955 Time Mage! Dragon Tamer! Time Mage's Special Products!

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"Very good."

Zhou Zhou nodded in satisfaction.

That was 36.6 billion troops!

This was already comparable to the entire military strength of some powerful high-level empire-level Lord factions without looking at the strength of the recruits!

Then, "He" didn't leave immediately. Instead, "He" wanted to summon today's Subject share of the Gate of Summoning.

Soon, the 44,000 new Subjects quickly walked out of the Gate of Summoning after Zhou Zhou spent 100 Epic-Tier Mist Cores to accelerate.

"Greetings, my Lord!" x44,000

The 44,000 new Subjects said respectfully.

"Welcome to the Blazing Sun Kingdom."

Zhou Zhou nodded.

Then, he asked all the Professionals to stand up and realized that he had summoned a total of 356 Professionals.

Among them were one corrupt Epic-Tier Advance Grade Mage, one Epic-Tier Advance Home Guard, one Epic-Tier Advance Diamond Monk, one Epic-Tier Advance Grade Wizard, one Epic-Tier Advance Grade Architect, one Epic-Tier Advance Grade Array Master, one Epic-Tier Advance Time Mage, and one Epic-Tier Advance Dragon Tamer!

The rest were Life Professionals and Combat Professionals below the Epic-Tier Intermediate Grade.

After Zhou Zhou looked at the top-notch Professionals summoned, his gaze fell on the last two Professionals, and he could not help but raise his eyebrows slightly.

Time mages were extremely rare and powerful mage-type professions that could control time.

Only Professionals who had contracted dragons were qualified to be Dragon Tamers.

Zhou Zhou looked at a beautiful woman with a shrunken Elf Dragon on her shoulder and fell into deep thought.

"Other than time mages and dragon tamers, most of the others are powerful and rare professions…"

"Could it be that as my territory level increases, the Professionals summoned by my Glory of the Pioneer VII will gradually become rare and powerful?"

Zhou Zhou nodded in happiness.

If that was the case, it was definitely a good thing.

After that, "He" directly asked Bai Yun and the others to leave the Blazing Sun Kingdom and head to the territories of the three human empires to protect the human Subjects and retreat to the Primordial World.

And "He" came to the Lord Shop.

As soon as "He" arrived, "He" saw that Zhou Chengmin wasn't playing games. Instead, "He" was sitting obediently in front of the counter. When "He" saw "Him" arrive, "He" even smiled at "Him."

"You're not playing games?"

Zhou Zhou was shocked.

Did the sun rise from the west today?!

"I've gradually gotten used to the time when Your Majesty arrives here, so I specially made time to wait for Your Majesty to arrive. I'll go play games after Your Majesty leaves." Zhou Chengmin said.

Zhou Zhou was about to nod in satisfaction when he heard Zhou Chengmin suddenly mutter softly, "This way, I won't have to worry about being interrupted halfway through the game."

Zhou Zhou's face darkened.

So I'm delaying his gaming time?

"He" didn't say anything else and knocked on the counter in front of him.

Zhou Chengmin immediately took out three golden boxes from under the counter with a smile and opened them one by one.

Zhou Zhou looked at it.

In the end, he realized that the three items today were all Talent Crystals.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

"He" looked at them one by one.

[Talent: Momentum]

[Talent Effect: You have a talent with regards to time. You can sense the flow of time and the deeper dynamics of time.]

[Talent: Time Freeze]

[Talent Effect: You have a talent in time and can simply control the power of time to freeze time in a certain area.

The stronger one was, the longer one would be frozen. If not, the shorter it would be.]

[Talent: Time Reversal]

[Talent Effect: You have a talent in time and can simply control the power of time to freeze time in a certain area.

The stronger one was, the longer the time needed to go back. If not, the shorter it would be.]

Zhou Zhou looked at the three talents and fell into deep thought.lightsnovel

Wasn't this the talent of the Time Mage he had just summoned?

It was a Divine Artifact Forging Apprentice show yesterday and it was a time mage show today?

"Old Zhou, the goods today are not very good?"

Zhou Zhou looked up at Zhou Chengmin and said unhappily.

"He" already had a Time God Spirit under "Him". With the power of the Lord's laws, how could "He" be lacking in these time talents?

"It's already not bad." Zhou Chengmin smiled and said, "If these three goods were placed in the outside world, any one of them would be snatched up by all living beings. Even God Spirits would be interested in these three goods. After all, this is the mighty power of time. Who wouldn't want to get their hands on them?"

Zhou Zhou was speechless.

There was indeed nothing wrong with what he said.

Among the many elemental powers, time and space were definitely top-notch elemental powers. Once mastered, its power was extremely terrifying.

If he could use the power of time and space to become a God Spirit, he could basically crush God Spirits of the same level.


Zhou Zhou looked at the "Time Freeze", "Time Backtrack", "Time Acceleration", and "Time Deceleration" among his many Law Skills…

I know how to solve this question!

Zhou Zhou looked up at the sky and sighed.

"He" already knew Law Skills in this area, so why did "He" still need time talent?

It could not even be considered icing on the cake, probably more like adding feather to a cake.

However, since the Lord Shop had already produced these three goods, Zhou Zhou had nothing to say. He could not return the goods after all.

"How much are these three goods?"

"Talent—Momentum, worth 100 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores."

"Talent—Time Freeze. Worth 800 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores."

"Talent—Time Reversal, worth 1,500 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores."

Zhou Chengmin said.

It is quite expensive. Zhou Zhou complained in his heart.

However, he still took out 2,400 Legendary-Tier Mist Cores and bought these three items. Then, he used them in front of Zhou Chengmin.

Bring it on then, these things could not be used by others, only by oneself after all.

"Thank you, thank you."

Zhou Chengmin chuckled. Then, his expression suddenly became excited. He turned around and quickly returned to his seat, put on the virtual gaming helmet and entered the game again.

Seeing this, Zhou Zhou smiled and turned to leave.

Then, "He" did not return to the Divine Kingdom. Instead, after making many turns, "He" entered the underground and came to an underground prison ten thousand meters below.

This underground prison was called the Nine Netherworld Fiendcelestial Prison.

It was grayish-black in color and was made of True God-Tier materials. It was even mixed with rare materials like the True God-Tier 'Apocalypse Core', 'Formless True Iron', and 'Primordial Powder'. It could be said to be indestructible.

In addition, Zhou Zhou had also used the Nine-Headed Nightmare Realm Demon God's Heart to set up a True God-Tier Advance Grade formation—the Nine Realms Demon God Dreamfall Formation!

Such a sturdy prison was paired with a True God-Tier Advance Grade array formation with extremely strong imprisonment abilities.

Not to mention ordinary God Spirits.

Even True God-Tier existences would find it difficult to escape once they were suppressed here and the purpose of this prison was indeed to imprison God Spirits.

Zhou Zhou came here because he wanted to use the number of Incite Defections today to incite the gods inside to imprison them.

Actually, he could also follow Bai Yun and the others to Incite Defection and attack the people of foreign races.

Those people of foreign races would probably bring at least 30 billion soldiers to attack the human race and stop them from retreating to the Primordial World.

If Zhou Zhou went to Incite Defection, he would definitely be able to instigate many soldiers.

But firstly, these people of foreign race alliance forces were formed by the alliance of many factions. Zhou Zhou's Incite Defection could only target one of them. Therefore, even if the Incite Defection succeeded, it would probably not bring back billions of soldiers. At most, there would only be a few hundred million soldiers.

Secondly, the probability of inciting the gods among the billions of soldiers was extremely low.

Zhou Zhou had used Incite Defection so many times, but the number of times he had truly instigated an Incite Defection to become a God Spirit was only once.

Thirdly, the number of soldiers was not very important to the current Zhou Zhou.

In any case, "He" did not need to leave the supreme continent for the time being. The humans also had to retreat to the Primordial World, and "He" did not need to resist the people of foreign races that would attack in two days.

Therefore, "He" was more concerned about the number of God Spirits as "He" planned to use the two Incite Defections on these imprisoned God Spirits.

Soon, "He" arrived in front of the imprisoned deity.