5 Chapter 1.2 - Eclipse of Destiny

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This world is harsh.

This world is cold.

I needed to realize this sooner than I thought.

This world....

It does never allow people to fit themselves... It never allows them to feel happy.

At first, everything was good.

Leaving with my parents, seeing their happy smiles as me and my sister were playing in our village.

Everybody inside the village always told us that we were the chosen ones.

We were the ones that would help them.

But, I never understood at that time.

Father and mother said, my sister awakened her magic, different from me.

At first, I was envious.

Because I saw how they viewed her, how they looked at her with a happy smile.

But those feelings disappeared as I saw my sister was treating me just the same as usual. Seeing the smile on her face, I thought it was my duty to help her, just like she always did to me.

And that made me truly happy.

Truly happy to try my best.

But, soon, father and mother left.

Because they were sick.

My sister cried.... Because I knew she loved our mother and father dearly.

I, too, loved them.

But I needed to be strong.

So, I hid my tears and supported her in coping with the pain.

I didn't want her to feel worse seeing me crying.

And, as we grew up, we relied on each other more.

My sister would talk about her magic in front of me, and I would listen.

We would read books father and mother would use to read to us.

However, she is no longer here.

No longer with me.

It was at that moment that everything in this world changed. At that vile moment, my world lost its meaning.

Those vile-black creatures....

They killed her....

I saw it....

With my own eyes...

That claw was piercing through her chest....

I am angry....

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

I am mad....


Just why all those things happened to us...

What did we do wrong? Why.... She was so innocent....

She had never done something bad in her life....

But, I know why....

Because of them....

Because of those vile black creatures....


And one word keeps echoing inside my heart.

'Azraelus. Azraelus. Azraelus. Azraelus. Azraelus. Azraelus. Azraelus. Azraelus. Azraelus.'

The one that killed my sister.

I heard his name.

The only clue I know.... The only clue I got....

The smile on his face when he was drinking the blood of my sister.

The smile on their faces when they slaughtered my fellow villagers.

They will pay.

I will make them pay.

Even if I need to purge every one of them on this world....

No one.

I will spare no one.

Because my sister died because of them.


Who am I kidding?

Not because of them.... No...

It was because of me....

It was because I was weak....

Because I wasn't strong enough to protect my sister....

Because I was not there when she needed me...

I need to be strong....

Strong enough to purge the evil...

Strong enough to make them pay...

When I close my eyes, I see her face.

The way her eyes sparkled with mischief and her laughter filled the air.

Her bright white hair always brightened my day...

Her bright eyes never lost their sparkle...

She was my sister, my confidante, my best friend, my twin that always completed me...

She was the one that guided me....

But now she's gone.

Just like that, in an instant. I watched it happen right in front of me.

And I couldn't do anything to stop it.

The helplessness that washes over me every time I replay that moment is suffocating.

It engulfs me in a darkness I can't escape.

This world is evil....

I need to be strong, enough to avenge her....

Enough to make them pay.

'I need to be strong....'


Today I arrived at the orphanage where I would be staying. They said I needed to say my name to them, but I didn't want to talk.lightsnovel

No, I don't have the strength to talk. My body feels weak like it has lost its strength.

However, they hadn't taken no as the answer, so I gave them my name.

Astron Natasalune.

Some of the kids threw me bad looks, but I honestly didn't mind it. It doesn't matter how they look at me; I don't care.

I only have one goal now.

To get strong enough to avenge my sister.

So, I will put everything on the line to get stronger.


Today I finally learned about this 'Status window' thing.

They said those numbers represent your strength, but I had never seen this in my life before.

Neither mother and father nor the village shaman said anything to us.

But, if it is something that will help me get strong, then I will do what I can to make it help me.


Nowadays, the kids are looking at me with strange eyes.

I don't understand why they are looking at me like I have done something bad. I don't like talking to them.

Their laughter makes me remember her. Those happy times.

But I don't want to remember.

No, I shouldn't.

Because I wasn't there to protect her.

I don't deserve to be happy.

So, I always keep my distance from them. I don't want to feel these things.

I found a new gym, and a mister said he would help me register to work there. He said he would help me train.


That mister, Garrett, said I had a talent for fighting. However, he said my body was weak, so I shouldn't push myself.

I don't care.

I will just train and do whatever I can to get stronger. It doesn't matter if my body is weak.

Sometimes it hurts to hold the dagger Mister gave to me; sometimes, I can't raise my body to fight.

But whenever I close my eyes, I always see her face.

The blood was pouring from her mouth, dripping to the ground.

The hand that was piercing her body....

The smile on the demon's face...

Yes, I learned it was the job of demons.... Demons, demons, demons...

No, I don't deserve to rest.

Even if it is painful, I must not stop.

I must never stop.


I had already reached the age of 15.

Mister Garrett said he was going to recommend me to the Arcadia Hunter Academy.

He said if I wanted to avenge my sister, I would need to do my best there.

However, he also said I needed to try more since that place was a special place filled with talented students.

He said the competition was fierce.

However, I need to enter there.

To complete my task.

To avenge my sister.

I feel the bottleneck.... I know I am reaching my limit already....

So, I need to enter there so that I can break my limits....

I have a long way ahead.


Today is the day when the results of the entrance exam will be announced.

For the first time in a while, I am feeling the anticipation.

'Astron Natasalune. You are accepted to the Arcadia Academy.' And, there, I could see the message.

The weight on my heart was lifted, making me feel relieved.


However, I don't deserve to feel it. I can't.

This is just the beginning.


Today is the first day of the Arcadia Hunter Academy.

The Entrance Examination was conducted yesterday, but I don't care about the speech they want to give to me.

I don't care what the principal will say.

I am here to learn, to get stronger.

That's it.

I can feel the students in the class.

Here, everyone is strong.

A lot stronger than the children from Orphanage.

This is good; I can improve more here....

I need to avenge my sister.....

I need to kill those demons....


Today, too, I am sitting behind the classroom.

I am looking at the students.

I learned I was ranked last in the rankings, ranked too low.

In the front row, there is this guy named Ethan.

He is a guy that always talks too loud; I don't like him. He, too, ranks lower, just one above me.

He always has that bright smile on his face.

It makes me remember her.

I don't like him.

But that is fine.

At least, people are nice here.


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