in the first shrine on the left.

Just as he placed Sun Simiao's ancestral statue on it.

Zhou Zhou immediately felt the entire Imperial Ancestral Temple tremble slightly.

However, the tremor was extremely small. Only he, who had the Chaos Human bloodline, could sense it. Zhao Changwen did not sense it at all.

At the same time…

An ancient and serious voice sounded in his mind.

[A doctor should not rely on his own strengths to focus on managing his wealth, rather he should have a heart of salvation!]

"Is this the voice of Sun Simiao's ancestor?"

Zhou Zhou was stunned.

At this moment, a new text notification appeared.

[You have placed a White Silver-Tier Ancestor Statue of the Human Race on Cerulean Planet in the shrine of the Imperial Ancestral Temple. Sun Simiao has activated the exclusive ancestral buff effect: "Essential Prescriptions Worth a Thousand Gold for Emergencies!"]

[The current Ancestor Statue has been updated!]

[Current Ancestral Enhancement Effect has been updated!]

The next second.

A withered and pale ancient book appeared in front of him.

Zhou Zhou took it.

A text notification appeared.

[Treasure Name: Essential Prescriptions Worth a Thousand Gold for Emergencies]

[Treasure Grade: White Silver-Tier]

[Treasure Effect One: After healing the injured, there is a chance that all Doctor-related Professionals in the territory will comprehend more medical theories, increasing the probability of breaking through by 5%!]

[Treasure Effect Two: When Physician-related Professionals with the "Essential Prescriptions Worth a Thousand Gold for Emergencies" encounter difficult illnesses, there is a chance that they will receive hints from the human ancestor of Cerulean Planet, Sun Simiao.]

[Treasure Description: Human lives are the most important. They are more precious than gold. They are more virtuous than this.]

[Prompt: This treasure is exclusive to the Imperial Ancestral Temple. It cannot be worn down, lost, or destroyed.]

"This ancestor's enhancement effect is so powerful."

Zhou Zhou exclaimed in surprise when he saw the effect of the treasure.

The first effect could increase the chances of Doctor-related Professionals in the territory breaking through!

Not to mention the second.

Sun Simiao's ancestor had personally guided him!

This was only the White Silver-Tier "Essential Prescriptions Worth a Thousand Gold for Emergencies" Effect.

What about the higher-level Essential Prescriptions Worth a Thousand Gold for Emergencies Effect?

"I wonder if there's any way to obtain a statue of the same ancestor?"

Zhou Zhou could not help but think.

Then, he had no clue and stopped thinking about it.

Then, he looked at the Essential Prescriptions Worth a Thousand Gold for Emergencies in his hand and thought for a moment. Then, he sent someone to call Bai Yuejing over.

"What can I do for you, my Lord?"

After Bai Yuejing arrived, she immediately said respectfully.

Zhou Zhou said nothing.

Instead, he first took a look at his loyalty.

He realized that his loyalty had increased from 85 points to 89 points.

He had improved to such an extent in just a day.

This meant that the other party approved of him and Blazing Sun City.

Zhou Zhou was relieved.

He handed the Essential Prescriptions Worth a Thousand Gold for Emergencies to the other party and told him the effect of this treasure.

"It's too valuable."

"How can I use it!"

Bai Yuejing said in shock.

This treasure could affect the future of the entire territory's doctor.

His Lordship actually gave him such a precious item!

"Elder Bai, take it."

"You are the only Extraordinary-Tier doctor in the territory."

"Everyone else's medical skills are far below yours."

"If you're not qualified to use it, who else in our territory is qualified to use it?"

"In the future, Elder Bai will have many important patients to treat."

"When the time comes, I'll need Elder Bai and the Essential Prescriptions Worth a Thousand Gold for Emergencies."

"Elder Bai, don't decline."

Zhou Zhou said.

When Bai Yuejing heard this, she stopped hesitating and solemnly promised Zhou Zhou that she would keep it safe and display its value.

Zhou Zhou acknowledged.

The two of them chatted for a while before Bai Yuejing bowed solemnly in front of Sun Simiao's statue and left.

After everyone left, Zhou Zhou came to Sun Simiao's statue.

He picked up three sticks of incense and lit them up. Then, he bowed three times to Sun Simiao's statue and solemnly placed them on the incense burner.

"I hope that Lord Ancestor can protect our Blazing Sun City and continue smoothly in this Lord of All Races Competition."

He prayed.

Then, he turned around and left the Imperial Ancestral Temple.

In the Lord's residence.

Zhou Zhou, who had just returned, heard Wu Tu's voice outside the door.

Zhou Zhou let him in.