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Chapter 6 Oh my god

Abigail saved the number as Mr. Black Leather Jacket on her contact list.

She wanted to send him a message but she didn't know what to even ask. Should she shamelessly ask for the man's address? No, no, that would be too creepy! Then how would she meet him?

Before she knew it, Abigail drifted to sleep without even accomplishing her goal for the night. In the end, she didn't send Mr. Black Leather Jacket a single message.

The next morning, Abigail woke up early as always. After eating breakfast with her family, she then drove to work.

She spent a pleasant morning with the kids at the orphanage that day. As always, she felt, at the very least, recharged and filled with energy. Perhaps being with the happy and innocent little kids throughout the day filled her heart with pure happiness.

When she left the orphanage, Abigail boarded in her car and headed towards home. She wanted to go home early today. Even though she had forgotten about her plan of sending Mr. Black Leather a message, that man, that mystifying, outrageously gorgeous Mr. Qin's face still popped occasionally in her head. Strangely, she couldn't completely take him off her mind despite being busy the entire day.

When she drove back home, ice had already covered the roads so she drove slowly. Their house was located outside the city so she had to travel an hour from the orphanage to their house. Her grandparents were old and they wanted a quiet place to live, away from the rumbling noise of the city, that was why they chose to live in this somewhat secluded place.

The road home was pretty empty at this time. Since their house was located near a protected national park, the road back home would travel across a forested area. In fact, the entire place was surrounded by thick, green trees.

The icy road was definitely dangerous but Abigail was already used to it and she was always a careful driver. Her car was pretty slow despite the road being almost empty.

As she turned into the straight road in the middle of a forested area, Abigail accelerated a little when, out of the blue, she saw a deer run across the road in front of her. She immediately stepped on the brake pedal but it looked like she might have reacted too late. She was sure she was going to hit it.

However, before she knew it, her tires squealed as she swerved and thankfully, she avoided hitting the deer, barely. But then, in the next second, she heard a loud deafening thud. Her car crashed into something – into another car.

The car she hit screeched towards the right and it hit the tree by the roadside. Abigail's car finally halted and thanks to her seatbelt, she was safe. She didn't even get a scratch.

Abigail breathed deeply. Her heart was racing and she even felt her hands trembling. She forced herself to calm down. What came first in her mind was the person in the other car so she immediately looked for the other car and when she saw that it had hit a tree, her heart pounded in nervousness. Oh my god! Are they okay?

She didn't waste a moment and stepped out of her car. She frantically rushed towards the black car, praying that everyone on board was safe.

As she approached the car, the car's door opened. A man around his 50's came out and he didn't seem to be hurt. Thank god!

He looked very formal in his black suit, almost looking like those butlers in television dramas.

"Are you okay? I'm so sorry… I was trying to avoid hitting the deer and this happened." Abigail was panicking as she apologized. She knew this was trouble but what else could she do?

The old man just sighed, creasing his brows upon seeing the damaged car. Abi somehow calmed down upon seeing that the old man seemed carefree and not worried at all. She then followed his line of sight and as soon as she saw what kind of car it was, Abigail's jaw dropped.

The car before her was a handsome black Lamborghini. Oh my god!

Abigail almost felt like her blood drained out of her. Where would she get the money to pay for the damage to this kind of luxurious car? Why did it have to be a car like this? Why?

Without answering her, the old man walked around the car and opened the door to the back passenger seat.

"Sir, what are we gonna do about this? The car is pretty damaged." He said and Abigail quickly followed the old man.

When she saw that man's figure in the back seat, who was being addressed by the old man as 'sir', Abigail knew that he was the owner. "I'm so sorry. I was trying to avoid hitting a deer so…"

Suddenly, Abigail trailed off as soon as she saw the man's face.

"M-mr Qin?" she was utterly shocked. Of all people, why was it him? What was this gorgeous creature doing here of all places?

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