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Chapter 24 A little taste of hell

"Argh!!! Let me go!!! Alex! Help me!"

Abigail didn't know why that man's name was the one that came out of her mouth when it should have been Kelly's! Why would she call out for him when she knew he wouldn't hear her?!

"Kelly!!!! Help me!!!"

The man reacted and was just about to cover her mouth when he heard a loud bang behind him! The man turned around and was about to yell at whoever was making all the ruckus to get lost because he was busy, but the words were stuck in his throat. His eyes nearly bulged out of their socket because the locked cubicle door behind him was no longer there! It looked as if the door was ripped from its hinges and thrown away to the other end of the bathroom.

"W-wha-" Before he could finish his words, he was suddenly yanked backwards and he felt himself being slammed on the cold, hard wall. The man was dazed and his eyes lost focus as his head hit the wall with a hard thud. He felt something warm and sticky start rolling down the back of his head and his hazy mind correctly deduced that that was his blood dripping down to the floor.

"Bastard! Don't you know who I a–."

He looked up as he said those words but a large fist smashed into his face, preventing him from finishing his words. He heard bones crack - the sound of his nose being broken - and he made a small, pitiful, whimpering noise, like the downtrodden mongrel, as his hands flew to his face to try and stop the blood that gushed out from it. His eyes were blurry and he could only see a silhouette of a man bearing down on him.

Then he felt a large, strong hand grab his neck as he was lifted up on the wall. He scratched at the man's arm that held him but it was futile. The man's arms were as solid as steel, effortlessly immobilizing him, as if he was just some ant in his grasp.

"Did you touch her?" the man asked, his voice filled with restrained, murderous rage. The voice sounded like a call of death that his survival instincts immediately kicked in. He felt the bloodlust coming from this person and he knew that whoever this was would definitely not hesitate to kill him right then and there, without batting an eye. He knew that this was someone he shouldn't mess with.

"N-no…" he choked out. "Y-you came befor-"

The man's grip tightened, stopping his words but he persevered. He didn't want to die! "J-j-ust her shoulders. I-I-I didn't… j-j-ust her shoulders…"

Alex loosened his grip and the man dropped into a slump on the ground, heaving for air. Without a word, he turned to look at the girl behind him standing there, frozen, as her eyes looked back at him.

He could see a mixture of emotions in them - fear, shock, confusion - and he tore his gaze away from them as he quickly searched her body for any bruises or scratches which would indicate that she had been physically hurt. His eyes were cold, almost menacing as he looked at her. His bloodlust didn't diminish despite seeing that she wasn't hurt. Instead, it intensified.

He looked at the man who was slumped on the floor, covered in blood, and Alexander's red hot fury turned into cold, black rage. He had turned into a dark, dangerous and calculating being.

Alexander grabbed the man by the collar and made him kneel on the floor in front of him. The man had his hands on the floor before him, trying not to fall over. Without skipping a beat, Alex put his foot on both his hands - the hands that touched her - and he stood down on them, as if he was trying to break them so that he wouldn't be able to use them ever again.

The man's loud, harrowing scream echoed in the restroom. It was so deafening that Abi closed her eyes and covered her ears. She opened them again only to see Alex land another punch on the man's face, rendering him unconscious, lying in a growing pool of his own blood.

A deep silence, akin to that moment when a raging super typhoon finally passed by, reigned in the room.

Alexander then looked over to her once again and slowly walked towards her. His face was still a mask of rage and bloodlust and she couldn't help but look away from him, her heart beating wildly. Her emotions were a mess.

When he was close enough to her, he leaned in and whispered in her ear, his voice cold and emotionless.

"Abigail… this is just a little taste of hell. I told you… You can't handle it."


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