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Chapter 4 The one

Everything that just happened right then started replaying in her mind and she couldn't believe herself. She actually did something so outrageous like that? It was simply unbelievable. Now that she pondered about it, she couldn't fathom where she got her bravery from to approach him, much more offer herself to a stranger as mysterious and dangerous as him. Was she really that desperate?

Abigail was aware that what she did was pure madness but… deep in her heart, she didn't regret it and the fact that that man rejected her unexpectedly motivated her. She thought that he really was the man she had been looking for. A heartless man who didn't fall for anyone. She didn't know why but she believed him when he said he didn't do love and never would. Maybe it was because she could see the truth in his eyes. She didn't know why but she just felt that the man had an icy heart that would never, ever melt.

But was it possible for her to fall in love with such a man? she wondered. Would it possible for her to love a man who was cold so cold that he might even scare her poor heart away? She didn't know but, like Eve, she wanted to taste the forbidden fruit even though she knew it might bring her pain. Besides, didn't they say that 'love builds up' and 'love is blind'?

At this point, she thought that there was really no reason for her to even tell herself to be careful anymore. There was no point for her to chicken out anymore because she was going to die soon and if she wanted her wish to come true, she had to do it NOW. She just knew that this was her last chance.

When she arrived home, her family was waiting for her in the living room, watching their favorite TV show.

They then had another pleasant and peaceful dinner before Abigail finally went in her room.

After taking a shower, she lay in her bed. She had been thinking about that man all night, even when she was in the shower. Strangely, she couldn't stop. Was it because he rejected her? Probably not. Maybe, it was because of his ever so striking appearance? The probability was high.

Abigail couldn't help but think that he wasn't real as she remembered every feature of his face very clearly in her head. She then lifted the note that pleasant man in black jacket gave her and stared at it for a long while.

As she lay there, her eyes finally drifted close. The next thing she knew the sun was already streaming through her windows.

She rose and did her usual routine; arranged her bed, helped her grandmother prepare their breakfast, and after eating together, she got ready for work, kissed her family goodbye before she drove back to the city.

After Abigail graduated from college, she volunteered to work at the Morning Sun orphanage. Her family co-founded that orphanage and she had become a part time volunteer since high school. Her job was mainly assisting the teachers during class time. She was assigned to read books to the kids on the weekdays, except Fridays, and she loved what she was doing. She had grown to care very much about the children and she treated them as her family. She was truly happy extending any help for as long as she was able.

It was Monday so the kids that hadn't seen her for three days were excited to see her. They embraced her one by one in the hall way as soon as they saw her.

"Miss Abi! We missed you." the youngest in the bunch, Betty, kissed her in her cheek.

"I missed you too, darling. Now, let's get inside. Your teacher is coming."

Abigail assisted Mrs. Jang, the kids' teacher, the whole day. She read the story of "The little prince" this time and when the class was over, Abigail headed to a coffee shop near the orphanage.

She had sent Kelly, her friend, a message last night that she wanted to talk to her about something so they planned to meet at this shop – their favorite meeting place since college.

"How are you? You were pretty drunk last night." Abigail was looking at Kelly with a raised brow.

"Do I look that bad?"


"Don't lie, Abi. I made sure that my eye bags are perfectly covered!" she huffed and Abigail could only chuckle. Her friend Kelly Yang was insanely rich. She didn't really know why the two of them, who were worlds apart from each other had become the best of friends.

Kelly during college was definitely envied by many. She was pretty, super rich and had lots of suitors. However, she was alone at school. Only boys who wanted to hit on her approached her and the ladies avoided her like the plague. When Abigail began talking to her and they eventually became close, the students started calling her Kelly's maid. She couldn't blame them. She did look like a maid compared to the fashionable and sophisticated Kelly. But Abigail didn't really care. She knew that Kelly was a good person and she was her friend no matter what anyone said.

Back then, Kelly was the one who kept being enraged every time people mocked Abigail. She even insisted on dressing her up - god only knew how many times she had begged her - but Abigail refused her again and again until the girl eventually gave up.

"So? What's the agenda? I'm really curious, you know? You calling me out like this is soooo rare." Kelly sipped on her drink as she looked at her friend with narrowed eyes.

Letting out a deep sigh, Abigail pressed her lips tightly before she looked at her friend.

"I have found a man." Abigail said and Kelly choked. "Careful, Kelly!"

"Cough, cough… what did you say? Y-you? You found a man? You?!" Kelly looked like she just heard something so damn unbelievable.

"Calm down. Don't be too loud."

"Oh my god, Abi, how can I be calm right now?! You… my ever so innocent Abi finally found a man you like?!"

"Well, I still can't say if I like him but... he's the man I've been looking for and… he's the one I want."

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