151 Four Types Of Firearms! Huge Profit!

Zhou Zhou looked at this sentence speechlessly.

Then, he immediately typed a reply.

[Lord of The Blazing Sun: Can I be fake?]

[Military Industry Lord: Yesterday, a Lord accidentally received a hidden mission. After completing it, he obtained the method to create a 'change name card'. This morning, I've already seen many names like Lord of the Blasing Sun, Lord of The Blazing Gun, Lord of the Scorching Sun… ╮(๑•́3•̀๑)╭.]

[Lord of The Blazing Sun (Glory of the Pioneer II) (The Strongest Novice Lord): What about now?]

[Military Industry Lord:╭(°A°`)╮]

[Military Industry Lord: Hello, Big Boss Blazing Sun! (≧◇≦)]

[Lord of The Blazing Sun: You like emojis so much. Are you a girl?]

[Military Industry Lord: Ahem, big shot, I'm a man. I just like emojis, just like how a fierce man likes little kittens.(o゚ω゚o)]

Zhou Zhou was silent for two seconds.


Who could reject little kittens?

[Lord of The Blazing Sun: I want to buy some firearms from your Military Industry Alliance. Is that convenient?]

What he wanted to do was to buy some muskets in the modern armed territory.

Let these ancient soldier types who controlled muskets immediately transform into modern soldier types to increase their combat strength.

The other party quickly replied.

[Military Industry Lord: Other people might not be able to do it, but Big Boss Blazing Sun naturally can. Big Boss, we have created a total of four types of firearms. They are respectively Green Bronze-Tier Elementary Grade firearms: Mauser C96 pistol! Green Bronze-Tier Intermediate Grade firearms: GEW98 bolt-action rifle! Green Bronze-Tier Advance Grade firearms: MP18 submachine gun! White Silver-Tier Elementary Grade firearms: MG08 Maxim heavy machine gun.]

[Military Industry Lord: Their prices are relatively expensive due to the difficulty of making them. The price of a firearm is five Green Bronze-Tier Mist Cores, 10 Green Bronze-Tier Mist Cores, 20 Green Bronze-Tier Mist Cores, and 10 White Silver-Tier Mist Cores.]

[Military Industry Lord: The standard price for bullets is one Black Iron-Tier Mist Core for every 20 bullets.]

[Military Industry Lord: Boss, how many do you want to buy? (☆▽☆)]

[Lord of The Blazing Sun: The firearms you made have been recognized by the Supreme Will]

[Military Industry Lord: Yes, I didn't make up the gun level myself. It's the equipment information that automatically appears after the gun is manufactured.]

Zhou Zhou was deep in thought.

As half a fan of the military, he knew a little about the firearms mentioned by the other party.

They were all firearms from the First World War.

The craftsmanship was simple and cheap.

He did not expect such an ancient gun to be ranked among the Green Bronze-Tier and even White Silver-Tier in the High Continent.

What about real modern guns, or even future guns?

It seemed that the weapons of technological civilizations could not be underestimated in the high continent. At the very least, it was not a problem for them to occupy a place in the High Continent.

Then, he thought for a moment and started typing a reply:

[Lord of The Blazing Sun: 50 bullets for each type of firearm, 100,000 bullets for each type of firearm, and one million bullets for Maxim alone.]

Even though there were only 18 Musketeers in his territory, bullets were consumed very quickly on the battlefield.

It could easily consume thousands of bullets for each battle without a lot of soldiers.

After buying so many firearms and ammunition, he shouldn't need to buy more for the time being.

[Military Industry Lord: Boss is generous!]

[Lord of The Blazing Sun: When you're ready, let's trade.]

[Military Industry Lord: Alright! (•̀∀•́)]

A moment later.

The Military Industry Lord sent him a transaction.

Zhou Zhou also took out 6,500 Black Iron-Tier Aurora Crystals, 1,750 Green Bronze-Tier Aurora Crystals, and 500 White Silver-Tier Aurora Crystals to trade.

The Mist Cores were naturally nothing to him.

After all, it was just the Black Iron-Tier Mist Core.

He now had more than 16 million of them.

He had quite a lot of Mist Cores of other levels now.

Soon, 200 firearms and 130,000 four-model bullets appeared in Zhou Zhou's Spatial Ring.

Zhou Zhou took out a gun and checked their information.

[Equipment Name: Mauser C96 pistol]

[Equipment Grade: Green Bronze-Tier Advance Grade]

[Capacity: 10 rounds]

[Bullet Speed: 850m/s]

[Bullet Specification: 7.63×25mm]

[Effective Range: 300m]

[Damage: Green Bronze-Tier Elementary Grade]


"The description of the equipment has changed?"

"And why is the bullet's initial velocity and effective range so ridiculous?"

Zhou Zhou was shocked when he saw the attributes of the pistol.

If one only looked at the name of this gun, some people might not understand it.

However, there were a few very grounded, down to earth names in his hometown.

For example, a shell gun, a slow-motion machine, box cannon…

It has an extremely high rate of appearance in television dramas.

Therefore, Zhou Zhou knew more about it than other firearms.

With his understanding of this spear, its marksmanship speed and effective range were at least two times higher than before!

"Is it because of the materials?"please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

"Or have they developed more advanced pistol manufacturing techniques?"

Zhou Zhou was deep in thought.

If it was someone else, the Military Industrial Alliance could not be underestimated.

He did not say anything else.

Why would he care so much?

He just had to develop himself well.

If he could develop, he would truly be invincible.

Then, he looked at the attributes of the other three guns.

[Equipment Name: GEW98 bolt-action rifle]

[Equipment Grade: Green Bronze-Tier Intermediate Grade]

[Capacity: Five rounds]

[Bullet Speed: 850m/s]

[Bullet Specification: 9×19mm]

[Effective Range: 300m]

[Damage: Green Bronze-Tier Advance Grade]

This gun was also very famous.

This was because its common name in his hometown was Hanyang.

It was also the predecessor of Kar98k.

Zhou Zhou realized.

It also had twice the initial velocity and effective range of the original.

Then he looked at the next gun.

[Equipment Name: MP18 submachine gun]

[Equipment Grade: Green Bronze-Tier Advance Grade]

[Capacity: 32 rounds]

[Bullet Speed: 760m/s]

[Bullet Specification: 9×19mm]

[Effective Range: 300m]

[Damage: Green Bronze-Tier Advance Grade]


It was the founder of the submachine guns in the history of the Cerulean Planet.

After it reached his hometown, it was also known as the 'Flower Mechanism'.

In the end, he looked at the last and only White Silver-Tier Elementary Grade gun.

[Equipment Name: MG08 Maxim heavy machine gun]

[Equipment Grade: White Silver-Tier Elementary Grade]

[Capacity: 250 rounds]

[Bullet Speed: 1,800m/s]

[Bullet Specification: 7.62×57mm]

[Effective Range: 4,000m]

[Damage: Green Bronze-Tier Advance Grade]

"Whether it's the bullet's initial velocity, effective range, or capacity."

"It's way better than the first three guns."

"As expected of a White Silver-Tier Elementary Grade gun."

Zhou Zhou clicked his tongue in wonder.

After that, he chatted with the Military Industry Lord for a while. The Military Industry Lord gave Zhou Zhou a few manuals on how to use these guns. After that, the two of them stopped chatting.

Zhou Zhou looked at the World Channel and realized that the other Lords were not sleepy at all. They were all talking about the Myriad Races Lord Battlefield tomorrow.

Zhou Zhou thought for a moment.

He opened the Marketplace and set up a transaction. In this transaction, he placed 6,000 Class Change Certificates for three types of soldier types and 8,000 Black Iron and Bronze skill books.

The price was half of the previous auction price.

This was because the price of these skill books was much higher during the auction.

Half of it was the real price of these skill books.

Moreover, these skill books were produced by the monster ranches every day.

They were still unable to exhaust all these skill books internally with the current size of the Blazing Sun Army.

Since that was the case…

It was better to sell a portion of these things when the Lords needed them the most.

This way, he could earn more Mist Cores.

The Lords on the World Channel also quickly saw Zhou Zhou's new deal and quickly pushed it to the first place.

More than an hour later.

Zhou Zhou opened his transaction and realized that all his things had been sold.

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He glanced at the transaction results.

[Trade Result: 15,506,000 Black Iron-Tier Mist Cores!]

"It's a huge profit."

Zhou Zhou sighed.

After confirming that he didn't forget to do anything, he returned to his bedroom to sleep.