707 Aura Rises To the Peak, S Grade Wargod Appears

"Ah-!" The moment Ye Feng touched the power of the Dragon Pearl, his aura rose by countless times!

His body was surging with a majestic dragon's might, as if a flood dragon that was a thousand feet long was roaring and roaring.

Ye Feng's skin quickly turned red. It was also emitting hot steam, as if it was made of magma.

A layer of fine and tough scales appeared on the surface of his skin, and sharp nails extended out, emitting a frighteningly cold light.

From within Ye Feng's body, low groans could be heard. It was as if a wild beast was about to awaken.

"My Dragon God's body has already reached its limit."

"If I continue to absorb the power of the Dragon Pearl, I will definitely explode!"

"No, I can't die now!"

Ye Feng's thoughts turned quickly. He endured the violent energy conflict of the Dragon Pearl and sealed it in the depths of his body, allowing it to run around in his body.

The energy of this Dragon Pearl was too overbearing. If it was someone else, they would definitely not be able to withstand it and might even explode and die.

Only Ye Feng, who had the Dragon God's body, could barely hold on.

Ye Feng sat cross-legged and closed his eyes.

A stream of golden energy entered his body through his pores, washing his bones and muscles, tempering his internal organs, and nourishing his limbs and bones.

Gradually, Ye Feng's originally dejected aura started to strengthen.

"This guy... Are you planning to use the power of the Dragon Pearl to heal your injuries?"

When the black-clothed young man saw this scene, his face revealed a surprised expression.

However, he sneered immediately after.

Although Ye Feng could withstand the power of the Dragon Pearl, it was impossible for him to use it up perfectly. He could only maintain it for a few seconds.

When he had exhausted all his energy, he would be able to subdue him easily!

"It's time to end all of this..."

The black-robed young man's face was dark. He was prepared to take this chance to give Ye Feng a lightning-like blow and kill this d*mn brat!

But the moment he got close to Ye Feng, his pupils shrunk.


Around Ye Feng, a whirlpool formed, crazily absorbing the surrounding spiritual energy.

The energy in Ye Feng's body was growing continuously.

"He still has the energy to absorb the spiritual energy from the outside world?"

The black-clothed young man's expression changed drastically, and he did not dare to move forward.

At this moment, Ye Feng's aura had already reached its peak, he was even showing signs of advancing to S grade.

He opened his eyes, and his sharp gaze swept toward the black-clad young man.

Ye Feng stood on the ground. His entire aura became extremely brutal!

His body was tall and sturdy, and he was covered in a thin layer of scales. Three ferocious dragon horns grew out of his head, and a destructive aura spread out.

This power was enough to destroy any city.

Even a late-stage Beyond A grade symbiotic demon like the black-robed young man did not have the confidence to block Ye Feng.

"Who are you?"

The black-robed young man stared at Ye Feng, his face revealing a shocked expression.

"It doesn't matter who I am," Ye Feng smiled coldly, his body was filled with killing intent. "The important thing is that you must die today!"

After saying that, he suddenly accelerated!


Ye Feng instantly appeared in front of the black-robed young man, he punched toward his chest!


Seven to eight of the young man's ribs were instantly shattered by him. His chest caved in and he was sent flying backward while vomiting blood.

His eyes flashed with horror.

This human was so fast!

Furthermore, how did his strength increase so much?

He had clearly felt that the other party's aura was far from that of a peak Beyond A grade, so how was it that he was able to defeat him?

He did not have time to think about these questions, because Ye Feng had already attacked again. His speed was fast and ruthless!

Bang! Bang!

Ye Feng punched out, and the black-robed young man instantly disintegrated!

The aura on Ye Feng's body was getting stronger and stronger.please visit panda-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ1.co)m

His body was tall and straight like a mountain, standing in the dark void.

He raised his head and looked at the distant sky with a cold gaze.

"I, Ye Feng, have been reborn!"

His tone was calm and his voice was not loud, but it revealed a trace of killing and sadness.

Now, with the help of the Dragon Pearl, he had entered S grade!

The next step was to complete the final task.

That was to kill Glacis. Only then could the Abyss Alliance be completely disintegrated!

Only by destroying the Abyss Alliance would Ye Feng be able to save Sky City.

After that, he would enter the Abyss to settle the remaining sins!

Ye Feng's gaze turned distant. The aura on his body suddenly burst out, and the Dragon Domain was instantly removed.

He took a step forward with his left foot, and it was as if he had broken through the void. When his next step landed on the ground, he had already arrived in front of Sky City, which was the main battlefield of the entire region!

"Is this the power of an S grade?" Ye Feng was also extremely shocked by his own strength.

This was not a power that ordinary people could experience.

The scene in front of him was like the end of the world.

"Glacis, I'm here! Accept your death!" Ye Feng roared in anger. The aura on his body burst out again.

Glacis, who was not far away, was gathering his army and preparing to launch the final attack on Sky City.

No matter how one looked at it, the Abyss Alliance was better!

If the Abyss Alliance managed to take down Sky City again, the entire Sky City would cease to exist.

It would affect the entire Earth!

Sky City was the first gateway to Earth. If Sky City was lost, the entire Earth would face an unprecedented crisis.

This was something that Ye Feng could not tolerate.

"You're finally here! Ye Feng!" Glacis had been anticipating this scene for a long time. When he saw Ye Feng suddenly appear behind him, he was still slightly shocked.

However, in the next moment, Glacis' aura also burst out.

The final battle had officially begun!


The might of heaven and earth was vast and boundless, sweeping through the heavens and earth and shaking the heavens and earth!

"Hahaha! Glacis, you've really made me suffer! Now, it's your turn to die!" Ye Feng shouted loudly. His voice was like thunder. His aura rumbled and was about to explode!

Then, his body swayed slightly, and he flipped his palm. With a destructive power, he slapped Glacis' head.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The power of Ye Feng's palm strike was peerless!

A terrifying gale swept out, causing Glacis' silver hair to flutter.

"Hehe... Do you really think that you can compete with me just because you've reached S grade?"

A mocking smile appeared on Glacis' face. He raised his hand and pointed forward.

"Demon God Cut!"

His right arm bloomed with golden light as if it was cast from gold, full of the taste of an Abyssal Demon. On his finger, there was a dazzling light.

The ray of light streaked across the void, tearing the air apart and letting out a whimpering sound.

This attack was enough to penetrate the world and destroy all obstacles!

Glacis was extremely powerful!

Even the S grade Ye Feng had to be careful!

Ye Feng's eyebrows raised. His hands were crossed in front of him, moving slowly.


Glacis' finger landed on Ye Feng's palm, and a huge collision occurred!

A circle of ripples spread in all directions!

Ye Feng's hand did not move at all, but Glacis' fingers were cracking apart.

In just a moment, he screamed and retreated dozens of meters. A stream of blood flowed down his finger!

"You can actually hurt me? Impossible!"