1863 Impossible

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1863 Impossible

Ryu's laughter continued to echo through the skies as Lu'card grumbled. The two had already set off toward their next destination.

At this point, Lu'card had already realized that this world was… difficult to deal with, to say the least.

The main issue was that he stood out like a sore thumb. Any humanoids that saw him would want to kill him because they didn't want powerful beasts to rise up in this world. Any beasts that saw him would want to kill him because they wanted to rise up.

No matter where he went, he was a target. And his body was so large that there wasn't exactly a place for him to hide.

Although he could hide in space quite effectively, even with how high his affinity was, even his own stamina would eventually run out.

The only way out of this was to work together with Ryu. He was already stuck with this anyway, so there was no changing.

As for why he was so infuriated before, that was because Ryu had tricked him.

The contract that Ryu had signed was truly a master-servant one, where Lu'card was the top dog. As a result, Lu'card should have been able to order Ryu around like a dog if he wanted to.

He had already thought that Ryu had changed far too much to have allowed that to happen, but he also hadn't had much room for thought in the middle of that heated battle either.

So, he had had no choice but to ignore it at the time.

What he didn't realize was that Ryu had only signed their contract with a very small piece of his soul. In fact, he only attached a piece of the relative whole formation to that small piece of his soul.

Then, after the battle was completed, Ryu fused that small piece of his soul back into his body, completing the formation and thus changing the contract.

Lu'card had simply never seen something like that before, and even now, the complexity of such a matter was beyond his understanding.

Every soul contract used a formation as a foundation. But the formation of a master-servant contract and an equal contract should be vastly different. It wasn't like one was made up of some portions of another.

But in the heat of the moment, Ryu had somehow managed to align their runes such that when the small piece of his soul fused back with his main soul, the contract morphed into the formation of a completely different contract.

Lu'card wasn't a formation master, but he knew just how impossible such a thing was.

To make a complicated matter simple, Ryu had essentially trojan-horsed Lu'card's soul. If Ryu had had sinister intentions, Lu'card would be finished.

That was because if Ryu could trick a master-servant contract into becoming an equal contract, there was no reason that he couldn't have turned a master-servant contract into a servant-master one where Lu'card was the one who was subservient.

When Lu'card realized this, he felt a cold sweat on his back. He was just one sinister intention away from Ryu being able to command him at will. At that point, even if he had the intention to kill himself, Ryu could easily stop him from doing so.lightsnovel

However, at this point, even if Lu'card didn't want to, he had no choice but to respect Ryu, not because he could do something so shocking, but because he hadn't taken that step in the end.

Right now, he could be a slave under Ryu's foot, but Ryu had spared him that fate all while taking a risk himself.

That was because the master-servant contract hadn't been fake. At least during their battle, Lu'card could truly command Ryu to do whatever he wanted. Although it was just a small part of Ryu's soul, it was still a part of him. It was similar to the Voodoo Path in that regard where the small piece of the soul could control the larger piece.

Lu'card sighed to himself and shook his head for the millionth time as he continued to grumble.

From start to finish, he had been played in Ryu's hand. The bastard probably knew that he would feel so "grateful" too and had planned for all of this.

Now he had ended up as his partner without being any wiser. There was no escaping now, they were practically attached at the hip.

Ryu smiled. "Don't be so sad. Soon, we'll be finding a third brother to wallow in misery with you."

"Who's brothers with you? What you mean is I'll be going to find a brother, this has nothing to do with a shameless bastard like you."

Ryu laughed into the skies.

It wasn't just Lu'card that had been sent here, but a certain heir of an erupting Sect. Of course, it would normally be more difficult to find Ianjor because he was a human, and as such, he didn't have to hide away out here like Lu'card did.

But Ryu had a pretty good grasp of Ianjor's personality although they hadn't really interacted with one another in so long.

There were only two places that Ianjor could be.

The first place was deep in Chaos Plane territory, and the second place was right here in the Beast Domain.

Ianjor was a battle maniac that was obsessed with lopping the head of a certain great grandfather of his. He would be unlikely to be able to join the members of the Real Plane in an upfront manner because he was already too powerful.

Ryu could get away with it because he was a little True Sky God. But Ianjor had already crossed the Lordship threshold. It wasn't possible for him to just slip into their ranks and pretend to be one of them.


But at the same time, he wouldn't be resigned to just hanging around either. He had probably guessed that this change was related to Ryu as well.

So he would definitely be around here…

They just had to find him.

And if they were lucky, they might be able to find out the real reason Ailsa had sent them here as well.