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Chapter 15 Don't tell me...


He tried several times to say something but nothing came out. Finally, he snapped. He inhaled sharply, his eyes darkening.

"Miss Chen… don't test my patience."

"H-huh? I'm just doing what you told me to do!"

They stared at each other. The man could now see that this girl seemed to be really clueless about all this but he didn't want to believe it. She was freaking 22 years old, not some 16-year-old high school student! He found it very hard to believe that a twenty-year-old woman like her seemed utterly clueless and ignorant about sex. If she told him that he had never pleasured herself or used any sex toys, he might be able to believe that, but there was no way she hadn't watched or read or heard about these things in her twenty-two years of existence! Moreover, she was the one bravely went through with this!

Unless… Was she trying to be coy? He had met plenty of girls before who acted all coy like this but this girl was on a whole other level. Her level was way above everyone else who ever tried acting all innocent with him; she definitely surpassed them all, even the award winning actresses. No one ever made him this speechless before but what was even more unbelievable was that he truly felt that she wasn't trying to be coy at all, that she was indeed just too pure and innocent.

At that moment, he was torn between what he felt and what he believed. Unfortunately, the latter argument won. There was just no way she would be this bold if she was still pure.

He suddenly moved, drawing his body close to hers. His crisp breath drifted over her face gradually as the man's handsome, enchanting face loomed closer to hers, a wry smile on his face. He took her hand, yanked her towards him and she landed on his hard, muscled chest. The moment he touched her, she felt an electric shock run through her. The hair on her arms stood up and she felt a tingle start from her fingertips go all the way to her toes. Her skin felt more sensitive to the touch. In the next second, she felt him place a hand over her head and he caressed her hair gently, like he was petting a little lamb.

"So you want me to be the one to touch you, huh? What a sly little lamb you are," he smirked, as he whispered in her ear. "I don't like defiant little girls but… since you're so beautiful tonight, I'll make an exception."

She shivered as his breath touched the sensitive skin on her neck. His deep, sexy voice also may have had something to do with it. She never would have thought that the combination of just his breath and voice could make her body react like that.

She waited for him to make a move and she didn't have to wait for long. He rolled her over onto her back so that he was now half on top of her, with an arm cradling her head. His other hand roamed over her body, from her shoulders to her thighs, feeling her smooth and delicate curves.

Just as she was getting used to the feeling of his smooth hands touching her bare skin, he suddenly kissed her neck, that sensitive spot just below her ear, and her brain malfunctioned. Her skin had become sensitive to his touch and everything felt so intensified that she didn't know what was happening anymore. What was this?

Abigail tried to feel everything that he was doing to her but everything just felt so good that she couldn't help but react. She was losing herself to her instincts and desire and there was no mistake about it - she didn't dislike it.

He kissed her neck, licked and sucked on it and she moaned with pleasure. Her hand went to his head and her fingers tangled through his hair.

Hearing her moan made the man smile inwardly but he didn't stop. Instead, he moved his mouth from her nape down to her collarbone, towards her twin peaks. They were still covered by a sexy, black, lacy bra but these couldn't hide her erect nipples. Moving down to his next targets, he freed his arm from under her head and both hands then covered these perfect little mountains. He gave them a little squeeze before he brushed his thumbs over them in a flicking action.

Abi could not think anymore and just bit her lip to stop another moan from escaping. Her hands gripped the sheets tightly as she arched her back. Her reactions were so uninhibited that he was starting to feel really uncomfortable down there.

Strangely, this was such a damned turn on for him. He usually liked assertive girls because from his vast experience, no girl could give him a hard on by just standing naked before him. All the girls he took to his bed were the ones who made the effort turn him on. Anyone who failed to do so would not pass his test and yet, this girl had actually made him initiate things this time? The strangest thing was that he was so damn turned on even though she didn't even really do anything at all! In fact, she did the opposite of what he wanted her to do! So why was it that he just couldn't stop himself? For the first time ever, he felt impatient and his desire was starting to take control. This was not like him at all!

After giving some attention to her perfect breasts, he set his sights lower down. He slipped his hand from her breast, over her abdomen and stopped when it met the edge of her underwear. He slipped a finger just under the elastic.

And then, without more warning, his hand snuck underneath her lacy underwear and touched her most private part. Abi jolted, her eyes flew wide open and her legs closed instantly, trapping his hand between her legs.

Her reaction made the man's brows knot.

"Don't tell me… nobody has touched you here before?" He asked in a husky voice that turned her guts into mush.

She squirmed uncomfortably as she shook her head, causing the man's eyes to darken as he froze there, looking at her in disbelief.

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