9 Chapter 2.2 - Beginning

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"How fragile..." I murmured, my gaze fixed on the silhouette reflected in the mirror. Having emerged from the bath and tended to my superficial wounds, I now had the serene mind to take a moment to assess my current state.

Standing before the mirror, I couldn't help but scrutinize my own appearance. The reflection revealed a body adorned with countless scars; I couldn't help but notice how pale my skin looked, which reminded me of all the tough times I'd been through.

In a way, that was how my face and skin looked like from the beginning of my life. Both my sister and I had pale skin, different from our counterparts, and adding my weak body to the equation, I would be alone most of the time, thus resulting in my solace.

As a third-rate villain that sold his soul to demons for his vengeance, my face was not shown in the game frequently. The player would be able to see my face if they paid attention to the side-quests related to my bullying, but even then, Astron's face was still covered most of the time.

However, now, I remembered why I had become the target of relentless bullying—the very reason my face was kept hidden. In this world, where beauty was often coveted and revered, possessing such features could prove to be a double-edged sword.

Without the strength to defend it, what was once considered a blessing could easily transform into a curse.

It was a cruel irony to be blessed with external beauty while lacking the power to protect oneself. I had learned this lesson firsthand, enduring the torment inflicted upon me due to my appearance.

My outward allure had made me a target, subjecting me to the whims of those who sought to exploit or destroy what they could not possess. In a way, this was how humans tended to work. If you can't have something, don't let others have it as well.

Isn't this the basic thought process behind the sin of envy? The very reason why beautiful girls in the classrooms would be ostracized by their peers? In a place where humans were cruel, wasn't that the biggest reason why one was the target of the sin of lust?

Didn't the women walking on the street have to be vigilant about the movements of the men following them for that very reason? Because they didn't possess the strength to protect themselves from such beasts….

As my long, flowing waves of black hair cascaded around my face, reminiscent of the night sky, I traced my fingers along the smooth strands while those thoughts filled my head.

To explain my looks, the body of Astron Natusalune possessed an otherworldly beauty, with pale silver skin shimmering softly like moonlight. His hair, as black as the night sky, fell in long, covering his face with an emo look. That was the style he had made for himself, though I wouldn't prefer it, for now, this shape of long-duration hair was very hard to change.

The violet irises, deep and enigmatic, looked ethereal with a cosmic aura.

Though of average height, my lean and agile physique told tales of years spent in rigorous training, but even that was not enough to mask the vibe of a weak body from itself.

After assessing my body, I left the bathroom, reaching for the desk that was given to me.

As the theme of the game was the hunter theme, the time of the game was naturally modern times. Seeing the tablet in front of me was proof of that.

Because Arcadia Hunter Academy was a high-quality and funded institution, they would supply the students with the necessary equipment to learn, and this tablet and the watch on my wrist were one of those.

Though because I was one of the lowest ranking students, that was all there to it for me. But that was enough for now.

'Let's see my rankings first.' I thought, opening the tablet in front of me. There on the screen, I could see my face and the student information of mine.


Name: Astron Natusalune

Age: 15

Department: Hunter Department (First Year)

Class: HA213

School Rank: 2450/2450

Profession: Daggerist


Looking at the panel in front of me, I nodded my head. It was just as in my memories.lightsnovel

'But, 2450/2450, huh? To think I would be ranked last….' I thought. In a way, that was one of the characteristics of Astron, being the weakest.

'This must be the reason why they had the courage to target me….' With that thought, I stood up. 'But that doesn't mean I will accept everything that happened to me just because I want to avenge my sister.'

Reflecting on my memories as Astron and my observations, one fundamental flaw stood out—I had been unable to control my emotions. Emotions are always an integral part of life, adding vibrancy and depth to our existence. However, they could either imbue our lives with radiant hues or plunge them into darkness. It was the very essence of our human experience.

Especially the emotion of guilt…. The very reason why Astron of the past had never stood against the bullies was because, inside his heart, he was blaming himself for his sister's death. Therefore, he thought it was normal for him to feel the pain that those inflicted upon him since he was guilty.

But this line of thinking was flawed. Even if Astron bore responsibility for our sister's death, it was not the bullies' place to pass judgment or inflict punishment. That task belonged solely to my sister, who had the right to determine my fate.

As the one that was filled with feelings of vengeance, one can't afford to waste time with such stupid things. 'While her blood is still on the ground, how dare I drown in the feeling of guilt? How can I let myself be stepped upon?'

'I will no longer allow such things to happen.' I thought, raising my fist. The scars on my arms were visible, making me remember the cut that was inflicted upon me just the last week. 'Next time, you will pay.'

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm

With my fist clenched, I sat on the bed, starting to form a plan in my mind while getting rid of that flawed mentality.

Taking a seat on the bed, I began formulating a plan, casting aside the flawed mentality that had plagued me. "Now, what should I do?" I pondered.

"First and foremost, I need to address this talent limitation," I realized. The fact that my talent cap was set at four hindered my progress and growth. However, the concept of talent limits was not as straightforward as it seemed.

The term talent limit did not imply that all attributes were restricted to the same rank. Instead, it represented an average value across all attributes. For example, a mage might have a mana capacity talent limit of 7, even if their overall talent limit was 5. This meant that their talent limit for other stats would be lower.

The function of talent limits followed a logarithmic plot. Initially, one's talent cap did not have a significant impact when competing with others. But as one approached their talent limit, the difference between their peers and themselves would become more apparent.

However, the fact that my body stats had stopped improving meant one thing—I had already reached my talent limit for those attributes, even at such an early stage. This also indicated that my mana and magic power stats had higher talent limits.

"Just because this is an initial trait doesn't mean it can't be improved," I mused. Fortunately, being one of the top RPG games in the industry, the game offered options to enhance one's talent. Several methods were there for achieving this.

One such item perfectly suited my situation—the "Infinity Apple." This epic fruit had the power to lift one's talent limit, essentially rendering their talent cap nonexistent. However, such a potent item was not available from the start, as it wouldn't be too effective at the beginning, and it was prone to abuse.

It would appear at the very later stages of the game, inside one of the high-ranking dungeons at a time when the player would already achieve quite high ranks at their stats.

Thus, that option was not viable currently. 'It is not like that is too important either.'

"But there is another item that could be just what I need," I realized, skimming through the contents of the game. My thoughts landed on a special easter egg, a hidden treasure that held the potential to bolster my physical prowess.

'Vitalium Essence'

An extraordinary extract derived from the essence of an ancient tree. Legend had it that consuming this rare substance could unlock the hidden potential within one's body, pushing its limits to new heights.

'Though, obtaining it wouldn't be easy.' I mused, but that wouldn't matter anyway.

With that thought, my mind began to devise a plan, mapping out the steps required to obtain this coveted treasure...


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