Chapter 2467 - 2467: Twins

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Chapter 2467: Twins

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There were fans of Murong Guang in their early 20s, but there were also underage fans. Their financial purchasing power was completely disproportionate to Baili Tang’s.

It was obvious that they were not fans that Luo Lin could bribe with money.

Han Tian said, “Zhewen, I suggest that you take advantage of Luo Lin’s popularity. Otherwise, the gap will only widen.”

Zhang Zhewen and Xiao Yu came out of Han Tian’s office.

Xiao Yu’s face was very serious. There was already news on the internet about tonight’s auction.

It was not the work of the reporters they hired. After the reporters who came to the event location received the money, they pretended as though the auction didn’t happen. As for their previous efforts to create hype over the auction, they just didn’t answer the questions others asked.

However, the news of the underage girl going to the auction tonight still spread, and the impact was very bad.

The auction house and the broadcasting channel had no choice but to come out and refute the rumors. They said: [None of the auction items were sold to underage children. When they paid, we specially checked their ID cards. Even their professions were registered. We didn’t allow a student to buy an item. All the items and prices have been listed. Please see the following photo for details. All the auction items were also specially reported. We followed the proper procedures.]

In order to prove their innocence, they listed everything perfectly. They wished to stop the rumors here.

Hence, everyone knew that the items from Tianhe Home had been auctioned off. Baili Tang’s clothes were auctioned off at astonishing prices. As for Murong Guang, whose fans had been arguing fervently online, had his highest-bidded item canceled!

Everyone had a question. [Don’t the fans on the internet prefer Murong Guang? Isn’t Baili Tang being scolded every day? Why are Murong Guang’s fans being suppressed when it’s time to spend money? Where are the people who usually talk all day online?]

Of course, big businesses would spend a huge sum of money to get the dehydrated data, but others did not have the money or the need to look at the data. The auction directly exposed the true situation on the internet.

Only then did many people understand that Baili Tang was truly famous. Even though he was scolded, he was still famous.

Moreover, everyone began to have doubts. Were the people scolding Baili Tang really fans?

The incident at the auction was a huge blow to Zhang Zhewen and his fans.

Of course, the fans could comfort themselves and save their dignity. However, it was indeed not easy to ignore this failure. From all aspects, the auction proved that Murong Guang’s popularity was indeed inferior to Baili Tang’s.

When Xiao Yu saw the news, he was helpless. The news that he had tried so hard to suppress had blown up.

He glanced at Zhang Zhewen.

Zhang Zhewen’s expression was very ugly. He scolded the driver who came to pick him up, “What’s wrong with you? Don’t you know that you’re late? Don’t you know how to do your job? If you don’t, get lost!”

The driver swallowed his anger. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. They didn’t allow me to park just now. The traffic police came over, so I had to move.” Xiao Yu pulled Zhang Zhewen. “Be careful of the paparazzi.”

Zhang Zhewen restrained his anger and got into the car.

Xiao Yu said earnestly, “Zhewen, I think we have to build a good relationship with Luo Lin.”

“How are we going to do that now? We’ve already treated him like that before.”

“Aren’t those fans stupid? As long as we show a good attitude toward Luo Lin now, those fans will acknowledge your relationship.”

Xiao Yu knew best how to guide fans.

“Okay, let’s agree to the endorsement from that drink brand.” After thinking for a while, although Zhang Zhewen was unwilling, he could only acknowledge the fact that Luo Lin was indeed more popular than. He had to ride on Baili Tang’s popularity this time.lightsnovel

Many of the data that he had always been proud of were contributed by the accounts they had hired. He had even deceived himself.

He thought that Luo Lin would also buy fans, so he was always under the impression that the two of them were on equal footing.

Tonight’s auction was a wake-up call for him.

Xiao Yu immediately called the drink brand.

The person on the other end of the line was in a dilemma. “Brother Xiao Yu, we’ve already decided on Luo Lin alone. The contract has been signed, so… I’m really sorry. We’ll work together again next time.”

“Can’t we amend the contract?”

“We signed the contract with Luo Lin individually. If we want to make it into a two-person contract, we’ll have to discuss it with Luo Lin again…”

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“Then discuss it with him.” Xiao Yu had always been domineering. In the past, when Zhang Zhewen was not famous, he was already like this.

Moreover, Zhang Zhewen’s character from the show was still in the spotlight now.

The other party agreed to ask. After hanging up, he couldn’t help but say, “Is this manager crazy? Does he think he can get his way for everything? How can that be?”

His colleague next to him said, “Reject him. Anyway, Luo Lin won’t agree. Just say that he didn’t agree.”

“Of course, Luo Lin won’t agree. Previously, when we talked about having the two of them, I had to talk to Luo Lin for a long time before he agreed. When he heard that Zhang Zhewen didn’t agree, Luo Lin quickly cooperated and signed the contract. Brother Liang and Luo Lin are both easy to talk to and cooperative. After this interaction, my attitude toward both sides has changed drastically. If there’s a chance in the future, I’ll give all the resources to Luo


The two of them chatted for a while before he called Xiao Yu back. “I’m really sorry. Our contract has already been decided. It can’t be changed.”

Xiao Yu did not expect this outcome and was a little angry.

He discussed it with Zhang Zhewen and posted a message on Weibo: [Murong

Guang and Baili Tang will always be good brothers.]

Now, only the VIP users of the platform Tianhe Home was being broadcasted on had finished watching the finale. The other users were still waiting for the episodes. It could be considered the publicity period for the drama.

After Zhang Zhewen’s Weibo post was posted, it attracted many fans to like him.

Some fans were neither biased toward him nor Baili Tang. Or rather, they liked both Murong Guang and Baili Tang. Seeing that he was so ‘respectful’, they were naturally very touched and came to leave comments.

[Zhewen, you and Luo Lin will always be good brothers, just like Murong

Guang and Baili Tang!]

[I hope you’re good brothers in the parallel world!]

[You have to work hard. I’m optimistic that both of you will find success together!]

[I hope the two of you get better and better.]

Those regrets that were left behind when they watched the show seemed to have been made up for by Zhang Zhewen. The fans of the drama felt that they had received a lot of emotional comfort.

As for the people who were watching the show, they also felt that the people who used to scold Luo Lin and Baili Tang were just posted by irrational fans.. What did they have to do with Zhang Zhewen?