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Chapter 26 No words lef

Back in the alley, Kelly stood there panting, as the three men around her groaned in pain, crawling like they've been disabled.

Kelly clapped her hands together, as if she was trying to remove the dirt from her hands. The anger in her eyes slowly dissipated and she became calmer. The little tigress had slowly returned to a bratty young lady.

Kai, who was still there in the shadows, leaning on the wall, smiled widely. He almost wanted to clap his hands and praise her but he didn't want to be seen by her, so he remained quiet.

The girl then started to move. She stretched her arms and cracked her neck as she started walking away.

Kai also sighed and turned around to leave when suddenly, he heard a small yelp come from her.

Kai's head snapped back towards where she was a moment ago and to his surprise, the girl wasn't there anymore. He looked at the men on the floor and they were all still there so they couldn't have done anything to her.

So where the hell did she go?

Kai hastily ran towards the spot where he last saw her. He looked around but he couldn't see her anywhere! Hooligan… where did you go?

"Ugh!! Damn it!! Damn it!!" an echoey voice cursed.

His eyes looked at where the voice was coming from and when he saw why she seemed to have disappeared, his jaw just fell.

The hooligan actually fell into a hole?! This was unbelievable. She was so cool and badass a moment ago - she might even be the coolest girl he had ever seen - but she actually fell into a hole… Way to go, Hooligan! I have no words left to describe you… Kai just shook his head in disbelief.

Kai squatted down and looked down the open hole in the alley. It appeared that some trouble maker removed the hole's cover so that some idiot or drunkard would fall victim to it.

"Aishh! Stupid hole!!!" The girl seemed to be in pain but Kai could tell that she was trying to get up and climb up. She didn't yell for help which he found very strange. He knew that the first word girls would normally scream out if they ever got into any kind of situation, was the word help. But she didn't. She just cursed and struggled to help herself.

Shaking his head, Kai switched on his flashlight and once he saw her, he wasn't even surprised anymore. She was already standing up and was about to climb up.

Kai extended his hand.

"Come, take my hand and let me help you," he said and Kelly hesitated for a moment. She recognized that voice but she thought she might be mistaken because why would that person be here? Anyway, she didn't want to waste time to ponder the whys and hows while she was still literally holed up.

After accepting his hand, the man effortlessly pulled her up. "Thank you," she said without looking up as she fixed her dress. She then tried to stand and walk but she couldn't. It seemed she may have sprained, and possibly broken, her left ankle. She winced in pain every time she put pressure on her left foot but she was determined to go because she had to return to get Abi!

She had left Abi by herself for too long and who knew what might have happened to her during this time. She was really worried and she cursed herself for being careless and succumbing to her anger.

"Your ankle…" Her attention was drawn away from her thoughts to the man who helped her out of the hole and the moment she looked up, her eyes almost bulged out. It was him! What was this person doing here?

"P-p-prince Kai? What are you doing here?" she stammered in surprise.

Some unknown emotion flashed in the man's eyes the moment she called him prince. "Don't call me that. I'm not a prince."

"Don't lie. I know who you are," she insisted and the man sighed. "I saw you in country –"

"I think you should go to the hospital or you might never be able to wear heels again." He cut through her words and when she looked down and saw her very swollen ankle, her eyes widened.

"Wait a moment," he said and then he turned around and just left.

Kelly tried to walk but the pain was excruciating. She had never been injured to this extent in her life! She breathed in and out deeply, trying to make the pain go away. Just as she forced herself to move despite the pain, a man on a black bike halted before her. It was the prince. He looked so majestic and hot that Kelly almost drooled as she spaced out. The bike, the black leather jacket, his face; the combination of all three things was a sight for sore eyes. She wondered how people didn't stare at him everywhere he went, like how she was staring at him right now.

She snapped out of her daze when he put the helmet over her head.

"Wait… I can't go to the hospital. I must go back and get Abi out of the bar first," she said as she tried to remove the helmet. But Kai just put his hand on her head, keeping the helmet in place.

"Don't worry. Alex is with her."

"Huh? Alex… Alexander Qin is with her?!"

"Mn. He will take care of her so worry about yourself for now, Miss Hooligan."

"Who the hell did you just call a hooligan?! Ouch!!"

Kai went up to her and put her arm around his shoulders as he slid an arm around her waist and helped her get on the bike. She had no choice but to follow. She knew she wouldn't be able to walk to the bar in her current state. Besides, if Alexander Qin was with Abi, she was sure that nothing bad would happen to her.

"Wait… can I borrow your phone? I want to call her first."

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